New World New Life Chapter 127

127 Blood And Water
Vy let out a blood-curdling scream that resonated throughout the entire hall.

Another circle of icicles formed all around them.

"Have you had your fill?" a voice rang throughout the throne room.

Vy turned to look towards where Viviana's body was on the wall.

She should be dead by now.

Princess Viviana removed all the spears that held her to the wall. The wounds on her body were healing, leaving no scars behind.

"Why won't you just die," Vy muttered monotonously.

Before she could stand up, a spear of ice shot through the air and stabbed Vy in the right eye.

"Vy!" Lycster called out to her just as the spear stabbed her in the eye.

Blood poured out of the wound and Vy fell backwards onto the carpet.

Lycster was not going to back down either! He leapt forward and turned into his Mountain Goat form. He charged forward.

"Tch, pathetic." Viviana snapped her fingers.

Shadow tendrils ensnared Lycster, pinning to the ground.

The lizard man had also been released from the ice and he quickly caught hold of Dotty again.

"If you've actually upgraded when you should, you would not be in this position," the lizardman hissed at Dotty.

Viviana laughed maniacally, "You systems are such a joke."

She walked over to Lycster, who was pinned by her shadow tendrils. She bent down next to him and looked at him in the eye. The shadow tendrils sapped all of his energy away, causing Lycster to return to his human form.

"I must say, kid, I'm impressed by your abilities. You could come and"

Lycster spat in her face.

"I don't need your kindness, you monster!" Lycster growled at her.

She smirked at him, "You don't need it? Hmm, alright then." She turned over to the lizard man and said, "Lex~ Break his arm for me."

The lizard man grinned. Lycster struggled to break free but it was futile. The Lizardman still held Dotty in his hand as he approached Lycster. His eyes displayed only the emotion of delight to see his prey.

He raised his right leg and stomped on to Lycster's right arm.

"Aaaaarrggghhhh!" Lycster cried out in agony.

Blood splattered all over the carpet. You could see Lycster's shoulder socket amongst the mangled mess that was once his arm.

Viviana walked up to Lex, and taunted Dotty, "So that's your host and her gang? How pathetic. I was expecting so much more. But I guess that's what you get when you're not an actual player."

"She's stronger than you think," Dotty taunted back, "Much stronger than a weakling like you."

Viviana gritted her teeth, seething in anger from Dotty's statement.

"I don't have time to waste on a puny pathetic system like you. Lex, do your thing and let's clean up this mess. It's about time we wrap this up."

\u003cVy! I know you're in there! It's time to wake up and fight back! Vy!\u003e

Deep in Vy's mind, she had transcended through to her dreamscape. Most of the scenery around her was the same, but the sky was in shades of red and black. Before her was a dark coloured Kyu, staring deep into her eyes.

She could only see through her left eye, her right eye was completely blind from the injury. All that was left was a hollow hole where her eye used to be.

Looking down at her feet, she realised that the snow was not white, like the previous time. The snow all around her had been dyed red. Vy looked back up and met the eyes of the Kyu. Its soft fur was all black, with only the tip of each of the tails remaining white.

The barren trees that surrounded them were all frozen and encased in ice. They did not exchange any words for a long while.

-Use my power.- A voice rang in Vy's mind.

"Will you consume me?" Vy asked solemnly.

-Only if you want to be.- the voice replied.

With those words, Vy walked forward and the Kyu lowered its head till it was at about Vy's eye level. The Kyu's eyes were blood red.

-I will be your eye.- the voice declared.

A spell circle formed beneath them. Blood bubbled out of the spell circle and encased both of them in blood ice before shattering into millions of shards.

Back in the throne room, Lex grabbed Lycster by his head. The sinews and remainder of his arm dangled by his side as he was lifted off the ground. His eyes were also filled with tears. He desperately wanted to be brave yet after so long, he was still the weak little boy.

At the side of the room, King Olwin finally stirred awake. Horrified at the scene before him. The bloodshed, the death. He could not believe his eyes. He had not seen so much death since his younger days when he was fighting to be King.

"Viviana, what have you done!" King Olwin's voice boomed throughout the throne room.

This momentarily stunned the Princess for a moment. She had not expected him to be awake so soon.

"Oh shut up you old fart. You knew this was going to happen sooner or later," she said as she rolled her eyes.

For too long he had let her have her way. Just because she was his daughter.

"She's not your daughter anymore, Olwin. But if this is what you want, I will give myself up for you." This was one of the last things Don had said to him.

-You saw it first hand, old friend. I was too blind to see it.- King Olwin said to himself.

King Olwin materialised his legendary sword, Slayer, in his hand. Feeling it's weight in his hands brought back memories of the battles from so long ago. He looked up at the young woman that was his daughter and let out a breath of air.

"Viviana! This is not a game!"

He had foolishly allowed her to think that way when he should have corrected her from the get-go.

Viviana rolled her eyes as she tossed her hair back, "Oh come on, you're going to use that on me now? Just look at all the signs! I have Lex, my system, I have powers I never had before. And so do you! You have skills, special items, everything!"

"Is this still not enough evidence to prove it? Even if I die, I will just come back!" Viviana looked at him and grinned, "Well, you likely won't cause you're just an NPC designed in this game to think like a new player. Probably just a cool mechanic they added in."

King Olwin shook his head, "Then what about all the pain you get from your injuries? If this was just a game, shouldn't you feel no pain?!"

He continued, "Don told me before, this is real. All of this is real! I don't know what Lex told you but"

"Blah blah black just shut up would you?!" Viviana shouted at Olwin.

"I've had enough of you!" She shouted again as she stomped her feet on the ground, causing a wave of energy to knock Olwin back.

But this time, he saw it coming and quickly summoned a shield and held his ground.

"But you've had memories of the life you had before all of this, don't you?" Vy asked.

She was still alive?! There was no longer any blood on her wounds. The spear of ice had disappeared. All of it had melted into water and fused with the blood that was splattered everywhere.