National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1494

Chapter 1494 You Raise Me

But honestly speaking, Bo Jiu felt uncertain too. From the start, she knew that a family like the Qin family would not allow their son to marry into and live with her family. Also, Little Princess Qins personality was another problem.

Bo Jiu thought about this and wanted to say something, when a sound appeared at the side of her ears. He spoke calmly, "Very beautiful."

Did he agree or disagree?

Bo Jiu wanted to ask Qin Mo clearly when she saw him lifting his hand and brushing his hand against her cheeks as though he was cleaning her face for her. His fingers felt slightly cold but strangely, it felt comfortable.

"Lets go."

That was all?

Bo Jiu looked at the hand that was holding hers. The joints were distinct and his fingers were fair and slender. It was indeed beautiful. But did he agree or disagree?

After getting into the car, Bo Jiu felt that she should ask for the answer quickly. She lifted one of her hands. There were many emotions in her eyes as she prepared to open her mouth.

Suddenly, a kiss landed on her lips. Bo Jiu was stunned for a moment. Qin Mo decided to continue with that position and hugged her in his arms tightly. His eyes were cold and elegant. "Are you cold?"

"Im alright." This wasnt the main point though. Bo Jiu didnt manage to finish her sentence at one go so she felt How could you describe it? "Just now"

Qin Mo interrupted her. "I gave you my household registration book already, right?"

"Huh?" Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows.

Qin Mo swept her hair off her face. "Did you just realize that Im already yours?"

Bo Jius eyes lit up. Her handsome face was slightly arrogant. "Thats not it. I just want our relationship to become closer." She wasnt a person who followed the rules. The only time she wanted to do things based on rules was getting together with her Little Princess Qin.

"It will be legalized." Qin Mo had never felt so soft in his heart before. The person in his arms looked like a fox that could leave at any moment but in fact, her love lasted longer than anyones else.

The most fortunate thing Qin Mo felt was that he knew he must keep this person to himself ever since young. That was because there was this person, who was like a black pearl covered in dust. It looked dark-colored but once you placed it under the night sky, it lit up brightly.

"When you reach the legal age, we will get married." Qin Mo smiled softly. His voice landed on Bo Jius heart. "I will marry into the Bo family."

Bo Jiu was very clear about what this sentence meant. In the future, if they had children, their surname would be Bo, not Qin. Also, the hacker family needed to pass down their legacy. That meant that their descendants wouldnt be able to enter the Qin family. This was going against the Qin familys rule.

"The Qin family" Bo Jiu was happy, so happy that when she raised the most important question, she paused for a moment.

On the other hand, Qin Mo seemed indifferent. "Your mother-fan Movie Queen An can have another child with her husband if she wants an inheritor of the Qin family. Shes still young. But theres one thing"

"What?" Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows.

Qin Mo looked at her with a deep gaze. "I dont have the inheritance right of the Qin family anymore so I might need you to raise me."