New World New Life Chapter 128

128 Trus
Vy sat up like a mechanical doll and turned to look at Viviana. From the corner of her eye, she could see that the lizard man had Lycster in his clutches. Black smoke covered the entirety of Vy's body, only her face could be seen. Her right eye seemed to have been healed, but her entire eye was black, with black crack lines around her right eye.

A pair of black fur covered ears were on the top of her head, she had nine long tails on her back. Her nails were jet black and sharpened.

Viviana couldn't care less about Vy's transformation. It was all the same to her. Everything was beneath her. She materialised a magic crossbow in her hands and shot three consecutive poison-tipped arrows at Vy.

Vy easily dodged all of them, moving closer towards her. Viviana was not going to back down either! She summoned another crossbow and shot both of them, one after the other.

"Lex~ could you please get a move on with the devouring?" Viviana replied.

The lizardman simply nodded and let go of Lycster, turning his focus to Dotty who was still squirming in his clutches.

A spell circle formed beneath him as black lightning began to spark from it.


Dotty called out to Vy as she continued to dodge Viviana's attacks.

\u003cVy,\u003e Dotty cried, \u003cI'm sorry I lied to you. But I had to.\u003e

Vy caught one of the arrows in between her fingers. She burnt them into ashes before summoning five shards of ice and aimed them at Viviana.

-What are you talking about, Dotty?-

Dotty closed her eyes, looking down at the spell circle beneath her before she looked back at Vy. Both of their eyes met. Dotty was smiling with tear-filled eyes.

\u003cDo you trust me, Vy?\u003e

Everything felt like it was moving in slow motion. Vy's pupils that had turned red, turned back grey for a flickering moment.

-Of course I do.-

That was all she needed to hear.

\u003cVy, take Lycster and run as far away as possible. Don't worry about me.\u003e

Vy's eyes darted away for a short moment as her brain processed what Dotty had just said. She did as Dotty asked. Vy stopped attacking Viviana and went to Lycster's side. Using her ice powers, she froze Lycster's mangled arm and picked him up in her arms.

She wanted to take Elette's body with her but Vy knew there was no time. After a short moment of hesitation, Vy rushed towards an open window.

She turned back to see Dotty still smiling.

\u003cTill we meet again, Vy!\u003e

With that, a huge burst of light enveloped the entire room, blinding everyone.

Vy leapt out of the window with Lycster in her arms. She transformed into a Kyu and leapt up towards the sky. Her fur was black with only the tip of her tails remaining white. She held Lycster gently in her jaw and her entire body was covered in black smoke.

With each leap towards the sky, it was as if she was walking on air, on puffs of dark clouds.

Dotty had condensed all the power she had been storing up and released all of it at one go. This burst of energy enveloped the entire Throne room with blinding light. It also shattered all of the windows.

Lex had no time to react, and his entire form was almost entirely destroyed. Viviana was thrown back against the wall and severely injured by the blast. King Olwin, seeing the explosion, used a shield to protect himself.

When the light finally disappeared, Lex the lizard man was almost completely destroyed, with only his skeletal form remaining. Viviana let out a blood-curdling cry, seeing her system being destroyed.

But before she could do anything, someone knocked her out and took her away. Lex's skeletal form disintegrated into ashes and was blown away by the wind.

When King Olwin withdrew his shield, all he could see was the aftermath of the explosion, and Elette's lifeless corpse laying on the carpet. His daughter had disappeared, and Vy, Lycster were gone as well.

"Olwin? Olwin!" Queen Marion called out to her husband desperately as the doors to the throne room flung open.

Seeing her husband on his knees shocked her. She rushed to his side to check on him.

"Olwin thank the god's you're alright! Are you hurt," she cried as she frantically searched his body for any signs of injuries.

Olwin held his wife's hands while assuring her, "I'm alright my love, I'm alright."

Tears were welling up in her eyes as she kissed him on the lips. Olwin did not pull away either. After sharing a heartfelt moment, they parted lips and hugged one another tightly. It was at this point, that Queen Marion turned her attention to the damage in the Throne Room.

She turned back to her husband, "Where's Viviana?"

King Olwin hesitated, but he was not about to lie to his wife.

"She's not our daughter anymore," he muttered, avoiding her gaze.

To his surprise, she did not say anything either. Recalling back to the first time Viviana woke up after she had drowned, she was a completely different person. She was no longer the kind-hearted princess who enjoyed reading in the Royal Garden gazebo.

Princess Viviana drowned seven years ago, only her body survived. The soul that took over was someone else. Something else.

"This is just a game world! And you're just an NPC designed to be my parents," she had said.

But they missed their daughter. So they played along, agreeing to her every request. Maybe it was the guilt they had for not spending enough time with her.

"I need your system, daddy! Please?" she had said with the most innocent smile.

He was foolish enough to give it.

"I will give myself up for you," Don had said.

"It's been an honour, Olwin. Long may you reign," those were Don's final words to Olwin before he disappeared into dust.

Olwin looked down at the ground beneath him. He thought about all the things he had done since Don disappeared.

-You were right, old friend. What have I done?-

Vy thought of what to do next. With Lycster severely injured his safety and recovering his arm was her number one priority.

But who in the world would be able to help reattach his arm?

What could possibly heal his arm?

There were a number of possibilities, and if only Dotty was here to help her.

\u003cTill we meet again, Vy!\u003e Those were her last words to Vy.

"Till we meet again, my friend."