New World New Life Chapter 130

130 Need
With tears in her eyes, she leapt through the portal. She was back in the forest and she needed to figure out a way to return back to her human form.

-If only Dotty was here, she could have explained to me what the hell is going on.-

Vy had become far too reliant on Dotty. Everything the world had thrown at her was only easier to live through because Dotty was by her side. Helping her, guiding her.

Vy looked up at the moon in the sky, surrounded by twinkling stars. If there was a falling star, she would wish to never enter the Capital City. She wished to remain in the Prism Sector. As her emotions overwhelmed her with thoughts of loss, everything around Vy was freezing.

The grass beneath her turned ice blue, and so were the tree barks.

She recalled the time Elette was having a nightmare and Vy quickly embraced her. She promised to be by her side. Yet now she was miles away, leaving her corpse to rot in the Throne Room.

"Why can't I do anything right!" Vy cried out in agony.

Ice shards spiralled out across a 10-metre radius, causing all the surrounding animals to scatter. Some of the animals that could not escape in time were all frozen in place.

The pain within her heart and mind was too much to bear.

Vy lets out a gut-wrenching scream. Her entire body became engulfed in black smoke, making it difficult to see her surroundings. From within the smoke, a pair of glowing red eyes appeared. The rough shape of a Kyu emerged.

-Seek revenge.- A voice spoke to Vy.

-Torture them and bring them to their knees. Show them no mercy.- the voice continued.

Vy looked up at the pair of glowing red eyes. It was the dark coloured Kyu, whose form she now took. An evil grin appeared on Vy's face. Only revenge could mend her broken heart. Viviana is her enemy. Justice must be served.

But her grin soon turned into a frown.

The sacrifice Dotty had made.

Lycster's critical condition.

She cannot be reckless!

"I must not seek senseless violence," she muttered to herself.

-But you want to.- the voice rebutted.

-The darkness within your heart, the adrenaline you feel when you kill your enemies. Does it not feel good?- the voice continued to persuade.

Vy shook her head. She remembered how Lycster's arm looked. It was horribly mangled in the worst possible way. He was fighting for his life right now and she needs to be by his side to cheer him on!

"Revenge can wait. Lycster cannot." Vy said out loud.

She closed her eyes and took in another deep breath. Vy tried her best to keep her negative thoughts at bay and focused on seeing Lycster.

-You will not survive without my power.- the voice said as it faded away along with the pair of red coloured eyes.

The smoke disappeared, as the moon could be seen once more. Vy was now back in her human form. She fell to the ground as a spell of dizziness hit her. Blood was pouring out of her eye socket as the pain of the wound hit her hard.

She cried out in pain, trying to stop the bleeding with her hand. With her other eye, she scanned the area in search of the keystone portal. The darkness of the night, paired with her failing vision was a terrible combo.

Vy crawled on the ground towards the direction of where she thought the portal was.

-I cannot just rely on my eyes anymore.-

She knew she had to rely on her other senses. The combination of her injuries were weighing down upon her as Vy continued to fight against it.

-I cannot lose consciousness now.-

She closed both her eyes and focused on her hearing. She used her heightened hearing to find her current position and figure out how far away she was from the keystone platform. Using her sense of smell, Vy remembered the smell of the trees at the Alterra Sector that had been used as a wall.

When she travelled through the portal, the smell returned with her. With her combined senses, she was able to track down the position of the keystone portal. Using all of her strength, she crawled through the grass towards her destination.

A tree was in her way, but Vy did not give up. Instead, she used the tree to support herself to stand. With her hands far out in front of her, she continued to walk blindly until her foot hit something hard.

Vy fell onto the ground, hitting the stone-hard as she winced in pain. She could feel the wetness on her forehead but she did not care. Vy continued to feel her surroundings. She could feel the cut stone with her hands. It was cut at a sharpened angle and they were all going upwards at a similar height.

It was a set of stairs!

As she continued to feel the area around it, she could feel the carvings on the individual pillars, this was the keystone portal!

Continuing to feel her way with her hands, Vy counted the spaces between the pillars till she came to the approximate centre and continued forward. She moved over to the centre of the portal and the pillars lit up and so did the flooring.

Finally, she was back at the gates of the Alterra Sector. The same guards were still on duty and they could see Vy collapsed on the platform.

Vy tried to open her left eye, but she could barely see where the gate was. Relying on her other heightened senses, she figured out her way. She did not care that she was crawling on the ground.

All she wanted to do was get to Lycster.

The guards came forward to help her up. They lifted her up by her arms and checked on her condition.

"Bring. Bring me to my brother," Vy said.

She could barely see anything before her. The guards were slowly bringing her through the gates, entering the Alterra Sector.

One of the other guards went to call for more medical assistance.

"I need to find my brother"

Her parched throat sent her into a coughing fit. With all of her energy expanded, Vy blacked out; sinking deep into the darkness.