New World New Life Chapter 135

135 Awaken
Vy looked around her, trying to figure out where she was. Something about this place felt extremely familiar. Then, it clicked. This was where she had met the Kyu. Snow covered grounds, the freezing air, the familiar looking place.

But something was eerily different about it. The infrastructure was different. When Vy entered the building, she noticed that there were two altars instead of one. There was the altar of the white coloured Kyu and another for a black coloured one.

Before she could get any nearer, Vy woke up in the real world. The pain of her wound was setting in, causing her to wince.

"She's awake! The human's awake!" someone shouted. Vy's vision was blurry, and she could not figure out where she was.

It was good to know that she was not cuffed or in chains. But Vy knew that she had to be alert. She also needed to look for Lycster. Before she could even say anything, Vy started coughing.

Her parched throat caused her to end up in coughing fit as someone rushed into the room and poured her a glass of water. The person placed the glass of water in her hands and helped her as she drank it down all in one go.

"Take it easy, " the voice said.

"Thank you," Vy replied after finishing the water.

As her eyesight finally came into focus, Vy could finally see a little clearer. Her wounded eye was covered in bandages, so she could only see through her other eye. The person who passed her the glass of water sat down by her bedside on her right.

This person was not a human, she was an elf. She had blonde hair, light blue eyes and a beautiful smile.

"How are you feeling?" the elf asked.

"Not the best but definitely better. Sorry but who are you? And where am I?" Vy had so many questions to ask, but she did not want to set any alarms off.

"That's good! We're so glad that you're recovering well. As for who I am, my name is Nayla and you're currently in the hospital."


"Yes. The guards at the gate found you unconscious and wounded after you came through the keystone to Alterra. They called for us and we brought you here to be treated."

Vy looked around her, the elf did not seem to be lying to her in any way. She used her keen sense of hearing to confirm that this was indeed a hospital, based on all the conversations around. But she also noticed that there were two people standing guard outside the door.

"Why are there people standing guard outside the door?" Vy asked as she took another sip of water.

The elf raised her eyebrows, Nayla did not expect the human to be able to know that. This girl was not as simple as she looked.

"Well the border guards just wanted to play it safe. In case you might be dangerous. Especially when we do not know who you are, whatsoever," she replied with a smile.

"But I did introduce myself to the guards," Vy rebutted, "I told them who I was when I brought Lycster"

Then it dawned on Vy, they didn't know she was the one who brought Lycster to be saved! As she remembered everything that happened while she was trying to get the guards to let her in, Vy realised that she knew who this elf was!

She grabbed onto Nayla's hand and looked her in the eyes.

"You know where Lycster is, don't you? You.. you and your companion picked him up and brought him through the gates to be treated."

The elf girl tried to wriggle her wrist out of Vy's hands as her grip tightened. The shift in Vy's emotions was causing a drop in temperature in their surroundings. The girl's wrist was starting to freeze as well.

It would seem as if the guards on the outside sensed that something was amidst as they entered the room without any warning.

"I don't know who Lycster is! I'm sorry but you're hurting me!" Nayla said saw her wrist slowly turning blue.

"Release the healer, human!" one of the guards shouted at Vy.

Vy realised what she had done. She released the elf girl's hand immediately and apologised profusely. How did this even happen? Nothing like this had ever happened before.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Vy apologised profusely.

If this did not paint her as a criminal, it sure was starting to be so.

"It's alright, it's alright. You can return to your post, soldiers," Nayla assured the guards.

"Don't let your guard down, healer, even if she is a human," one of the guards warned coldly before they left the room.

"I'm really sorry, I don't know how that all happened," Vy apologised again.

"It's alright, it's alright. It's just a surge of power, do you have a Familiar?"

"A Familiar?"

If only Dotty was here to enlighten her.

"A Familiar is like a spirit guide, who could help guide and channel your powers so that you will have better control over them," Nayla explained.

"Oh, I see How do I get one?"

Nayla laughed.

"You don't get one per say, you will need to summon one. But you should only do that after you've fully recovered."

Vy touched the bandage on her eye and looked at her arms. As the memories of what happened at Arkwing castle started to trickle into her mind, she quickly pushed them aside. She needed to find Lycster.

"How long was I out for?" Vy asked.

Nayla pondered for a bit, counting the days that had gone by. "You've been unconscious for about a day and a half."

Vy let out a sigh of relief, she was worried that she might have been out for longer. Nayla on the other hand wondered about who this human was looking for. From her tone of voice and worried expression, it must have been someone close to her.