New World New Life Chapter 102

102 Shadow Burs
In an instant, they disappeared from the night sky. Time flow sped up around them, as they traveled through what seemed like an air tunnel of darkness.

"This isn't the first time you used this technique, is it?" King Olwin asked.

"No, I've done this before. Once," Vy replied.

Surrounded by complete darkness, King Olwin was worried, his heart rate was increasing. Duxton was the same.


\u003cYes Vy?\u003e

-Reveal yourself to the King and Duxton.-

Vy need not say more, Dotty understood her intentions. Dotty revealed herself to King Olwin and Duxton, while Vy explained who she was.

"Ah, so you're Vy's whisper. Viviana has one too," King Olwin replies in surprise.

Dotty projected her voice into their minds so that they could hear her.

\u003cShe calls us a whisper? Hehe that's cute~\u003e

King Olwin smiled, "Yes. Her whisper revealed itself to us when Viviana was unconscious. It confirmed the witch's theory on needing the blood of another otherworldly to heal the wound."

"Your Majesty, if you don't mind me asking," Vy asked.

"Please, ask away."

"I've been wondering, what makes you think my blood would work?"

King Olwin has expected this question from Vy. He had been waiting to answer it. In the beginning, they had made the assumption that any otherworlder's blood would work. But while it helped to stabilize her condition, it could not heal the wound.

It was then that they realised it was because all the otherworlders they have found so far were non-human in this world.

"Then there are also those who refused to help." King Olwin sighed.

"That's understandable. I guess they felt like it's not their obligation to do so," Vy added on.


As the silence got a little awkward, Vy decided to change the topic a little to divert their attention.

"How many have you met before me?"

"Let's see. I don't think I quite remember. Duxton, do you remember how many we've met?"

Duxton thought about it for a few moments, "You've met quite a number of them, sire. I remember about ten, before Miss Blackfire."

"Oh I see, have you met Tatiana Springheart then," Vy asked out of curiosity.

"Ah yes, the Elf woman, yes I have. You've met her?"

They went on to chat about the topic for quite some time.

"I must say, Vy, I apologise for I have judged you too quickly."

"Apologise? Whatever for, your Majesty?"

"Well, the reports we got about you had not given us much hope that you would cooperate with us, that's one."

Vy had expected that. She had a pretty good idea who provided them with the information about her.

"But I'm glad I sent my little birds...I mean my scouts to find out more about you."

Vy was grateful for that. At least King Olwin was a fair one, at least in this matter he was.

"You sent scouts to spy on me?"

"Well I wouldn't call it spying, they were merely watching you."

Vy laughed, "Watching? I don't think my life is that interesting. Sounds more like spying."

"Well, I won't argue with that. It's up to you whatever you want to call it."

Both of them shared a laugh at the topic.



\u003cWe are approaching our destination.\u003e

"Hang on tight, we are about to arrive."

The same spell circle formed in front of Vy she flew through it. Within a matter of seconds, they were back in the night sky with stars accompanying them above. Vy quickly spotted the Keystone portal easily from afar as it was lit up in soft blue light.

She landed gracefully a few metres away from the Keystone portal that was guarded by two guards fully clad in armour.

"Who goes there," one of them shouted as both guards drew their swords at Vy.

King Olwin and Duxton both got off Vy's back and walked up to the guards. Duxton held out a Royal crest pin, the symbol of the King. The guards immediately withdrew their weapons and knelt down.

"My apologies, your majesty, we did not expect you to arrive so early," one of the guards said.

"That's alright, rise," King Olwin said.

He turned back to Vy, who had taken her human form again, and thanked her for her help.

Vy bowed, "It's my pleasure. I hope that you will honour our arrangement, King Olwin."

He smiled, "Of course. Duxton, prepare a special invitation letter for Vy when we get back to the palace. When you are ready, you can visit the palace any time."

"As a guest," Vy grinned.

"As a guest," King Olwin echoed.

Vy waited for them to step through the portal before she took her leave. Transforming back into her Titan Raven form, she took to the night sky and headed home. By the time she returned back to Timbretune, the sun was almost about to rise.

Taking her human form once more, Vy walked through the gates of Timbretune with ease and returned home. As she walked into the living room, she was surprised to see Lycster asleep on the couch.

Dotty flew over to see the sleeping boy and returned back to Vy's side.

\u003cHe waited for us it seems! How sweet~\u003e

Vy smiled.

-He sure is.-

Seeing as he was fast asleep, Vy could not bear to wake him up. But she did not want him to be sleeping on the sofa either. Hence, she walked up quietly and carried him in her arms and went upstairs.

She placed him down gently in his bed and pulled the covers over him. After making sure he was tucked in, she drew the curtains of the room and returned to her room to call it a day. It had been a long night, all Vy wanted now was uninterrupted rest.

Was that too much to ask for?