New World New Life Chapter 124

124 Looking For Something
Vyrena took a quick look around the room, "I just need to look for"

"Do not worry, your brother, Lycster Blackfire has also been called over to meet her Highness. You will see him there," the guard replied before she could even finish her sentence.

How did the guard know she was looking for Lycster?

Vy held on to the hems of her dress, feeling the outline of the dagger that sat snug in her leather strap around her thigh. There was something about this situation she did not like. But she could not put a finger on it either.

However, she also knew that doing anything remotely suspicious right now was not a good decision. There were too many people around, too many possibilities.

"Alright then, lead the way," Vy replied with a smile.

The guard led Vy out of the ballroom. She took one last look at the crowded ballroom just to make sure she did not miss Lycster by accident.


\u003cNo Vy, he's not in the Ballroom.\u003e

With her reassurance, Vy felt at ease a little. The guard guided Vy out of the Ballroom through multiple hallways. Based on the route they took, Vy realised that they were getting further away from the area where she had stayed, and into another wing of the castle.

As they continued towards their destination, Vy could not help but ask, "Will his Majesty be there as well?"

The guard seemed surprised by Vy's sudden question, but he did not give much away, "I'm not sure Miss Blackfire. My orders were just to bring you there."

Recalling the tour of the castle that she had gone on some time ago, Vy realised that they had arrived at the Royal Throne room. She had previously made the assumption that they would be meeting the princess in the garden, but it seems like that was not the plan.

Finally, they stopped before a set of mahogany wood doors. On the frame of the door, the emblem of the royal family was carved on to it. The two guards who stood watch saw Vy approaching and immediately opened the doors.

As she peered into the room before her, Vy's gut screamed for her to turn and leave. It took everything in her to ignore it to walk through those doors. The guard did not follow her in. He merely guided her into the room. Once she was in, the doors were closed behind her, casting a shadow upon the carpet she stood on.

A dimly lit throne room with only candles for light sources on the side of the room. A long hallway where shadows had cast upon the carpet. Looking forward to the end of the carpet, Vy noticed that King Olwin was here as well.

He stood next to his daughter, Viviana, who was seated next to him. There were only three of them in this room.

-Where's the Queen?- Vy wondered to herself as she continued walking down the carpet.

She made sure to get a good look at her surroundings, mapping out the entire location. She wanted to hold her dagger in her hand right now for safety, but that would have been disrespectful.

Why was her heart beating so quickly?

-Dotty, are you there?-

Vy could sense her presence on her shoulder.

\u003cI'm right here.\u003e

Vy walked up to them, she could hear her heart in her ears. She could hear her own breathing, her footsteps against the red carpet and the silence that surrounded them. She did not regret choosing to wear boots today.

Princess Viviana sat on the centre throne chair, while King Olwin stood on the left. Viviana was still wearing the same dress she had worn to the dinner. As she continued down the carpet, Vy glanced over to look at the walls on both sides.

The walls were decorated with tapestries and stained glass windows. Each tapestry was the emblem of a noble family in the Arkwing Kingdom, while the stained glass windows were of heroic deeds of the King Olwin and the famous royalties who came before him.

When she finally came before the King and Princess, she greeted them with a deep bow, "King Olwin, Princess Viviana. You were looking for me?"

"Yes, Miss Vyrena. Thank you so much for coming to see us, as per my daughter's request."

"The pleasure is mine, King Olwin. Is there anything I can help you with. Oh, and I was told that my brother Lycster would be here as well?" Vy enquired without skipping a beat.

Vy noticed that King Olwin had not changed out of his suit either, but it would seem as if he was wearing some extra pieces of plated armour. Not to mention, a sheathed sword at his belt. She was quite certain that he did not have any of that on when she last saw him from afar.

Or could it be that she had recalled differently?

"Your brother? The young boy? I'm not sure where he is but if Viviana called for him too, they should be bringing him here any minute now." King Olwin replied he seemed flustered.

Or was that just her imagination?

King Olwin cleared his throat before continuing, "Back to the matter at hand. We have called you here because we need a favour from you, Miss Blackfire. Now, I know this is a lot to ask of you, so I hope that you could at least let us."

"Father, let me speak," the princess said without turning to face her father, "I have a deal for you, Miss Vyrena."

A deal?

But besides that, where on earth was Lycster? Something did not add up. Dotty had confirmed that Lycster was not in the Ballroom. That must have meant that someone had already approached him to take him here.

But on the way here, Vy and the guard had not bumped into them. He should have already arrived here before her. Yet he was nowhere to be found.

Vy was only half-listening to the princess's words but she remained courteous, "What deal do you have in mind, Princess Viviana? I am but a humble"

"Oh spare me the humble chat, Vyrena," Princess Viviana said as she rolled her eyes.

The princess rubbed her temples with her thumb and index finger, "I don't have precious time to waste."

She looked at Vy straight in the eyes with a grin, "I want your system, Vyrena."