New World New Life Chapter 101

101 Bringing His Majesty Home
After much discussion, it was decided that King Olwin and his entourage would return to the Capital City to deliver and use Vy's blood to see if it would help Viviana. Once she is all better, Vy would come and visit.

To honour their agreement, a contract was drafted and both parties signed their names to honour the deal. King Olwin even included the Royal Wax Seal on the contract to assure Vy. Duxton used a special device and a spell to draw the vial of blood from Vy, keeping it in a glass tube container.

Once all the procedures were complete, King Olwin and his entourage made preparations to return to the Capital City.

"How will you return to the Capital," Vy asked out of curiosity.

"By a Keystone portal of course. It is a work in progress at the moment and the nearest one from here is still a two-day journey."

-Dotty, how far is the Capital City from Timbretune?-

\u003cLet me calculate.\u003e

\u003cIt's about two weeks by carriage, a week for you in wolf form. If you unlock Wind travel, it would be quicker.\u003e

-What about the Keystone portal, how fast can I get there.-

Dotty already knew why Vy had asked.

\u003cIf you're carrying people on your back, you won't be able to use Wind travel. In your wolf form, you can likely get there in about half a day non-stop. But in your Raven form, activating the ability shadow burst at night would allow you to reach in two hours or less.\u003e

Vy smiled and thanked Dotty for her help.

"I have an offer for you, your Majesty."

"An offer?"

"A faster mode of travel that would get you to the portal in two hours or less."

Both King Olwin and Duxtons' eyes lit up.

"Share with us, Miss Blackfire."

Vy grinned as she got everyone to take a few steps back. In the middle of the empty road, outside the walls of Timbretune, Vy closed her eyes and took a deep breath in. When she opened her eyes once more, she was in her Titan Raven form.

She was not the size of a regular raven, but taller than some of the trees in the surrounding area. Her Titan Raven form had a wingspan of more than 40 metres when stretched out. Everyone in the surrounding area was stunned.

"I can get you there in two hours or less. But to get there that quick, I will only be able to accommodate your majesty and Mr Duxton. Everyone else would have to go by the normal way." Vy explained.

With Vy's transformation, many people in the town heard the commotion and came running to take a look. Some who had gotten there early to see the commotion were already lining the walls of the town and crowding around the entrance.

King Olwin only took a moment to regain his composure from the initial shock of seeing Vy transform into her Titan Raven form. He immediately accepted Vy's offer.

"But your Majesty! Are you sure we can trust her? And will we be safe?" Duxton asked, concerned about the safety of his King.

"There is nothing I can say that would assure you. So let my actions speak for me." Vy replied.

"That's good enough for me. Time is of the essence, Duxton. Let's go. The rest of you, head back to the Keystone portal as per normal," King Olwin said.

"Understood, your majesty!" the entourage echoed.

Vy was prepared for such a situation and had already equipped a saddle. She lowered her body closer to the ground as Caster helped the king and Duxton to get up onto the saddle. Once they were secured, Vy straightened herself and flexed her wings.

She turned to her back and asked, "Is everyone ready?"

Dotty, who was now seated on the King's shoulder, giggled as she cheered Vy on.

King Olwin simply nodded as he held on to the provided reins tightly.

Vy turned back down to Caster and instructed, "I should be back before sunrise. In the meantime, please inform Lycster for me and keep Timbretune safe."

Caster saluted to Vy, "Yes, My Lady."

He then got down on one knee and said to King Olwin, "Take care, your majesty."

With all matters taken care off, Vy extended her wings and soared into the sky. She made sure she was high above enough to not hit any trees or rooftops along the way, but low enough be below the cloud covers.

As the cool night breeze accompanied them in the dark night sky, Vy made sure her two passengers were comfortable.

"Are you both doing alright," she asked.

"We're alright, thank you, Miss Blackfire."

Vy chuckled, "You're most welcome, your Majesty. Also, you can call me Vy or Vyrena."

The King smiled, "Thank you, Vy."

Vy nodded.

"I'm going to speed up, so hang on tight and close your eyes."

Before any of them could even ask what Vy has meant, a dark coloured spell circle formed hovered in front of Vy.

Dotty flew forward, next to Vy's beak and put her hand forward.

\u003cActivating Shadow Burst.\u003e