New World New Life Chapter 126

126 Let Go
Dotty tried to release herself from the grasp of the lizard man, but no matter what she did, she was stuck. She tried biting down on the lizard's hand but her teeth could not pierce through his scaly skin. She hit him with her tiny fists but that did not work either.

"Stop fidgeting you gnarly thing," Princess Viviana said to Dotty as she continued to squirm.

Using this opportunity to her advantage, Vy moved over. She placed the princess in a headlock before she could react. Vy placed her dagger at her throat and glared at the lizardman. Every move Vy made was carefully calculated.

"Release Dotty now, or else," Vy threatened in a cold tone.

Princess Viviana laughed maniacally at Vy's futile efforts, "What a silly girl. We are in a game you fool. I can just come back if I die. But your brother and sister won't."

As soon as she clicked her fingers, two shadow creatures appeared from beneath the ground.While they had a human-like form, they did not have a face or any defining features. But most dreadful of all, they were holding Lycster and Elette hostage.

Her heart sank into her stomach. Vy was chilled to the bone, but only for a moment. Her hand begun to shake. She steadies her breathing, tightening her grip on her dagger.

"If you so much as harm one strand of my hair, somebody is going to get hurt," Princess Viviana threatened in a sweet annoying voice.

She was at a loss, what should Vy do now? What can she do now?

Taking advantage of her moment of weakness, Princess Viviana elbowed Vy in the gut, causing her to drop her dagger and release her. Instead of running away, Princess Viviana turned back around and punched Vy in the face.

Vy fell back onto the carpet, her nose was bleeding.

Viviana laughed maniacally as she stood before Vy.

"That's what you get for even attempting to threaten me. Pathetic," Viviana spat.

Gritting her teeth, Vy was disoriented but she was not going to back down now! She picked up her Energy dagger. The dagger lit up, emitting a soft red glow. Without any hesitation, she lunged forward.

But Viviana already saw this coming.

"What a fool," she muttered under her breath as she snapped her fingers.

As Vy was about to plunge her dagger into Viviana's heart, a figure formed before her. The figure took the stab instead.

"No! AAAArrgghhh!"

The familiar scream of a young girl brought Vy out of her anger and drew her back into reality. Without rage to blind her eyes, he saw the murder she had committed. Blood seeped out of the wound and onto Vy's hands. Vy withdrew the dagger, causing it to fall onto the carpet as blood pooled all over.

The shadow that held the girl disappeared. Her body dropped to the ground with a thud. Vy collapsed onto the ground.

The girl's pastel purple dress was stained with blood.

Vy's hands were stained with blood.

Her black dress hid the bloodstains.

"No!!!!" Lycster cried out.

No matter how much he struggled, he could not break free from the shadow that restrained him. He could not take this anymore. Closing his eyes, Lycster transformed into his Mountain Goat form and back kicked the shadow with his hind legs.

But even before he could get close to Vy and Elette, the shadow caught hold of him and held him down.

Merging his kick with a light spell, the shadow dissipated instantly.

Vy, realising what had happened rushed forward and cradled Elette's body in her hands.

"Elette, Elette, stay with me, stay with me!" Vy cried out as she tried to put pressure on the wound.

Elette was losing consciousness. Her eyes were filled with confusion, looking for answers. When she saw Vy's face, her lips curled into a smile.

"Vy," she called out to Vyrena.

Before Elette could continue speaking, she spat out blood.

Vy could not form any words. She did not know what to say.

Tears fell from her eyes, blurring her vision.

"Stay with me Elette. Please, I am sorry. I'm sorry." Vy cried as she held Elette in her arms.

Princess Viviana was getting annoyed.

"Oh stop this sappy crying! She's just another NPC," she said as she rolled her eyes.

Vy looked up at the Princess. Her grey pupils slowly turned sapphire blue. She did not need to say anything. Or whisper any spells.

There was a sudden drop in temperature. All around Vy, sharp icicles pierced through from beneath the ground. The lizard man was frozen in place by the sudden appearance of the icicles. He released Dotty from his grasp and she immediately flew back to Vy's side.

Princess Viviana narrowly avoided the first round of icicles with her quick reflexes.

But Vy was not going to let her go that easily. Vy put her hand out before her and instantly multiple spears of ice formed in the air. When she turned her palm into a fist, the spears shot through the air and pinned Princess Viviana to the wall, causing her to spit out blood from her mouth.

The shadows disappeared as soon as Princess Viviana was pinned to the wall. Lycster rushed over to Vy's side and turned back into his human form.

Vy turned back to Elette, who was still holding on for dear life. She hovered her blood-covered hand above the wound and started to summon a healing spell. A soft glow of light enveloped the wound, but it was not healing.

"Dotty, why isn't it working," Vy cried out in distraught.

She tried a different spell, it still did not work.

Lycster did not know what to do either.

"Dotty! Why isn't anything working!" Vy cried out again in distraught.

She could not let someone close to her die.

Not again.

Not in her arms.

Dotty could see Elette's life force fading away. There was nothing they could do.

"It's no use Vy." she said hesitantly, "Nothing can save her now."

"No! We're going to get her to a hospital! A healer. For God's sake, a herbalist," Vy rationalised all the options in her mind.

"There's no use Vy," Dotty said monotonously, "She's already gone."

Vy looked down at Elette. Her breathing had stopped. Her body was limp.


The heartache, it was all too familiar.