New World New Life Chapter 134

134 Running Errands
The doors to the hall creaked open just as he was about to leave and the lady of the manor walked in. Her dark purple hair was in a single braid, cascading down her back. Her eyes were dark brown and her expression emotionless.

The sound of her heels against the stone floors echoed through the hall as she walked in until she stepped onto a puddle of blood and flesh. The squishing sound sent shivers down the man's spine.

You could never forget such a sound.

The lady stopped in her tracks and looked down. She lifted her right shoe slowly as the blood stuck to base of her heel. Her shoes were ruined and so was her mood. She trailed the blood trails of carnage all the way to its source.

She made eye contact with the tusked creature. The creature did not hide his dirty work, she respected that. His hammer was covered in blood with the horns of the victim stuck to his hammer.

She wondered if he was ready for the consequences.

On the ground, she saw the fragments of bones and what remained of her messenger boy.

"So you're the person we're waiting for? Or are you just another" before the tusked creature could finish his words, he was frozen in place.

No matter how much he struggled, he could not move. The lady looked at him in the eyes, she never broke their gaze. From the ground, shadow tendrils crawled out, absorbing the blood and the carcass as it went.

The shadow tendrils slithered on the ground until it latched itself onto the tusked creature. Everyone else was shocked. No one dared to move an inch. She could hear all of their heartbeats, loud and clear.

-You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but you can teach it a lesson.-

The lady clicked her fingers. The shadow tendrils devoured the tusked creature. Realising it could move, he struggled and fought back. But the more he struggled, the move he sunk into the shadow.

The shadow did not show him any mercy, as it ripped the tusked creature apart, limb by limb. His skin was ripped, as blood and sinew sprayed across the room, causing the others to move away from the horrors they witnessed.

Only the lady remained still, never breaking eye contact with her prey. Despite the lack of emotions on her face, for a moment, the man thought he saw her grin. The tusked creature continued to fight back, wailing in agony as the shadow painfully pulled him down into the abyss.

"Please Forgiv." his pleas were never completed nor were they ever heard of again.

As the shadow continued to swallow its prey, everyone could not help but stare and watch. The man noticed that the corpse and remains of the boy had also disappeared along with the shadow.

"I guess that's one way to clean up the mess," he muttered to himself.

The lady clapped her hands twice together, successfully getting the attention of everyone in the hall. She had a wide smile on her face.

"My name is Lilith Hexakite. Welcome to Hexakite Manor."

-Now that's how you make an entrance.- The man chuckled.

Some were stunned, others rolled their eyes. Regardless, Lilith did not really care what they thought about her. She only cared if they were going to be able to get the job done. She was annoyed that she had lost yet another messenger boy, having them replaced was such a chore.

But it had been quite a while since her shadows had a meal, so it worked out anyway. No one dared to say anything as Lilith walked past each and every one of them. She walked up towards the throne chair at the end of the room.

The throne was made out of a fusion of wood and dark coloured crystals, fused together like an art piece. It did not look like a comfortable seat.

The man was impressed by the display of power.For too long he had seen and received the same type of clients time and time again. It was good to finally have a change.

"So, is this everyone?" Lilith asked as she sat down on the throne, leaning back into the chair.

"Yes, Milady." a voice boomed from the end of the hall. It belonged to a minotaur looking creature that just walked in.

While he might not have towered over some of the others who were in the hall, he was still a fearsome creature. A cat-like creature trailed beside him as he walked down the carpet. It eyed all the other creatures in the room, snarling and barring its sharpened teeth.

None of the others in the room dared to challenge his authority, fearing that they might be the next to be eaten. As the minotaur and his pet walked, everyone else shuffled to the side to make way for them.

"Good, carry on then," Lilith replied.

The minotaur turned to look at the group of mercenaries and spoke, "You've all been gathered here, to serve our cause. You will be provided with armour, food and payment for the services should they be deemed acceptable."

Usually, this was the time some people got annoyed and made a comment. But no one dared to say anything after seeing how the tusked creature disappeared into the shadows. Who would want to be torn limp for limp?

But when did asking a question ever harmed anyone?

"Do you mind telling us what exactly is the nature of the job?" the man with the apple asked.

Everyone turned to look at him, surprised that he would ask a question after what had happened. Was the man foolish? Or did he yearn for the longing of death? Lilith was impressed. Out of everyone in the hall, the smallest one had the most courage.

Was it because he was fearless? Or perhaps he was trying to impress her?

"I need all of you, to run some errands, and send me information. That's all," Lilith said with a sweet smile.

That sent shivers down his spine.