New World New Life Chapter 107

107 Shopping In The Capital
With Hazel as their guide, the group made their way out of the castle and onto the streets of the city. It was a lot more crowded and bustling than any other place they had been to before.

While the streets were wider, there were still more people on them, hence it was common for people to bump into one another. Something about this felt familiar to Vy, but she paid it no mind. Her focus was on getting a suitable dress.

It did not take long before they arrived at the first shop, but before they could even enter, the staff member stationed at the door turned them away.

"My sincerest apologies, but our shop is swarmed with customers at the moment," the staff member said as she bowed.

True to her words, the shop was packed with people taking measurements and selecting dresses. Hazel did not panic, she remained calm and simply directed them to the next shop. But Lady Luck was not on their side for all the shops they had visited turned them away.

While Vy was certain some of the shops still had space for them, she roughly knew why they were turned away. The difference in the clothes they were wearing and that of those work by the nobles were vastly different.

Vy's outfits were not shabby or torn, but they were well travelled. She was not wearing the long flowing dresses that were trending on the high streets of the Capital. She did not wear expensive jewellery and some might say, her dragon necklace looked a little tribal.

Hazel never once said anything, she did not see any issue with the way they were dressed. But as they were being turned away by more and more shops, it became painfully clear why they were turned away.

Even Lycster could feel it. As they walked down yet another street, Lycster tugged on Vy's sleeve.

"Maybe we shouldn't go," he said.

Vy looked down at the young boy. He had been so excited to attend his first Ball. But the fruitless search was dampening his spirits.

Vy stopped in her tracks and gave Lycster a smile, "We should and we must. Atleast I want to go. It would be fun and it would be a lot less fun if you and Elette weren't there."

Knowing that there was no point in walking around endlessly, Vy asked Hazel, "Hazel, must our outfits come from the appointed list of shops?"

"No, Miss Vyrena. It's just that the appointed list is recommended. And the bill payment is made from the Royal Funds," Hazel replied.

Vy nodded, "In that case, we have nothing to worry about, any shop that has what we need will do."

Looking up at the sky, it was clear that it was almost dinner time.

"Hazel, do you have any recommendations?" Vy asked.


"Yes, for any tailor or seamstress who would be able to make us some outfits. They don't have to be on the list."

Hazel looked a little flustered, there was something she wanted to say or ask but she held herself back. Was it rude to ask if they could afford it? Hazel was not one to judge, but Vy and her siblings did not look like they came from wealth.

Vy seemingly sensed Hazel's discomfort. But she did not want to come across as rude either. Looking around at the shops around them, Vy noticed a shop that was serving a customer who looked strikingly familiar.

Without any hesitation, Vy walked into the shop and was surprised to see a familiar face.

But before she called out to him, the man realised Vy had recognized him. Something told her he did not want the people to know his real identity, so she pretended not to know him.

"Welcome, Miss, are you looking for a dress," a bubbly girl came up to her and asked.

"Yes, I am looking for some outfits for the Masked Ball. Would you happen to be able to recommend me some styles and fabric," Vy asked.

"Miss Vyrena I don't mean to be rude but" Hazel wanted to tell her how expensive these materials and outfits were going to be.

The bubbly girl had Vy's full attention as she not only introduced herself, but also made multiple recommendations. All Hazel could do, was helplessly watch as the bubbly girl recommended fabrics and styles of dresses.

She brought out a leather bound book, filled with various designs for Vy to pick from.

"So if you were to get this design for example, with this material and the matching shoes and jewelry pieces I mentioned, that would come out to be" the girl took a moment to calculate the costs, "It would be about 1,400 silver coins or 28 gold coins."

Hazel gulped as sweat trickled down her forehead. The man, who had been discussing the details of his outfit with the owner of the shop, could hear the entire conversation. He did not say anything, he was interested to find out Vy's reply.

Hazel had kept her head low the entire time, but she could not resist the urge to sneak a peek at the expressions of the guests she was looking after. She was surprised to see that there was no sign of disbelief.

The little girl was continuously marvelled by the amazing fabric and decor of the shop, while the older boy simply listened in on the conversation without much thought. What was wrong with these people? Has it not dawned upon them just how expensive the outfit would be?

A maid like her would never be able to afford such a luxurious outfit in her lifetime, maybe not even in two lifetimes!

"Do you take transfers from Interbank," Vy asked.

Hazel looked up at Vyrena at once. Interbank. She had heard of this place before! It was only reserved for some of the wealthiest people!

"Oh, I will need to check that" the girl turned over to the shop owner, who gave her a nod, "Ah yes, looks like we do!"

Vy nodded and requested for outfits for Lycster and Elette. Both of them got to pick out the outfits they liked the most, while Vy flipped through the design book that the girl had shown her. She had always wanted to get some pieces of clothing made, but she had not found the place that had the style she was looking for.

Dotty, who had circled around the shop, looking through the fabrics alongside them, sat on Vy's shoulder as she flipped through the designs.



\u003cYou do know that's King Olwin, right?\u003e

Dotty gave the cutest expression, easily melting anyone's heart. That brought a smile to Vy's face as she nodded.