New World New Life Chapter 100

100 A Vial Of Blood
\u003cDid I hear him right?\u003e

\u003cHe wants a vial of your blood?\u003e

"Did I hear you right, my King?" Vy asked, with a confused expression, "A vial of my blood?"

King Olwin smiled, "You did not hear wrongly, Miss Blackfire. I would like a vial of your blood."

King Olwin turned to Duxton and signalled to him. Duxton understood his Majesty's wishes and immediately had some of their servants bring forth a huge chest. As they opened it, its contents were revealed and nobody could believe their eyes.

Under the light of the chandeliers that hung from the ceiling, the shimmery of the thousands of gemstones and gold coins shone brightly.

"I am willing to buy it from you as well. If you have any demands, speak freely and we can negotiate. If it is within my power, it shall be done." King Olwin said.

Vy walked over to the chest and looked in. She picked up one of the many large beautifully cut diamonds and held it high. She observed its clarity and brilliance under the light of the chandeliers.

-Dotty, initiate my observation sequence-

\u003cOn it!\u003e

Within an instant, each item Vy saw was analysed. Every item in the chest that Vy could see was evaluated with their rarity and their estimated value.

"Why?" Vy turned to ask the King.

"Why what?"King Olwin asked in return.

"Why do you need my blood?"

"His Majesty does not need to justify his reasons to you, Miss Blackfire," Duxton replied.

"That's alright, Duxton." King Olwin said, asking Duxton to step back, "There is nothing to hide."

The King took in a deep breath, and looked Vy in the eyes as he spoke, "I need it to save my daughter's life."

Vy was intrigued. She did not know much about the royal family, so the more she did not know that the King had a daughter.

"How will my blood save her?"

The King gave everyone else a look and cleared his throat, "Everyone, take your leave, only Miss Blackfire can remain."

Caster looked to Vy for assurance and she told him to follow the King's orders as well. With that, everyone left the Courtroom, only leaving King Olwin and Vy. As the door closed behind them, the King began to tell his story.

"My daughter, Princess Viviana, was involved in an accident seven years ago. And" King Olwin did not know how to say it. Was it even safe to tell this stranger?

"Was it a near-fatal accident?" Vy asked without hesitation. Realising how insensitive her question came off, she quickly apologised, "I'm sorry if that came across as straight forward."

"No, that's quite alright. Yes, you're right. We all thought she was lost for good. But after being in a coma for three days, she woke up."

King Olwin went on to explain that they had noticed minor differences in Viviana but soon enough, she was the one who told both the King and Queen about it. It took them some time to get adjusted but eventually, they understood.

"Three years ago, while we were on a Summer hunting trip, a large bear came out of nowhere and attacked us. Viviana stood out and blocked me from it, saving my life." King Olwin looked down, diverting his gaze.

"But in turn, her life was in danger. As a result, she needed a blood transfusion for her wounds. But none of our blood worked."

They had tried to source for all sorts of options, but nothing worked. It was until an encounter with a witch who told them that what they needed was the blood of an otherworlder. However, not any of otherworlder's blood would work.

Over the years, they had searched across all the land, hoping to find one but each of them was different. It helped to prolong Viviana's life but it was not enough to fully heal her injury.

"I received word about what you did, and the rumours surrounding your appearance in Timbretune. So I decided to come here to look for you. All we need is a vial of your blood. We can replicate more of it if needed."

Vy listened to the King's story.

-He does not seem like he is lying. His heartbeat was steady too.-

\u003cHe does not seem to be lying to me either.\u003e

"Giving you my blood is not an issue, but"

"Name your price, Miss Blackfire, I will foot the bill," King Olwin replied confidently.

Vy grinned, this was what she had hoped for, "Very well. I would like three favours that I can request from you at any time and one request."

"What request would that be?"

"With your permission, I would like to meet Princess Viviana."

"Meet my daughter?"


"Why?" King Olwin asked.

Vy smiled, "I would like to find out where she was from before she arrived here."