New World New Life Chapter 112

112 Not Quite Righ
Time did not play a significant role in this space. The scenery was peaceful and filled with plant life and animals that roamed freely. Vy had thought long and hard about which Mythical creature she hoped for.

For inspiration and a quicker pace, she took to her titan wolf form. To be able to feel the wind in her fur, smell the fresh forest air and hear the movement around her brought Vy much needed calmness.

Being in the Capital was stressful, to say the least as she worried about everything that could go wrong. Not to mention after her meeting with Princess Viviana had not gone as expected. In order for Vy to find the altar, she must first show her power.

Standing her ground, she arched her back and let out a howl into the sky. Her howl echoed throughout her surroundings, acting as a sound wave pulse that had been sent out into the Universe. As her howl was carried by the wind, her ears flicked.

Something was calling to her in the distance. Her instincts drove her to follow the source and she made a leap and started moving swiftly. From the green pastures to the dense forest lands to the dry desert-like landscape. The intense heat combined with the heat she built up as she moved made her pant.

Across the endless sand-covered grounds, she searched for an oasis with her sense of hearing. Trickling water in a dessert was scarce, but not impossible to find. After a few duds, palm trees in the distance were a good sign. Upon arriving, she quickly sniffed the clear pool of water.

Once she was certain it was safe, she drank the water to quench her thirst. But the sweltering heat proved too much for Vy. She dipped her entire body into the water and soaked within it for a couple of minutes. The cool water helped to release the heat from her body.

When she was finally ready to step out of it, her fur was soaking wet. She shook herself dry and looked around her. She squinted her eyes and noticed a triangular peak in the distance.

Could that be what she was looking for?

Looking at the structure with a pyramid-like roof, Vy was not sure at first if this was the right place. But upon entering the space and seeing the lit fire at the altar, she knew it was right. At the end of the room was a huge altar with the idol of a creature on it.

As she got closer, she could see the features of the ferocious creature. It had been cast in marble, but the carving of the idol was textured. The creature resembled a white tiger with stripes all across its body. Instead of paws, it had hooves, much like those of a horse or goat.

Before the idol was a huge empty golden pan on solid rock. While Vy was coming up with ideas on what she should offer, she realised that everything around her had gone dark. She could no longer see anything around her.

When she opened her eyes once more, she was back in the room.

Dotty had fallen asleep on her lap. She was stirred awake by Vy.

"I don't think I got it," Vy sighed.

\u003cYou are right! Looks like it might not have been the right one.\u003e

It was almost sunset, as the warm rays of orange light flooded the room. Vy's stomach growled, her last meal had been breakfast. She stood up and stretched her body, her muscles ache after having sat there cross-legged for so long.

Walking around the room as she moved her muscles, Vy thought about what she should get to eat. The food in the Capital was nice, but she could feel her animal form yearning for a hunt. It had been quite some time since her last hunt.

-Dotty, are there any forest areas we can hunt in?-

She opened a map for Vy and they looked through it together.

\u003cThere seem to be some good forest areas but most of those within the Capital city is under strict control. The only one available for all to hunt in are the ones beyond the walls.\u003e

Vy recalled the lush green forests she had seen before they entered the walls of the Capital City, that must be what Dotty was referring to.

"Maybe I'll hunt tomorrow morning instead," as she turned to look around the empty room and at the clock on the wall," Elette and Lycster should be back soon.

As soon as they had returned from their individual activities, both of them were super excited to tell Vy everything. Elette showed her the beautifully handcrafted white bunny she had gotten from the toymakers.

"That's so cute!" Vy exclaimed as she inspected the craftsmanship of the stuffed bunny.

It had a pair of black buttons for eyes and also had a matching black bowtie around its neck. The soft material used to craft it surprised Vy. This was exquisite craftsmanship that would sell well outside of the Capital.

While she was still deep in thought, Hazel came forward with two wrapped presents. She handed one each to Vy and Lycster.

"Miss Elette selected these two items for each of you as well. She wanted the present to accompany you like how Mr Bun would accompany her," Hazel explained with a smile.

"Mr Bun?" Vy asked.

Elette held out the bunny with glee, "Mr Bun!"

Everyone burst out in laughter, the little girl was too adorable! Vy unwrapped and opened the box. It was a stuffed wolf! Lycster got an adorable stuffed lamb.

"Do you like it," Elette asked meekly.

Lycster was already blushing. He liked to think of himself as a grown-up boy but the stuffed lamb pulled on his heartstrings. Vy picked Elette up and gave her a hug and a kiss on her cheek.

"I love mine, it's perfect. Thank you Elette," Vy said lovingly.

Elette giggled with happiness. Lycster, on the other hand, was blushing beet red, he mumbled some words of thanks while holding the stuffed lamb close to his heart. Elisa saw how bashful he was but knew that he wanted to give his presents too.