New World New Life Chapter 132

132 Trapped
Just then, someone knocked on the door of the room. An elf girl walked in and looked towards Nayla.

"What is it, Alera?" Nayla asked.

"Oh, there's another human who was just being brought in. She has an eye injury so we were wondering if we could get the mender to come and take a look," she explained.

"Two in one day?" Tanzin asked.

Nayla thought about everything that had happened. Could the other human be someone the boy knew? Regardless, they had another patient who needed their help. Tanzin followed Alera to check on the other human while Nayla and Akon remained in the room to take care of the boy.

But seeing as it was getting really late in the night, Nayla sent Akon home to rest while she watched over the boy.

"Are you sure? You had a long day too," he asked out of concern.

Nayla assured him, "It's alright, it's just tonight anyways. You can take over me tomorrow morning."

Akon knew he would never be able to convince her, but there was no harm in trying. He went ahead to bring her a blanket and some light snacks in case she got hungry. After that, he took his leave.

With only her and the boy left in the room, Nayla laid back in her chair and let out a yawn. She stretched her arms out and stood up to close the open window. Looking back at the sleeping child, she could not help but wonder what happened to him.

The Kyu seemed extremely worried about him as well. Was it a happy coincidence that it found the boy in the forest? If so, why was it so eager to enter and follow them to ensure the boy's safety.

Nayla had hardly ever stepped out of the Alterra Sector all her life, let alone out of the Elves Alliance. Who would hurt a boy like this? She noticed that the boy was sweating, and his expression twisted.

Was he having a nightmare?

He looked to be murmuring, and she could see his eyes darting side to side under his eyelids. His voice was softer than a whisper so Nayla had to lean in close to hear what he was whispering.

"Vy, Vy" the boy whispered.

On the other side, Tanzin was called over to treat the other human that was brought in.

"What do you know about her and her condition so far?" Tanzin asked Alera.

Alera bit her lip, "Not much I'm afraid. The guards said she fainted before they could get anything out of her, likely from the wound on her face."

Remembering how the wound looked up close made her shudder. Alera had seen physical injuries before, but few of them came close to this. The mender, Tanzin, was unphased by this. After all, taking care of physical injuries was his job.

"Have you seen worse," Alera could not help but ask.

Tanzin simply nodded in response and continued, "Much worse. But not in a long long time."

He accessed the injury and made quick work of the recovery. The girl's eyeball was crushed but salvageable. Using a pair of tweezers, he picked it up and placed it in a jar of green glowing fluid. He then proceeded to seal the jar and inscribe a bunch of text onto the label.

Tanzin then placed his hand over her eye socket and began to cast an incantation spell. Together with the help of some of the medicine he had Alera prepared, he cleaned the wound and applied the herb paste. He left the dressing of the wound to Alera.

Once that was complete, Alera fed the girl a small potion. She was sleeping soundly and her breathing was stable. He accessed the rest of her body for signs of injury and noticed the bruises she had.

Luckily, there were no broken bones.

His assessment also brought him to the conclusion that she was not a regular human either. For if she was, she would never have been able to survive for so long. Before he left, he gave Alera a set of instructions and medicine to prepare.

"I will bring the jar with me. Hopefully, it would be fully repaired before or just in time when she wakes up," Tanzin said.

Alera nodded, "But will she regain her sight?"

Tanzin frowned and shook his head, "The chances are slim."

He looked over to the girl. Her aura was weak due to her injuries and depleted energy, but it was unique and he could tell.

"But she might surprise us," he said.


"Why am I locked up in here! Someone answer me!" Princess Viviana screamed at the top of her lungs as she shook the iron bars before her.

She had tried to use her powers to break through them but nothing worked. No matter how hard she tried, none of her spells was working. Physical strength was never her forte and needless to say; it did not work either.

Remembering the blast shook her to the core. The explosion. She could see Lex at the centre of it all, as his form was completely obliterated. He was now back to his original state, just a formless voice in her mind.

How was she going to get back to the real world now?

"Damn it!" she cursed as she slammed her fists against the iron bars. Pain surged through her hands as she crumbled to the ground, wincing in pain.

They had worked so hard for so long, manipulating the people around her to get to where she was. Everything was lost because of that irritating girl.

"Vyrena Blackfire." she seethed in anger, "I'll make you pay for what you did!"

She lets out another ear-piercing scream, just as her dark cell was lit by an approaching sphere of glowing light.

\u003cViviana it would seem someone is here to see you.\u003e

Viviana looked up at the sound of Lex's voice. A shadow loomed over her through the iron bars. Her eyes widened in shock as she backed away. Her heart was racing, how was this possible?

The person before her bent down to meet her at eye level. She had the same brown eyes Viviana had, but instead of curled hair, her blonde hair was straightened. The person had the same smile and similar face shape as her.

It was like looking into a mirror.

The person smiled, the same way as she did.

"Hello twin sister. You've been making quite a scene." the person greeted her with a smile.

"Twin sister?" Viviana asked.

King Olwin did not have two daughters, she was sure of it. Just then, the realisation hit her.

"Lilith?" Viviana called out.