New World New Life Chapter 121

121 Fit And Flare
Soon enough, their afternoon was over and it was time for them to prepare for the Masked Ball. Vy took a look at the outfits that had been delivered to them from the shop. Everything was exquisite and well made. Not to mention, the price was fair and reasonable for the amount of work that went in.

While she had originally wanted a beaded bodice for her dress, the time constraint would not allow it. Hence, Vy opted for a lace bodice instead. She had looked through the various styles of dresses in the book that the shop keeper had provided, but nothing really stood out to her.

She liked some of the styles, but she preferred them to be matched with another design. After some discussion, they came up with a design that used the styles from different dresses to create the dress Vy wanted.

It was an off-shoulder mid-sleeve gown with black lace overlay on beige. It had a black silk ribbon on above the navel. The dress flowed all the way down to her ankle. Usually, most girls would have matched their gown with a pair of sexy heels. But Vy preferred to be practical, so she chose a pair of black leather boots.

For her hair, Vy had tied it up in a bun and secured it with pins and some floral themed accessories. Her make up was simple, she used the black liner to give herself cat eyes, and used a dark red lipstick for her lips.

When she was done, she looked absolutely stunning. To finish it all, Vy had a leather strap around her right thigh to secure her dagger and wore a wrap bracelet on her left wrist that was in the shape of a snake. She also put on a pair of black drop crystal earrings.

Lycster, on the other hand, wore a simple black suit with a matching bowtie, dress pants and leather shoes. His hair was neatly combed back and held together with a little pomade. Elette, on the other hand, wore a pastel purple sleeveless gown with a matching thick ribbon sash around her waist. She wore a pair of white frilly socks and white mary jane shoes.

"All of you look wonderful!" Hazel said as she and Elisa took a step back to admire all of them in their outfits.

Dotty also flew away from them for a wide shot view of them in their outfits. They were ready for a night of dance and fun!

\u003cYou look so beautiful Vy!\u003e

\u003cAnd you look dashing, Lycster. You're probably going to have a lot of girls swooning over you at the Ball~ He he~\u003e

Lycster blushed as he heard Dotty's words in his mind. Vy smiled and laughed a little. She walked over to the full-length mirror and admired herself. When was the last time she had looked at herself in the mirror?

When was the last time she looked so stunning in the mirror?

"I think we're ready to go," Vy said with confidence.

"Wait! You're missing the most important thing," Hazel said as she rushed over to them together with Elisa, "What is a Masked Ball without masks?"

All of them shared a good laugh as they put on their masks. Lycster had a simple black mask to match his outfit while Elette had a pastel purple mask and floral headdress to go with her dress. Vy's mask was black, encrusted with tiny gemstones. The mask resembled a pair of feathered wings, and it covered almost half of her face.

"Now, you're all ready," Elisa declared with a smile.

Before the Masked Ball took place, all the attendees were invited to a luxurious nine-course meal in the Sequoia Dining Hall. Long tables were lined up in the dining hall, comfortably fitting all of the guests' presents. Everyone had been assigned their table and seats. Each seat had a place card with their name written on it.

Hazel and Elisa already knew where the Blackfires were seated so they brought them to their seats as soon as they arrived in the hall. The luxurious decor of fresh flowers, crystal chandeliers and silverware was a sight to behold.

Once they were seated, Hazel and Elisa brought them some choice of drinks and light snacks. They were some of the first few guests to arrive in the hall so it would be quite sometime before the actual dinner began.

While they enjoyed the light snacks and their drinks, more guests entered the hall. Everyone was being brought to their seats and casually making conversation with one another. Some had been seated with their old friends, others were seated with strangers.

When the seats next to Vyrena got filled, she introduced herself to them immediately and the guests cordially reciprocated. They were the Varsoce Family. The head of the family Earl Monty and Countess Layla had brought along their eldest son and daughter, Viscount Koiri andViscountess Gallae.

Vyrena also introduced Lycster and Elette to them. While Elette was still a little shy, Lycster greeted the Varsoce Family respectfully, just like how Vy had taught him.

"What a bright young boy you have there, Miss Blackfire," Layla praised.

Vy beamed with joy, "My brother learns fast."

Layla nodded, "Time flies by so fast, soon enough he would be as big as my Koiri. Koiri used to be so shy with strangers, he would hide behind my skirts."

Kori blushed, "Mother! Not in front of Miss Blackfire."

All of them shared a good laugh.

As they continued to chat, Vyrena was pleasantly surprised by the Countesss attitude towards her. Perhaps she had not heard about the incident at the toy store. This made Vyrena feel most uneasy.

Her sense of hearing had long picked up the gossip around her. Even though some of them were two tables away, she could still hear them as if they were speaking right next to her. As soon as she had introduced herself to Layla, everyone knew immediately who she was.

Their gaze, she could not shake them off. Finally, she could no longer keep quiet about it, she had to ask.

Vyrena asked in a lower voice, "I truly am enjoying our conversation, but may I ask a question?"

Countess Layla replied, "Please Miss Blackfire, ask me anything."

"Have you not heard about what had happened between Lady Ceraphina," Vyrena gripped tightly onto the edge of her seat, "and I?"