New World New Life Chapter 117

117 It Hurts To Lie To Someone You Trus
The run through the forest helped to build up her adrenaline. When she spotted the deer with her heightened senses, she allowed her primal instincts and urges to take cover. Vy lunged herself onto the deer.

Within a matter of seconds, her claws were holding down the deer in place while she went in for a taste of fresh deer meat. Blood pooled around the carcass as Vy devoured the deer on the spot. When she was done, only a few bones and a puddle of blood was left.

Her mouth was still covered with fresh blood, dripping onto the forest ground and on her paws. She licked the blood off her fur and kept an ear out for her next prey.

By the time she was satisfied, she had killed and eaten two deers and a plump rabbit. She was not proud of that last kill. The rabbit was just nibbling on some grass outside its burrow when she pounced on it.

The adrenaline that fueled her initially had worn off, and her heart followed a regular rhythmic beat.Vy's firey emotions cooled down to a slow-burning fire. She looked all around her and noticed that the forest floor was covered with fallen leaves.

She gathered a soft pile of leaves together, ensuring the pile was tall and dense. Once it was ready, she tested to see if it was soft. Her front paws pressed down onto the leaf pile, it was good enough. Crossing her front paws and laying her head down, she closed her eyes and let out a breath of air.

Dotty laid down on the pile of leaves too, right next to Vy's head. She looked up into the sky and watched as the clouds flew by while the sun began to set.


\u003cYes Vy?\u003e

-Are you close to your next upgrade?-

\u003cWe are not quite there yet.\u003e

Vy did not ask any further questions. Her eyes remained close as she listened to the breeze that rustled the leaves of the forest.

It hurts to lie to someone you trust.


Dinner was served on the dot, just as the sun had begun to set on the horizon. With what waning natural light was left, all the artificial lights in the Capital City were lit. Every lamp in the room was lit so that Lycster and Elette could enjoy their dinner.

Without Vy here to make the decision, Lycster took charge to ensure both he and Elette were taken care of.

"Let's go with the chicken for today, Miss Hazel," Lycster said.

"Lycster, you need not address me as Miss," Hazel replied, blushing, "Just Hazel will do."

Lycster let out an awkward laugh, "My apologies, it's difficult for me to change the way I speak. I call all the girls older than me Miss. Sorry about that Miss Hazel. Ah, I've done it again!"

Everyone was laughing at the blunder he made, it was too good not to. It did not take long for Hazel and Elisa to return with their food for dinner. Roasted chicken thigh with mashed potatoes, baked carrots and gravy.

The aromatic fragrance of the roasted chicken made all of them salivate.

"Let's dig in," Lycster said excitedly as he picked up the knife and fork that were next to his plate.

When dinner came to an end in their bellies, dessert was served. Each of them got a scoop of strawberry sorbet, refreshingly sweet. After Hazel and Elisa cleared the dishes, they left the room. Lycster accompanied Elette as she played with Mr. Buns on the ground.

Just then, Lycster looked out at the balcony and noticed a black-feathered bird flying towards them. He stood up immediately and went out to the balcony. Vy turned back into her human form as soon as she was on the balcony.

Before Lycster could say anything, Vy hugged him. Both of them shared the embrace for a good few moments of silence, Elette was blissfully unaware, happily playing with her plush bunny.

"I'm sorry," Vy finally said, "I should not have left you like that."

She was ashamed that she could not control her own emotions. Vy had to clear her mind of the darker thoughts that plagued her.

"There's no need to say sorry, big sister," Lycster said softly with a smile, "I understand."

Vy could feel the tears well up in the corner of her eyes. But she tried her best to keep her emotions in check. To have Lycster call her 'big sister' was a moment to be remembered indeed.

"Have you eaten," Lycster asked as they released each other from their embrace, wiping the corners of their eyes.

"I have, in the forest. Oh, I met some werewolves," Vy chuckled as she recalled the encounter.

"Werewolves? Wait, are they like us, shapeshifters," Lycster asked.

Vy pondered for a moment. Werewolves were different, they were born with the innate ability to transform into a wolf. They also could not change the size of their wolf form, and it was almost like a second self.

"It's different for them. For us, we slip into the form of the animal, we are in full control and there is no spirit in the animal. But for a werewolf, from the moment they first awaken their inner wolf, that wolf has a spirit, a voice," Vy replied.

She had read a little information about them from one of the many books she had purchased over time. Vy was fascinated by all the different species that lived in this world. This information had also helped her when she made business deals with different merchants of different races and species.

While she was still learning about most of them, being able to connect with them even in the slightest made them feel at ease.

"Vy's back?" Elette called out as she waddled over to give Vy a hug on her leg.

"Yes, I am back," Vy replied with a smile as she picked Elette up in her arms.

"Have you been a good girl?" Vy asked as she pinched her nose.

Elette giggled, "Yes! Ly Ly was playing with me!"