New World New Life Chapter 123

123 Meeting New People
"Thank you, Vy," Lycster replied as the tears welled up at the corner of his eyes.

Together, the brother and sister held each other's hands as they danced on the dance floor. Having fun with each other.

They had tried to learn the steps to the dance that was traditionally danced during such events, but there were simply too many steps. Unlike the nobles, they never had any dance classes before this. They decided to simply dance how they liked.

Their dance moves were unchoreographed and attracted the attention of others. Some whispered to their companions how uncivilised it looked, while others secretly admired their bravery for doing so under the judgemental eyes of the audience.

But at that moment, Lycster and Vyrena did not care about what others had to say, they simply enjoyed being themselves. When they finally tired themselves out a little, they decided to take a break with a drink and some snacks as they watched others continuing to dance.

Lycster met some younger nobles who invited him to join in their games and conversation. While he was uncertain about leaving Vy at first, she encouraged him to have some fun. The boy had not gotten the chance to mingle much with children his age, so Vy did not want him to miss this opportunity.

Vy finally felt as if she could let loose a little. It was a party, after all, this was a time for people to unwind and have some fun. The Moonlit wine was just as Hazel and Elisa had introduced. It was different from any other wine she had tasted before.

"Miss Blackfire," an unfamiliar voice called out to Vy, causing her to turn around.

The voice belonged to a middle-aged man with a well-kept beard, his suit was not flashy but definitely well made by some of the finest tailors. The crest ring on his thumb indicated he was from a powerful family.

"I'm sorry, do I know you," Vy asked politely.

"My sincere apologies, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rhoden, Rhoden Tres."

Vy knew that name instantly, especially after everything that had happened. The grip on her wine glass tightened a little and the temperature of the wine dropped a little. A gust of cold air surrounded Vy.

Vy noticed the change immediately so she quickly suppressed it, returning the surrounding temperature to normal. This man was the head of the Tres Family, Lord Rhoden. What had happened still angered Vy. But the fault did not lie with the man who stood before her, so she tried her best to remain neutral.

"Lord Tres, it is an honour to meet you," Vy greeted him with a handshake.

"The pleasure is mine," Lord Rhoden replied with a smile as he returned her courtesy.

There was a good moment of silence between them as they did not know how to proceed with their conversation. Vy did not know why he had looked for her and Rhoden did not expect Vy to be so courteous.

He had heard how things happened from his wife, but that was her side of the story. He had long gotten used to the gossip and inaccuracy of things that happened around him. To be honest, Rhoden was more surprised as to how Vy stood up for herself.

"Shall we continue your conversation at the balcony instead," Vy remarked. She could feel more and more eyes on her, watching her every move. Waiting for her to slip up.

Lord Rhoden cleared his throat and replied, "Sure."

Lucky for them, the balcony was empty when they got there. Vy peered out to the open sky as she leaned on the railings. The lights of the city lit up the night sky, only a few stars remained, accompanying the moon.

When Lord Rhoden adjusted his collar for the second time, she could not wait any longer.

"Is there something you would like to talk about, Lord Tres," Vy said with her arms folded.

She respected his position and did not see him as her enemy. But he was not a friend either.

"Yes, I'm afraid it's regarding what happened between you and my wife, Ceraphina." he was hesitant to say what he wanted to say.

But even he knew, it was the right thing to do.

He cleared his throat before he continued, "I apologise on her behalf, she can tend to be A little different under the public eye."

Vy was not expecting him to apologise. Hearing his apology, melted her initial stance. She no longer folded her arms, her expression no longer distant and emotionless.

"I appreciate your apology, Lord Tres," Vy replied.

This was all she wanted. She did not need a fancy apology or gifts to appease her. She definitely did not need sympathy. All she wanted was for them to apologise, as simple as that.

The change in her emotions was visible to Lord Rhoden. He had anticipated some resistance, maybe even some anger or rejection. This girl that no one knew much about was surprisingly different from all that he had heard.

Seeing Lord Rhoden's puzzled expression intrigued Vy. Was it something she said?

"Is something the matter, Lord Tres?" Vy asked.

Lord Rhoden laughed lightly, "No, everything's quite alright. You're not from around here, are you, Miss Blackfire."

"What gave you the hint," Vy smirked as she replied.

-This girl gets it.- Lord Rhoden thought to himself.

You've made quite a name for yourself. From what I was told. Apart from the incident of course," Lord Rhoden replied.

"Gossip seems to be what keeps the nobility entertained," Vy replied as she eavesdropped on yet another conversation about some random noble and their details about their lives.

"Rhoden, Rhoden! Oh there you are my dear," a voice called out from within the Ballroom.

The source of the voice came towards them, and Vy knew instantly that it was Lady Ceraphina. Not wanting a confrontation, Vy politely excused herself.

"It was nice meeting you, Lord Tres. Thank you," Vy said before she turned to leave the balcony.

Upon re-entering the Ballroom, someone stood in her way. It was one of the guards that were commonly seen throughout the castle.

"Miss Vyrena Blackfire," the guard asked.

"Yes, that's me. Is something the matter?"

"Princess Viviana seeks your audience in her quarters."