New World New Life Chapter 106

106 Welcome To Arkwing Castle
Within the blink of an eye, they had arrived. The scenery before them was no longer a forest clearing. Stepping off the platform, they marvelled at their surroundings. The tall castle walls, the floral and fauna that surrounded them.

Almost immediately, two people dressed in the same uniform came forward to them and bowed.

"Welcome to Arkwing Castle, honoured guests. May I see your invitation," the one with her hazel brown hair in a braid asked, her head remained bowed.

Vy handed her invitation over to the girl who only looked a couple of years younger than Vy herself. After looking at it, the girl returned it back to Vy.

"Welcome Miss Blackfire," the two girls said in unison.

The girl with braided hair introduced herself, "My name is Hazel."

"And my name is Elisa," the other girl continued.

"We will be assisting you with all your needs during your stay in Arkwing Castle. If you need anything at all, please let us know," Hazel said.

Vy smiled, "Spare us the formalities, Hazel, Elisa. You may call me Vyrena. This young man here is Lycster, my younger brother and Elette, my little sister."

Lycster bowed, "It's nice to meet you both, Hazel, Elisa."

Elette did not say anything, as she hid behind Lycster and Vy. But before they could continue their conversation, the portal behind them lit up and an entourage of people appeared on the platform.

Before Hazel and Elisa could guide the three of them off the steps, the guests who had just gotten here were already pushing their way down the steps. Vy did not say a word, she merely moved Lycster and Elette out of the way, so that they would not get in the way of the guests.

The entourage was all dressed head to toe in extravagant garments and jewellery. From their dangling diamond earrings to their hand-stitched gemstone dresses, these people were obviously rich and not afraid of flaunting it.

Hazel and Elisa stood to the side as a group of six people all dressed in similar uniforms came forward to greet the entourage. The leader of the group was wearing a tuxedo.

"Welcome to Arkwing Castle, Countess Irisa," the man in the tuxedo greeted as he bowed, "This way, please."

The Countess did not say a single word, she merely gave a slight nod and followed. Vy, Lycster and Elette quickly got off the steps and met up with Hazel and Elisa.

"My apologies, Miss Blackfire, we could not" Hazel attempted to apologise profusely but Vy stopped her.

"It's alright, it's not your fault that we were caught on the steps either. We better get going before more people show up. Show us the way," Vy replied.

Hazel and Elisa gave them a short introduction and tour to the castle since it was their first time there. Their room had already been prepared but they had not been expecting Lycster and Elette's arrival alongside Vy.

Hence, they had only prepared one room with an attached bathroom, balcony and living room.

"I will go check and see if there are any larger rooms available for you, Miss Blackfire," Elisa said.

Upon seeing the room that had been prepared for them, Vy responded, "There's no need to. There is more than enough space for us here. All we need are two extra beds."

"But Miss" before Hazel would refute, Vy stopped her.

"We're simple people, so don't worry about finding us a bigger room. Extra beds and bedding would do. If there isn't that's alright too, the bed is big enough for all of us anyways. And remember, just address me as Vyrena will do."

Hazel and Elisa looked at one another, this was an argument they could not win.

"As you wish, Miss Vyrena." Hazel replied with a bow.

Vy nodded, "I read on the invitations that the Ball is three nights from now, is that right?"

"Yes, that's right. Have you had your outfit prepared, Miss Vyrena," Elisa asked.

"No, I'm afraid not. I was hoping to get it from within the Capital. I assumed that nothing I have would fit the profile of this event, to begin with," Vy let out a sigh.

"Do not worry, Miss Vyrena. The Arkwing Royal Family has appointed tailors and seamstresses across the Capital city who have been commissioned to make outfits for all attendees of the Masked Ball," Hazel explained.

All Vyrena needed to do was to find one of these shops that had been approved by the Royal Family and get her outfit done there. Hazel offered to bring Vyrena to look for one of these shops as soon as they were ready to go.

Seeing as the room was fully furnished with everything they needed and more, they decided to leave and explore the city immediately.

"Would you like to rest before heading out, Miss Vyrena? You've must have travelled quite a distance to get here," Hazel asked after Elisa left to get the bedding and beds.

"I'm alright," Vy turned to Lycster and Elette, "Would you both like to rest?"

Lycster looked at Elette who shook her head, so he replied for the both of them, "It's alright, Vy, we can tag along."

"Alright then, time for us to do some shopping," Vy declared with a smile.