New World New Life Chapter 110

110 Breakfast Options
"Vy, Vy?" Lycster called out to Vy who was sound asleep. Her contorted facial expressions worried him.

Was she having a nightmare again?

"Vy!" Elette called out too as she climbed on top of her and shook her.

Soon enough Vy was awake, she blinked a couple of times as her eyes adjusted to the sunlight that had shone through the day curtains and into the room. Seeing the two adorable faces staring back at her, she could not help but smile.

"Awake?" Elette asked as she poked Vy on the cheek.

Vy laughed, "Yes I am."

The three of them got ready together and informed the guards that they were ready for their breakfast.

"We'll inform Miss Hazel right away," the guard said with a salute before he ran off down the corridor.

Minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Hazel and Elisa entered the room with a silver trolley filled with various food items and drinks. The table that Vy had used for reading the day before had been cleaned and a white table cloth had been laid over it.

While Hazel placed the items down, Elisa explained what each item was. The Royal Kitchen had prepared a revolving list of food items for the guests to enjoy. Since it was their first time in the castle, the spread before them was to give them a taste of everything available.

"The Royal Kitchen prides itself in understanding and catering to every palate! Hence, this is a mix of everything they offer for breakfast items. You may have a taste of everything and let us know what you like or would like to have for the days you are staying here," Elisa explained.

Lycster and Elette were beyond excited upon seeing the spread. They swarmed Hazel and Elisa with questions on what each item was as they took a taste.

Vy, on the other hand, looked on with a smile, but her mind was not at the table. The events of the night before are still deeply etched in her mind. King Olwin was quick to declare that the princess still needed rest and had Hazel sent Vy back to her room.

But the words Viviana had said bugged Vy. The term was familiar to her. But why can't she remember what it meant? She continued to replay what had happened the night before. Certain things did not add up.

\u003cVy, Vy!\u003e

Dotty's call out to her brought Vy back to the present. Everyone was looking at her.

"Miss Vyrena?" Elisa called out.

"Sorry, did I miss something," Vy asked, unblinking.

"Oh, we were asking if you would like some tea?" Elisa replied.

"Yes please," Vy replied with a smile.

Lycster and Elette continued to taste test each item, while Vy picked up a puffed pastry and took a bite. The crispy outer layers and buttery soft centre was absolutely delightful. The savoury pastry was just what she needed.

Lycster noticed a jar filled with tiny star-shaped biscuits. They were bright yellow in colour, but it was not icing.

"What's that," he asked, pointing to the jar.

"Oh, that's cereal," Hazel replied.

Vy lit up, "Did you say cereal?"

Hazel nodded, "This is a speciality in the castle. Apparently King Olwin himself invented it. He called it Sugar Star Cereals, they are honey flavoured."

"How do you eat it," Lycster asked out of curiosity.

"You can eat it as is or" before Hazel could finish her reply, Vy spoke.

"With milk."

"Miss Vyrena, you've tried this before?" Hazel asked she was surprised that she knew about this.

Sugar Star Cereals as far as she knew were only available in the castle.

Vyrena took the jar of cereal and opened it. The smell of it seemed to bring a wave of emotion, of happiness. Taking an empty bowl, she poured some into it and poured the pitcher of milk in as well. She took a bite of the cereal and the wave of emotions flooded her entire mind.

The cold milk, paired with the subtle sweet crunchy stars were not as good as the ones she had once tasted. But they were good enough to bring those emotions back to her. Seeing the smile on her face, Lycster and Elette wanted to try some too.

"This tastes really good!" Lycster exclaimed with delight as he continued to crunch down on the tiny stars.

Even Elette enjoyed it with a smile upon her face.

After breakfast, Hazel and Elisa asked if they wanted to partake in any of the activities. Hazel showed Lycster and Elette the activities that were suited for them and they quickly had their pick.

"I want to attend the archery class," Lycster exclaimed while Elette meekly pointed out the activity where she would get to choose her very own stuffed animal.

"I can't be at two separate places at once," Vy said with a sigh. She could tell how excited they were and she did not want to disappoint any of them.

Hazel and Elisa stepped forward and told Vyrena not to worry. Each of them could accompany Lycster and Elette to do the activities they wanted. Vy was worried that the two children would cause them too much trouble.

"Don't worry," Hazel replied, I'm sure we can handle them.

Although still worried and reluctant, Hazel and Elisa finally persuaded Vy to let them go. Lycster and Elette were beyond excited as they quickly took the things they needed and got ready to leave. Just in case they wanted to get something for themselves, Vy gave each of them a small pouch and a small amount of money.

"Use them wisely, okay?" Vy reminded them.

She turned to Hazel and Elisa and gave them each, another pouch of money as well, just in case for emergency. With that, they bid Vy farewell and left for their activities, leaving Vy alone in the room with Dotty.