New World New Life Chapter 125

125 Wan
Vy's eyes widened in shock.

She took a step back, did she hear that right? She tightened the grip on her dress. What was this feeling of dread that was rushing through her entire body? She looked to King Olwin for answers but he did not offer her any clues.

"You want Dotty? I mean my system?" Vy asked in disbelief.

Her eyebrows furrowed. Did her ears deceive her? What did they want with Dotty? What would they get out of taking Dotty anyways?

"I understand this sounds extremely out of the blue, but we would like to make a deal with you, Miss Vyrena." King Olwin said as sweat trickling down his forehead.

He knew he had to mediate the situation. His daughter had always been direct with these requests. Usually, the end result is not so pleasant.

Vy could hear his heartbeat from where she stood. She also could feel Dotty's presence on her shoulder. While she did not make an appearance to her during the ball, her presence was very real right now.

Dotty's ears drooped down, she did not say a single word.

At that moment, everything made sense. She recalled the question Dotty once asked her.

\u003cWhat if she offers you a deal you cannot refuse? What if the deal involved me?\u003e

"Involved you? I don't see what."

\u003cWhat if it means exchanging me?!\u003e

"I'm willing to offer you any price you ask for, Miss Vyrena. Any price at all, if you want a position, I can give it. Anything within my power" before King Olwin could finish his words, Vy stopped him.

She looked up to him, her grey eyes searching for answers in his. Has he gone insane? Was he so blinded by the love he had for his daughter that he could not see right from wrong?

"You're an otherworlder too, aren't you?" Vy asked King Olwin, "That tattoo on your arm. It's not from here, is it."

She was referring to his geometric tattoo on his arm. Vy did not take much notice of it in the beginning when they first met and interacted. But the gears in her mind were moving, and they were putting the pieces together.

"You had a system too, didn't you?" Vy continued to ask.

Surprised by her questions, he did not know how to answer her. But why did he need to lie to her? The truth could gain her trust.

King Olwin nodded, "Indeed, I gave up Don, I mean my system. For my daughter. I hope that you would too. We need your help"

Vy was not going to waste any time.

"What if my answer is no." Vy asked, "What happens then?"

It clicked in her mind.

"So you're holding Lycster hostage to get me to agree, is that it?" Vy asked. Her grip on the dagger tightened with rage.

She had been too careless, letting Lycster out of her sight. How could she let this happen!

"No, Miss Blackfire you've mistaken us. We did not kidnap your brother!" King Olwin tried to clarify.

The princess crossed her arms and chuckled. She just wanted to get what she wanted.

"What if I give you an offer you cannot refuse?" Princess Viviana asked.

"An offer I cannot refuse?" Vy repeated her words.

Princess Viviana nodded with a chilling smile as she continued, "I can give you your memories back."

-My memories?-

That was something she had not thought of in a while.

Princess Viviana tapped her fingers on the arm of the chair she sat in. She was getting annoyed at how slow everything was. If she had it her way, she would have already been done by now. Playing mind games was fun, but not if it dragged on for this long.

"I'm sure you want to know the significance behind that necklace you have around your neck."

Vy touched the necklace around her neck, did Princess Viviana know something about it?

"What happens to Dotty, my system, after you take her?"

"I absorb her, and she ceases to exist." Princess Viviana replied nonchalantly.

"Ceases to exist?" Vy repeated those words out loud.

Vy was hesitant.

Remembering her past was something she had been working towards. She wanted to know who she was before she came to this place. Did she have a life? Was there someone waiting for her?


She could hear Dotty's voice clearly in her mind.

-Yes, Dotty?-

\u003cDo you trust me?\u003e

-I do.-

"You shouldn't trust her. The systems are just AI, there to provide assistance. They don't have feelings or anything like that," Princess Viviana rebutted as if she could hear Vy and Dotty's conversation.

Dotty was angry. She did not like the way the princess was talking. In a fit of rage, she revealed herself to everyone, shocking all of them. She might be small, but when she wants to be acknowledged and heard, she will make herself heard!

"We do have feelings! And we definitely" before Dotty could finish her sentence, a hand grabbed her, covering her mouth.

Vy was surprised as a figure, who hid its presence revealed itself to everyone. It was a lizard man with emerald coloured scales.

Vy took a couple of steps back. She removed the energy dagger from the strap on her thigh.Holding it in her right hand, she got into a defensive pose. Dotty's eyes were filled with anguish as the figure tightened its grip on her.

On instinct, Vy lunged forward to attack. But the lizard man swiftly retreated backwards. He returned to Princess Viviana's side.

"We got her," he said with a grin to Princess Viviana.

"Viviana, we talked about this, we" before King Olwin could finish his sentence, a gust of magic pushed him off his feet.

Olwin was slammed onto the nearby wall and almost knocked unconscious. He was lucky to have been wearing some plated armour as it helped to break the hit. But the shock rendered him powerless to move.

The princess stood up from her seat and walked down the steps. Vy, armed with her dagger, could feel the adrenaline coursing through her veins.

"Give Dotty back to me," Vy said as calmly as she could.

The Princess sniggered, "What if I tell you that she's been lying to you. Would you still want her back?"

\u003cIt's not true Vy! You have to trust me!\u003e

Dotty called out to Vy, with tears streaming down her face.

"You lied to her and you know it!" the lizard man hissed at Dotty.

-What are they talking about, Dotty?-