New World New Life Chapter 115

115 Whos The Victim?
"Yeah! Are you saying we are liars?" Someone shouted out.

"You're the liar!," a woman who stood near Lady Ceraphina accused Vy, pointing her finger at her.

A couple more voices sang the same tune, accusing Vy of being the liar. She gritted her teeth.

-Fools. Every single one of them.-

"No, I am not. All of you are the liars," Vy replied all of them in an emotionless tone. She had no time to deal with these people.

As she glanced out of the window, she noticed some of the street passersby seemed to have taken notice of the commotion in the store and were looking in. None of the staff in the store was going to help her too.

-All this feels all too familiar. Have I always been the only one to stand up for myself?-

The nostalgia hit her hard, but her face showed no trace of it. Deep in her memory bank, a faint memory surfaced.

"No!" A voice similar to Vy's exclaimed.

A young girl, about the age of fourteen, pointed at a man standing amongst the crowd before her. All eyes were on her. She had the Energy Dagger in her hand.

"You did this! I saw it with my own eyes," the girl accused the man who had the tattoo of three opened eyes on his right forearm.

The man sniggered, "Who's going to believe the words of a kid!"

"Yeah! She's just a kid!" a voice shouted, supporting the man.

"Yeah, she's a liar!"


The young girl tightened her grip on her dagger. She had no one to support her. No one to back her up, she was alone and she could not do anything.

Those emotions resonated with Vy in the present.

She was not going to let this go.

"What would Lycster get out of tripping your son," Vy replied.

Before anyone could reply, Vy continued, "My brother was tiptoeing by that shelf trying to get hold of the box. Your son, Rowan, was running through the store. He did not see where he was going, ran into Lycster causing him to trip, fall onto the toys on display and sprain his ankle."

Vy looked over to the young boy who had finished crying his pathetic tears, he was just watching everything going on.

"Your son escaped with just bruised knees. Do you not see who the victim is here," Vy attempted to reason with Lady Ceraphina.

"Do not even get me started on every single one of you in this store," Vy stopped herself. There was so much she wanted to say, but she knew better. She needed to be better than them.

Turning back to Lady Ceraphina who still had no response, Vy said, "I apologise, to you, Lady Ceraphina. I apologise, that your son did not see where he was going, and for what a brat he is."

As soon as those words left Vy's mouth, she felt a hard slap on her left cheek.

Everyone gasped in shock.

Vy was surprised too, but it soon turned into fuel for her anger. She chuckled, Lady Ceraphina had crossed the line.

Dotty knew where this was headed. If they did not leave the store soon, Vy just might...To divert her attention, Dotty nudged Vy.

\u003cVy, it's not worth it. Lycster is your priority, his well being is your priority.\u003e

Dotty's words took a while to get through to Vy, but as soon as it did her expression faded.

"Consider that the apology you wanted," Vy replied.

With that, she stormed out of the store with Lycster in her arms and went down the street. She did not care which direction she walked in, the anger was fueling her. Keeping an eye out for any healer shops, Vy did not say a word.

Lycster who had witnessed everything did not know what to say either. Dotty remained silent too. Finally, they noticed the wooden signboard of a healer's shop and they entered the shop in a huff.

The healer saw Vy coming in and quickly came out to greet her.

"What seems to be the issue," the healer asked Vy as she put Lycster down on the chair that the healer brought out.

"He sprained his ankle," Vy said coldly.

The healer simply nodded and took off Lycster's shoe to examine his ankle. It was now swollen and all red in the area that was affected. When the healer gently pressed on the swollen area, Lycster winced in pain.

He tried his best to remain still while the healer examined it, while Vy's grip on her knuckles got tighter. After a few more minutes, Vy was getting impatient.

"Well?" Vy asked.

The healer adjusted his silver-rimmed glasses that sat on his high nose ridge.

"It can be fixed, that is the good thing. The boy is young, so he will heal fast," the healer said as he placed his right hand on the swollen area and closed his eyes.

Whispering an incantation, green light covered the swollen area of Lycster's ankle and when it dissipated, the swelling had been greatly reduced.

"Don't move," the healer told Lycster, as he left for a few minutes and returned with a clay jar of a gooey substance and some bandages.

Carefully, the healer applied the paste all around the affected area and used the bandaged to wrap it all up.

"There, all done. Now be really careful not to put pressure on your foot for the rest of the day. I will give you a prescription for another 3 days worth of bandages and medicinal paste." the healer said as he went behind the counter to bring out the items he mentioned.

Vy got Lycster to stay put while she footed the bill.

"Remember, don't put too much pressure on that foot. If all goes well, you should be all healed in four days. If not, come back and see me, I'll fix you right up," the healer replied.

Vy thanked the healer and was about to carry Lycster in his arms when he stopped her.

"It's alright Vy, I can walk on my own," Lycster said with a soft smile.

"No, you need rest," Vy rebutted.

Vy picked him up in her arms, thanked the healer once more and headed out of the store. She carried him all the way back to the castle. It was only when they reached their room did Vy let Lycster down. She laid him down on the day bed and stretched her tired muscles.

She let out a breath of air and sat down on the edge of the bed as Elette, Elisa and Hazel flocked around Lycster.

"What happened? Why is your ankle all wrapped up?" Elisa asked out of concern.

"Yeah! Why is Ly Ly's foot wrapped?" Elette asked as she poked the bandages.