New World New Life Chapter 118

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On the other side of the castle, King Olwin had just finished his Evening Court Session. Unsurprisingly, it ended later than usual.

"Your Majesty, Queen Marion is waiting for you in the Magnolia Dining Hall," Duxton informed King Olwin as they were walking out of the Throne Room.

"Magnolia?" King Olwin thought for a moment, it must have been Princess Viviana's idea.

King Olwin usually preferred for them to have their meals in the Orchid Dining Room since it was usually just a few of them having dinner together. Upon entering the Dining Hall, he soon realised that only Queen Marion was seated at her usual seat, there was no one else seated at the table.

The servants were also removing the empty dishes opposite Queen Marion. As soon as they saw King Olwin enter the Dining Hall, all of the servants bowed and greeted him before continuing with their duties.

When he finally got to his seat at the head of the table, he gave his wife a quick kiss before taking a seat. Within seconds, the first course was served before him. When he glanced over, he realised his wife had not even touched her food.

"The court session ran overtime, again," he sighed, "How was your day?"

Seeing that her husband was finally here, Queen Marion began to eat her dish as well. Queen Marion was graceful in everything she did. Although that was not always the case. Both she and her husband were not born royalty.

It took a lot of hard work to learn the proper etiquette to eat, to speak and to greet. Not to mention, the endless dress fittings for every occasion. It started out enjoyable, became a bore halfway through and was now more of a mindless task.

"It was alright. The preparations for the Masked Ball had some issues but I have since resolved them. Most of the guests we have invited have already arrived in the Capital City. Most of their outfits have also been tailored and should all be ready before the Ball," Queen Marion replied.

"Have you seen Vivana today?" he asked as he took another bite of his salad.

Their lovely daughter was their pride and joy. Her birth was one of the many cherished memories Olwin and Marion shared. Welcoming their bundle of joy into the world alongside the entire Kingdom was never in their plans.

She nodded, "Yes, we had tea together in the late afternoon, she suggested that we have dinner here today. But she"

"Got tired of waiting for me," he replied with a sigh.

Queen Marion put down her cutlery and placed her hand on her husband's hand. She could read his heart through his words, actions and eyes. Nothing ever escaped her.

"You know what she's like," she said with a reassuring smile, "She does not mean it."

"That's what I keep telling myself," King Olwin muttered to himself.

As the King of his people, Olwin had so much on his mind yet he would still make time for his family. During the earlier years, he often found himself buried in work and hardly ever spent any time with his wife and daughter.

After Viviana's near-death experience, he realised the importance of spending time with them. The guilt of being busy all the time had also led him to spoil her.

To say that Viviana changed was an understatement. At times, it felt like she was a completely different person. In fact, that was true. The body was the same, but the soul was not. Sometimes, Olwin questioned if he could still consider that person his daughter.

But, there was nothing a father would not do for his precious girl.

Especially after he nearly lost her once.

Even if it meant losing something that had stood by him since the day he arrived in this world.

The events of that day were etched into his mind for eternity. The morning started out well, but everything fell into a downward spiral after that.

As they continued their meal in silence, King Olwin thought back to all the things he had achieved. When he first arrived, he was lucky to have the memories of the host body and the abilities he had. Olwin quickly adapted to the new world he had set foot in.

With a small fortune in his pocket, he need not scrape by as some others did. He travelled around until he found a place to call home.

Not to mention a system he named Don.

Looking at the tattoo on his right arm, usually hidden by his long-sleeved shirt, he let out an inaudible sigh. This was one of the few things he had left of the life he had before he died and was given a second chance here.

The geometric-patterned tattoo was not seen or heard of in his Kingdom, prior to his arrival. The psychedelic interlocking triangular pattern looked almost futuristic. When he was still but a young traveller, he had to keep his tattoo hidden because it raised too many questions.

Where did you get that from?

You must be a demon!

This man must be the devil in disguise! Be careful, or he'll curse you!

Vyrena's bold personality reminded him of his younger days. The fearless go-getter attitude. He used to be an adventurer, travelling from town to town, kingdom to kingdom. There was always something new and interesting.

-I guess I might have been like her if I didn't walk down this path.- he thought to himself.

He never thought he would become the leader of the resistance, let alone the King. Marrying Marion was one of his happiest moments, so was the birth of his daughter.

Don, his system, was right there by his side. Since his first day in Gaeian, Don was there to guide him. In tough times, his system provided valuable council that had saved not just his life, but many others who had put their faith in him.

It felt empty not having Don by his side.

He never quite got used to it.