New World New Life Chapter 129

129 Till We Meet Again
Vy continued to leap through the air. She was no longer anywhere near the castle, or above the Capital city. She decided to take a different path, for behind the Arkwing castle was a large forest cover.

-But where could I go?-

If only Dotty was here! She would have had a map at the very least.

The Elves Alliance was Vy's best bet. Not only do the elves have superior healing magic, but they were also skilled in complex medical procedures. She had heard from many about how miraculous the healing could be.

It was time for them to put it to the test!

-Plus even if someone comes after us, they won't be able to enter the Elves Alliance without going through the proper channels.-

But where was the closest keystone portal?

Just then, her right eye lit up, seemingly having read her thoughts. Her vision turned dark grey, she could barely make out her surroundings. But she noticed she could see blue light sparkling in various locations.

Could these spots be where some of the keystone portals were?

Vy spotted one close enough and immediately sped up towards it. When she landed in the clearing, she realised that it was indeed a portal. But she had no idea where it would lead her too.

But there was no time to waste, it was time to take the leap of faith.

Her vision had returned to normal, it was no longer all dark. Under the dim glow of the moon, she could see the platform and familiar carvings on the pillars. It was an Elves Alliance keystone portal, but which sector would it lead to?

-It doesn't matter, as long as Lycster gets help.-

Vy stepped onto the keystone portal, still in her Kyu form, and closed her eyes.

Each of the pillars lit up, including the platform. When the beam of light surrounded them, they were instantly transported to the Elves Alliance.

Vy looked around and saw the familiar tall trees that were melded together to form a strong study wall. Two elvish guards stood guard with their spears at the gate. They were dressed differently from the guards who guarded the gates to the Prism Sector.

These guards were dressed in emerald green light armour. Their spears did not seem to be made from metal either. It looked as if it was made from multiple vines intertwined together.

When Vy approached, the guards stopped her.

"Halt!" one of the guards shouted.

"This is the Alterra Sector. State your name and purpose." the other guard shouted.

Vy was impatient, she did not have time for this! Lycster's life was hanging in the balance!

She projected her voice into their minds.

-My name is Vyrena Blackfire. I am a resident of the Prism Sector. My brother here is in need of urgent medical care. Please grant us passage.-

Vy lowered her jaw and placed Lycster gently on the ground. One of the guards came forward and inspected Lycster's body. He looked back up at Vy, accessing her before he returned to his post.

"The boy may enter, we will arrange for medical assistance. But you cannot."

She gritted her teeth.

-Why not.-

Her voice was loud and angered.

"You cannot enter in your current form. You must enter in your human form," one of the guards said sternly.

That was a simple fix. Vy closed her eyes and took in deep breaths. But when she opened her eyes again, she realised she was still in her Kyu form. Why could she not transform back into a human?

Just then, the gates opened and two elves walked out.

"There's a casualty in need of assistance?" the blonde-haired elf asked the guard on the right.

She had dark brown eyes and tanned skin. She wore a flowing pastel purple dress with a leather belt around her waist.

"Yes, Nayla, the child over there." the guard pointed out to her.

Nayla nodded and looked over. She was taken aback by the huge creature that watched over the child on the ground. But she tried her best to keep her shock hidden as her companion and she went over to check on the condition of the child.

Lycster was in bad shape, but it seems that freezing his mangled arm had helped.

"Will he be alright?" Vyrena asked them.

"He seems alright for now, but there is no telling what happens when the ice around his arm starts to melt. We need to act now and act fast," Nayla explained.

She turned to look at her companion and said, "Akon, we need to take the boy in."

Akon nodded and immediately picked Lycster up in his arms and headed through the gate.

"Wait for me! I'll come with you!" Vy called out anxiously.

She could not let him out of her sight, not after what had just happened.

Nayla hesitated to wait for Vyrena. But Lycster's situation would not allow her to waste anymore time. Akon had already gone through the gates, rushing the boy to their hospital for further care.

"You can come and look for us! But we need to go now," she said before running through the gates.

Vyrena tried to take another step forward, determined to go after them.

But the guards stood their ground, "I'm sorry miss, but there is no way we can allow you into Alterra in this form."

What was going on with her form? No matter what she did, she could not seem to turn back into a human. As her emotions grew increasingly unstable, the surrounding air started to grow colder.

The ground was rapidly covered with ice. The guards were shocked by the display of power. They could sense her anger, and her oppressive aura growing stronger and stronger.

"LET ME THROUGH!" Vyrena yelled.

A wave of ice shards broke through the grown towards the guards, causing them to retreat behind the gate. Some of the ice shards were even stuck on the walls. Seeing what she had done, Vyrena took a few steps back.

It was not her intention to hurt anyone!

Before they could sound the alarms, Vyrena gritted her teeth and turned back towards the keystone portal.

-Wait for me, Lycster. You better be alright.-