New World New Life Chapter 13

13 A Fair Deal
"You don't have to worry about the rental of the stall, I will take care of that. I talked to the person in charge of the stalls and a really good spot opened up recently, the rental is 2 silvers a month." Vy said convincingly.

"Alright, you've convinced me. I think it sounds like a fair deal, let's do it," Rodrick said with a smile before he continued to speak, "As for the typewriter, unfortunately, this model would be too difficult for us to move to the stall. Fear not, there was a new option on the market recently that would be suitable for this, I will take care of that."

"That's no issue, for the time being, I can just use pen and paper."

The deal was in place and both parties were happy. Vy was excited to begin on her new venture and Rodrick was excited to see how things would work out. She had it all planned out in her mind, for eventually, Vy would easily be able to hire an apprentice to learn her typing skills. The reason why she wanted to rent a stall in the market was also that, that place could become her new home.

While the pay she received from Rodrick and Carole was more than enough to cover her expenses, Vy wanted to save up her money. While she enjoyed her stay at the inn, she did not want it to be a permanent situation. Having a stall next to Carole's would also allow her to be able to continue to learn from Carole.

As Vy thought about her plans, she soon realised that it was her time to leave for the market. Rodrick was about to bid her farewell for the day before he remembered that there was something he wanted to ask her.

"Oh Vyrena, just curious, have you visited Miss Coco yet?"

It was then that Vy realised that she had not. She had been so engrossed in the daily work that she had almost forgotten about it entirely. From their last conversation, Vy recalled that Coco mentioned that she was only in Timbretune for a short period of time. She was likely to have gone home by now.

"Oh, you need not worry about that," Rodrick said as he picked up a book off the shelf and handed it to Vy, "She should be back in town today, in preparation for the upcoming Harvest Festival. She loves the festivities. You could go and see her now and if you do not mind, you can hand her this book too."

Vy nodded and replied that she would get the book to Coco. In her mind, she wondered how Rodrick knew that Coco would be back in town. Did they communicate through other methods when they do not see each other or did she inform him the last time she was here?

Regardless of what it was, Vy received her daily wages from Rodrick and bid him farewell. She quickened her pace towards the market and looked out for Coco's stall. Not wanting to be a headless chicken, she went to look for Carole and asked if she might know where Coco's stall was.

"That's easy," Carole exclaimed as she pointed Vy in the correct direction, " it's on the next street, she has a signboard with the logo of an open eye etched on it. It would be hard to miss."

Vy thanked her and went on her way, in search for Coco's stall. It did not take her long to find it and sure enough, Coco was there too. She was setting up her stall and noticed Vy.

"Vyrena! It is nice to see you again," Coco said with glee. She noticed the book that she held in her hand and took it from her. Coco thanked Vy for bringing the book to her.

"No troubles at all, I was on my way to see you anyways," Vy replied.

Coco nodded knowingly, "So, you are here to find out more about the items you have with you?"

Vy nodded. Coco brought her into her stall and they both sat at opposite ends of a rectangular wooden table Coco had set up. The table was covered in a black table cloth and there were a few weird looking glass bottles on the table.

Vy was curious as to what was contained in the glass bottles for the bright coloured liquids were shimmery. But she was here for a mission and she did not want to be distracted so she concentrated on her task at hand.

"So, I assume other than your dragon necklace, there is another item you would like me to look at," Coco asked.

Vy nodded and removed her dagger from her belt and placed it on the table. "It's this dagger that I have with me. I think it might be linked to my past, I mean me."

Coco picked up the dagger and examined it closely. It was difficult to not notice the energy aura that surrounded the dagger. The black and red aura was menacing and strong, it threatened everything around it that was foreign to it.

The blade was well made, durable and sharp. In all her years, Coco had not seen such craftsmanship on a dagger, even when they were forged by the Royal Blacksmiths of the Triadon Kingdom or the Mage Weapon Forgers.

"It is unique, that is for certain. I doubt there is any other like it. The blade seems to be made of otherworldly materials. It is a dagger that had accompanied its owner through thick and thin. It has seen its fair share of bloodshed and death."