New World New Life Chapter 122

122 Casual Dining
Layla took a sip of wine from her wine glass and nodded, "I have indeed heard about it."

"There's no way we would not have heard about it, Miss Blackfire," Gallae whispered over to her, "All of them have been talking about it."

Vyrena leaned back into her chair. She had figured out that much. To say that she did not care about how others looked at her would be a lie. Everyone and anyone cared.

The Countess took another sip of her wine and replied, "That being said, I like to see for myself what a person is like before I make a judgement."

Vyrena turned to look at the Countess as she picked up both of Vyrena's hands. The Countess covered both of Vyrena's hands with her own.

"Mother, are you" before Koiri could finish his sentence, his father shushed him.

"Quiet, your mother needs to concentrate."

For just a second, Vyrena felt as if she could smell the petrichor in a forest as a soft breeze blew past her. When she looked down at her hands, she noticed that it glowed green for a little. A few moments later, the Countess removed her hands from Vyrena's.

"You have a kind heart, Miss Blackfire, and uncommon powers," Layla said sweetly, "Your animal skins serve you well. I am impressed."

Vyrena was confused. Her animal skins? Was the Countess referring to her shapeshifting powers?

"Ah, you don't call it skins, do you. I think the term would be forms?" the Countess replied.

Vyrena was impressed!

How did the Countess know just by touching her hands? The Earl explained that his wife had unique abilities that were linked to nature and the forest. But before their conversation could continue, the dinner bell was rung.

Conversation throughout the entire hall simmered down until there was complete silence. The announcer, dressed in a red and gold coat stood at the entrance of the hall. Using a loudspeaker spell, he addressed everyone in the room.

"May everyone please rise, to welcome The Arkwing Royal Family. King Olwin, Queen Marion and Princess Viviana."

Everyone in the hall rose from their seats at once, anticipating the grand entrance of the royal family. As soon as the doors flung open, the orchestra began to play. The first to enter the hall was a squad of royal guards entered the room. All of them were dressed in similar-looking outfits, with a mask over their faces.

In quick succession, a squad of royal servants entered the hall in a similar formation before the royal family entered the hall. King Olwin was accompanied by his wife, Queen Marion at his side. Princess Viviana, on the other hand, trailed behind them on her own. King Olwin's outfit was simplistic and classic. Queen Marion's was elegant and graceful. But their daughter's was quite the opposite.

Loud and unique.

As the parade of royalty walked down the length of the carpet, all the guests, servants and guards bowed their heads in respect. Vy did the same, and so did her siblings. Vy stole quick glances at the royal family.

Other than their fancy clothes and status, they looked just like everyone else.

The Royal family was seated at the head of the hall, with a special table lined up for them that faced all the guests that had been gathered in the hall. Once they were seated, the guests were allowed to be seated as well.

The dinner bell rang once more.

The lights in the hall dimmed a little, as a parade of servants and maids entered the hall with plates of food in their hands, ready to serve the first dish of the night. For the entire duration of the dinner, some guests ate in complete silence.

Others, like the Blackfires and the Varsoce family, were a lively crowd. Their meal was filled with intellectual conversation, laughter and mutual respect. There were those around them that was surprised by the manners of the Blackfires, but this only served to prove that the rumours they've heard about the low-class boorish Blackfires to be false.

"You must come and visit us, Miss Blackfire, it's very different compared to the Capital," the Countess invited as they were on the final courses of their meal.

"I would love to. You've got me intrigued with all this talk of cotton fields and silkworms. I would love to see how the fabrics are made as well," Vyrena replied.

Vyrena noticed that Elette was getting sleepy towards the end of the dinner.

"Let us take care of her, Miss Vyrena," Hazel replied.

"Yeah, you and Lycster can continue onto the Masked Ball. We will take good care of her," Elisa assured her.

Though reluctant, Vy agreed. After giving Elette a kiss on the forehead, Lycster and her bid them farewell and followed the crowd towards the Crystal Ballroom. As soon as they entered, they were greeted by a 150 member Symphony Orchestra.

All of the Orchestra members were dressed in black, and their musical instruments ranged from violin to the harp! Lycster and Elette were in awe of what they saw before them. The melodious music put everyone into a good mood.

Servants dressed in uniforms, held round silver trays in their hands, filled with drinks and small bite-sized snacks for the guests. With the dance floor ready, King Olwin and Queen Marion had the first dance of the evening.

Soon enough, more followed suit. The Blackfires watched on from the sidelines, mesmerised by the beautiful dresses and outfits all the nobles were dressed in. It was easy to tell that there were certain styles more favoured than others.

Vy realised the style she wore stood out, for there was nothing like hers. She could also hear the endless gossip about her choice of colour. Maybe it was the wine she had drunk, but Vy paid them no mind. Her blood was pumping through her veins, she wanted to dance too.

Vy bent down and faced Lycster at eye level.

She put out her hand and asked with a smile, "Lycster Blackfire, would you like to dance?"

Lycster was stunned, "Blackfire?"

Vy nodded, "Well, it's up to you to decide. But would you like to officially be part of the Blackfire Family?"

He could not believe his ears, was this Vy indirectly recognising him as her younger brother? Lycster understood that they had agreed to present themselves that way in the Capital to avoid unnecessary questions and gossip.

"I see you as my younger brother, Lycster, it would make me really happy for you to become part of my family," Vy continued with a smile.