New World New Life Chapter 111

111 What If?
She laid down on the daybed that had been set up near the balcony and let out a sigh. Dotty remained silent throughout the entire time. Vy knew all this nostalgia had something to do with her memories but what was it.

\u003cIs there something you would like to ask?\u003e

Vy bit her lip.

-Dotty, did you hear what the princess said yesterday?-

Dotty sat on the top of the couch, nodding her head.

-Is it true?-

\u003cIt's not.\u003e

Vy let out a breath of air. That was what she had hoped to hear. But Dotty could not understand, why did Vy so blindly trust her? She could have been lying to her.

\u003cDo you trust me, Vy?\u003e

Vy turned to look at Dotty, "Of Course I do."

Dotty's eyes brimmed with tears, this caught Vy off guard. Dotty leapt forward onto Vy, catching her by the neck. She hugged her tightly.

"You can't be so trusting Vy! You'll you'll get hurt!" Dotty exclaimed out loud.

She had always heard Dotty's voice in her mind, but it had been quite some time since she actually spoke out loud. Vy placed her hand over her tiny body and closed her eyes.

"I know. But I trust you," she replied with a smile, "You didn't want to meet her for a reason, right?"

The fur on Dotty's face was wet with her tears, she looked up at Vy and nodded.

"Do you want to tell me why?"

Dotty released herself from Vy's grasp, she flew up to ensure that they were both at eye level. Her eyes were glistening from the tears that were still there. For a moment, her eyes darted to the side, but she took in a deep breath and stared deep into Vy's eyes.

"I don't want to meet her system," Dotty said.

She flew down and laid down in Vy's palm.

-You didn't have to reveal yourself if you didn't want to.-

\u003cI know, but something bad would have happened.\u003e

She was obviously trying to avoid the topic. But this was of importance! Vy needed to know what was going to happen.

-How bad?-

\u003cVery bad.\u003e

-Dotty, you have to tell me what's bugging you.-

Dotty pouted as she sat up straight and folded her arms. She did not want it to come to this. But it seems like all odds were against her.

\u003cWhat if she offers you a deal you cannot refuse? What if the deal involved me?\u003e

"Involved you? I don't see what."

\u003cWhat if it means exchanging me?!\u003e

Vy looked down at the little creature, she was too adorable even when she was worked up.

-That's what you're worried about?-

Dotty nodded.

Vy stood up and walked out into the balcony. Looking at the picturesque scenery before her, she pondered over Dotty's words. A deal that she could not refuse? She turned back and looked at Dotty.

"I'm assuming you can't tell me exactly what it is because all of this is confidential."

Dotty was stunned, but Vy got it right.

She let out a breath of air, "I don't know what it would be, but..."

Dotty did not give her a chance to finish her sentence, "I don't want to know the answer."

Vy spent the rest of the day in the room, practising her transformation magic. She sat cross-legged on the daybed, doing her breathing practice. Before they had embarked on this trip, Vy had already mastered her sea animal form.

There was no place she could practice her form, so she decided to use this opportunity to start practising her mythical creature forms instead. Dotty had already compiled the necessary steps she needed to take to achieve the forms.

It was much more complicated than the animal forms as they were easier to visualise and control.

\u003cAccording to the book, you will need to fulfil the following!\u003e

Dotty brought up a menu that not only showed the skill tree for her transformation magic, but also the criteria she needed to meet.

\u003cYou needed to master all three animal forms, land, sky, and sea.\u003e


\u003cYou need to master titan forms of all three animal forms.\u003e


\u003cElemental Magic mastered.\u003e

Vy had spent an hour or so practising her magic, making sure that each element was under her control. She made sure not to overexert herself, but she had not reached a time where she felt extreme fatigue after using her abilities either.


Dotty nodded.

\u003cNow all that 's left for you to do is to enter your dreamscape, and look for the altar of the mythical creature form you wish to take. Pay homage through offerings and they will decide if you are worthy for their power.\u003e

Vy focused on her breathing, noting the changes in her heartbeat with each breath of air she released from her lungs. Soon enough, her heart settled into a steady rhythm. Entering a dream state was not as difficult as she had presumed.

When she was in the right headspace, the transition was instantaneous. The dreamscape was a lush green pasture with forests to the side and vast plains beyond where Vy's eyes could see.

"This looks similar to the previous place," Vy said to herself. Here, she did not have Dotty to assist her.

She had to do this on her own. Walking through the green pastures, Vy breathed in the fresh air. Everything was as real as it can be.

-The pain from the injuries would feel as real too.-