New World New Life Chapter 105

105 An Open Invitation
"It is indeed, as expected for a letter from the King," Vy grinned as she continued to read it.

"King Olwin?"

"Who else," Vy replied, "It looks like my blood did the trick. He is inviting me to visit him in the Capital. He also wants to give me an official title."

Vy entered the house and held open the door for Lycster as he went in as well. There was some packing they needed to do before they could go. She was not going to bring an entourage of people with her either as the logistics of it would be too troublesome.

Looks like this was another adventure where it would be just Vy and Lycster.

"But what about Elette," Lycster asked.

Vy gasped, she had forgotten about Elette! Vy and Lycster debated over the possibilities. Should they bring Elette with them? While the young girl had already gotten close to them, it was still difficult to take care of her while they were in the Capital.

"It's alright, Vy, I can stay behind to look after Elette. You can count on me," Lycster said.

Vy patted Lycster on his head, "I know, but this is one trip I want you to go with me. It would be an interesting experience after all."

"Wouldn't it be better if Caster were to go with you instead? He can protect you when you're there."

Vy shook her head, "But he is needed in Timbretune, where his station is. You are the best candidate to go with me, Lyctser."

After much thought and discussion, they still came to the conclusion that it was best to bring Elette along with them. While the girl was still young, she was bright for her age. As long as both of them kept an extra eye on her, she would be safe.

According to the date on the letter, it had been sent out almost a week ago, hence Vy swiftly wrote a reply and went out to have it mailed.

"Are you sending a reply based on a letter you had received directly from the Royal Court," the lady at the Post Office asked.

"Yes, that's right, can I get it mailed, express please," Vy replied.

"Oh, this must be your first time sending such a letter. For such a reply letter, we have a different route of delivery. The recipient would receive it in a day or less," the lady explained.

With the letter sent, Vy headed back home and helped Lycster with the packing. They had initially feared that Elette would be less excited with the trip, but she was ecstatic.

"Does this mean I will get to ride the Ravy," Elette asked with excitement in her voice.

"Ravy?" Vy asked.

Lycster laughed, "That's her nickname for your Titan Raven form, Ravy."

Vy laughed, Elette was adorable! Lycster picked Elette up in his arms and pouted, "Don't you want to ride with me instead?"

"You might have mastered your sky form, but it isn't big enough to support Elette just yet. Plus, with my shadow skill, it would be easier if you rode on my back too," Vy replied.

"I wanna ride Ravy! With Lyly," Elette exclaimed.

Lycster blushed at the nickname Elette had given her as Vy could not stop herself from laughing.

"It's not that funny! She just can't pronounce my name in full yet," Lycster rebutted, his face was beet red from embarrassment.

"Yes yes, blame it on the little girl who can barely form full sentences," Vy replied as she continued to make fun of him.

After much packing, ensuring they had all the things they needed, Vy and her two companions were finally ready to leave. Vy had also sent out letters to Caster and Carole, informing them about her trip.

With everything packed, Vy used her magic to place everything into a spatial bead bracelet that was on her left wrist.

"It still never ceases to amaze me how magic works," Vy said to herself.

Together, the three of them exit the Prism Sector and through the portal. With Dotty's help, Vy looked up their current location and where they needed to get to the portal to the Capital. It was just a few hours of flying, with a stop in between.

"Everything looks good, shall we," Vy asked both Lycster and Elette, who both replied with a hearty 'yes'.

They exit the cave and Vy immediately took her Titan Raven form. Once everyone was on board and comfortable, Vy took to the sky and flew towards their destination. Everything went smoothly and they even arrived at the portal earlier than expected.

The guards at the portal approached them, just as Vy took her human form once more. Before they could even ask her any questions, Vy produced the letter and invitation that King Olwin had sent to her.

"I am on the invitation of King Olwin, to attend the Masked Ball," Vy said.

The guards looked at the invitation with great detail and looked at Vy from head to toe. She did not look like any of the nobles they had seen who passed through to attend the Ball. But the invitation Vy had was authentic, there was no reason not to let her in.

"Alright, Miss Vyrena, you and your guests may enter. Welcome to the Capital City of Arkwing, Exaltatus City," one of the guards replied as they led the three of them to the portal.

"As per your letter and invitation, you will be sent directly to Arkwing Castle. Have a safe trip, my lady," the other guard continued as all three of them stepped onto the portal platform.

The guards stood on each side of the portal and tapped their weapon twice onto the ground. In that instant, a burst of light enveloped the three of them. When the light dissipated, they were no longer there.