New World New Life Chapter 103

103 Returned To Her Side
As soon as King Olwin appeared out of the Keystone Portal, all surrounding guards immediately saluted him.

"Welcome back, your Majesty," they echoed in unison.

The Keystone Portal linked directly to within the castle walls. This was specially reserved for royal family members to use, aside from a few selected members of court.


"Yes sire?"

"I need you to process the blood just as before and have Doctor Bron begin the transfusion as soon as possible," King Olwin ordered.

Duxton bowed, "As you wish, your majesty. Allow me to accompany you back to your chambers to rest. I am certain Queen Marion"

King Olwin stopped Duxton, "I will be in my study until it is time for the Morning Court session."

The servant bit his lip. He knew his Majesty was suffering from exhaustion from their journey, he needed rest.

"But sire, you need to rest. As our leader, you must take good care of your health."

King Olwin looked down at Duxton, who was still bowing to him. The old servant had been with him for a long time. It did not take him long to realise when King Olwin needed rest. He was right of course, they had made a long journey. He could feel the ache in his joints and bones.

-I'm not as young as I used to be. Why do those novels always make the King's job so easy.-

"You're right, Duxton," King Olwin sighed with a sad smile.

He was? Duxton dared not looked up but he was surprised that his King agreed with him for once.

"But," King Olwin continued, "my subjects need me. More than I need my rest. The Morning Court session must go on. I will rest later, after the session is over."

Knowing that his Majesty was tired, Duxton ensured that the ministers of the court only brought up the most pressing matters. Anything that could be handled by the Prime Minister was handed off before the court session even began.

Within two hours, the court session ended. As King Olwin and Duxton were walking towards the King's Chambers, they remained largely silent.

"Has my Queen finished her morning routine," King Olwin asked.

"She has, your majesty. She is waiting for you in your chambers," Duxton replied.

Silence followed them closely as they continued their way through a number of corridors and passageways. Each time patrolling guards encountered them, they would immediately stop in their tracks and salute to King Olwin.

As they were finally coming up on the King's Chambers, King Olwin spoke, "Thank you, Duxton."

Caught off guard, Duxton did not know how to respond. He could never get used to the kindness of his king.

"It is my duty to help carry your burdens, your Majesty," Duxton replied humbly.

King Olwin chuckled, "That is true. But most would not take the extra mile like you do. You've been a loyal friend, Duxton."

Duxton was touched by the kindness of his King. When he first started out, he served King Olwin when he was merely a prince, he was not even the crown prince. Due to a series of events, Olwin became the appointed Crown Prince, and then King.

The King had always been kind-hearted, but his unpredictable comments always baffled Duxton from time to time.

-Even after all these years, he is still as kind-hearted as he was.- Duxton thought to himself.

King Olwin walked through the doors and entered his chambers. Duxton, on the other hand, did not enter.

"Do you still require my services, your Majesty," he asked.

"No, that will be all."

Duxton bowed and replied, "In that case, I will attend to the matters you have assigned to me. If you have a need for me, please have the guards call for me."

King Olwin nodded, "I will do so."

Just as the doors were about to close, King Olwin called out, "Duxton."

He turned around, "Yes, your Majesty?"

"Once you've completed your tasks, take the next two days off." before Duxton could rebut, he added, "That's a direct order from me to you."

With that, the doors to the King's Chambers closed with a creak.

Duxton stood there, staring blankly at the closed oak wood doors. Even after all these years, he could not fully understand the heart of his King.

On the other side of the door, King Olwin was smiling to himself.

-He likely needs a break more than I do.- he said to himself.

"My love, you have returned! Was it a successful trip," a calming sweet voice called out.

She rose from her seat with grace, as her gown trailed with each step she took. The Queen gracefully curtsied to her husband.

King Olwin rushed forward to help her up, "There is no need for such formalities when we are behind closed doors, my Queen."

The Queen hid her face from King Olwin as she chuckled.

"Look at who's the one being formal," she rebutted.

Both of them shared a laugh.

"You caught me, Mari my love," King Olwin surrendered lovingly as he embraced her in his arms.

The loving couple shared a long kiss, barely refusing to part.

"You've been away for too long, my love," Queen Marion said as they parted lips.

He picked her up in his arms and carried her to her seat by the table in the elaborately decorated balcony. There was already a fresh pot of tea set up on the table, next to a cake stand filled with many delicious bite-sized desserts.

He placed her down gently into her seat and made sure she was comfortable before he took a seat next to her. She poured him a cup of tea and fed him a bite-size slice of cake.

"Mmm. strawberry."

Queen Marion smiled, "Well I made sure the Royal chefs prepared your favourites."

As they continued to enjoy their tea and desserts, the scenery before was just like a beautiful watercolour painting. The King Chamber's balcony overlooked the Inner Castle Garden that was about the size of 1 acre in total area.

It was entirely filled with flora and fauna gathered from all over the Kingdom. At present there were at least 10 gardeners maintaining the garden. Some small sparrows flew past the balcony, bringing smiles to the royal couples' faces.

It had been a long time since they had enjoyed such peace.

"I heard that you managed to procure it," Queen Marion asked as she added a dash of milk into her cup of tea.

"Yes, the otherworlder was cooperative."

Queen Marion arched her eyebrow, "Cooperative?"

He laughed, "She was really understanding when I explained to her why I needed it."

King Olwin went on to tell his Queen what had happened in Timbretune.

"So the warnings that we heard through Lord Maximus were only half-truths," Queen Marion asked as she pondered over the story her husband had just told her.

"You could say that. She could just be cordial and provide the basic formalities," he said before taking a sip of tea.

"But how does it feel meeting her? She's only the second human otherworlder we've known about."

"She's different, more mature. I think she can be trusted, but we'll see. She wanted to meet Vivi, which was not what I expected."

Queen Marion was surprised, "She wants to meet our daughter?"

He nodded.