New World New Life Chapter 136

136 Back Together
"Did you rescue a human boy around the time I was brought in? He's about twelve years old, his arm was horribly mangled," Vy asked.

This time, she tried her best to keep her emotions in check.

Nayla blinked a couple of times, was this girl psychic? How did she know!

"Yes as a matter of fact yes. Is that who you're looking for?' she asked.

Vy nodded, "Yes, he's my brother. Can I see him, please?"

"Well of course! But" Nayla hesitated for a moment.

What if this human girl was faking everything? What if she was the one who got the boy hurt in the first place? It must have all been written on her face because Vy assured Nayla that she meant him no harm.

"I think it might also be best for me to introduce myself. My name is Vyrena, Vyrena Blackfire. I am also the Kyu that brought Lycster, the boy, to the gate. I wasn't able to transform back into a human at the moment, so I wasn't able to follow you," Vy said.

"Did you say your name is Vyrena?" Nayla asked, "the short form for your name is Vy, isn't it?"


Nayla's face lit up. "So it was your name that he kept on muttering in his delirious state!"

"Where is he? Is he here as well?"

Cold air began to surround both of them once more.

-Damn it, I really need to keep this in check.-

Vy took in a couple of deep breaths and brought her emotions under check. Soon enough, the temperature returned back to normal.

"You've got some impressive powers there," Nayla said.

She had never met a human with such abilities before. But back to the matter at hand, Nayla informed Vy that Lycster was indeed in the hospital as well. However, he had not woken up yet. Her move to freeze his arm had helped to preserve his life a little longer.

But the recovery was all up to him now.

"Could you bring me to go see him now," Vy asked. She was eager to check on him.

"That depends on whether you're feeling well enough to get out of bed," Nayla replied with a smile.

Vy moved her body and placed her bare feet on the ground. It was cool to the touch but she did not mind it. As she slowly stood up, she could feel all the aching muscles around her bones. With Nayla's support, she managed to get on her feet. But as soon as she did, she felt her vision spinning.

"It's alright, you're doing great," Nayla whispered words of encouragement.

Nayla patiently helped Vy as they left the room to go find Lycster. The guards were hesitant to let Vy leave her room at first, but Nayla convinced them otherwise. When they reached the room, Nayla knocked on the door before they entered.

"Ah, Nayla, you're here and who do you have there with you?" a voice rang out from within the room.

"Oh, Mender Teno, you're here to check up on our patients?" Nayla greeted the owner of the voice.

Vy did not say anything, she simply listened to them as they talked. Nayla explained to Vy who Teno was and when she found out Teno played a huge role in their care, she lit up.

"My brother and I owe you our lives, Teno." Vy thanked him.

The elf smiled and simply nodded, "I'm glad I was able to help. The recovery will depend on you from this point forward, so hang in there."

Vy could see Lycster lying in the bed, still sound asleep. With Nayla's help, she sat by his bedside. Lycster's entire right arm had been crushed, all the way up to his shoulder. Lycster's right shoulder covered in bandages. Vy held on to his left hand, as she fought hard to keep her tears at bay. How could she let him get hurt again?

First was the kidnapping, and now this.

-I should have left him in Timbretune. Or find him a suitable family who could give him the life he deserved.-

Just then, Vy felt something. Lycster's left hand moved!

"Lycster?" Vy called out as she looked up at his face.

She could see his eyes moving beneath his eyelids. He was waking up.

"Lycster, can you hear me?" Vy called out again.

It was not just her imagination, as Lycster opened his eyes, and turned to look at Vy. His vision was blurry for a while, as it adjusted to the lighting in the room.

"Vy?"Lycster called out.

When he realised it was really her, he was so grateful! He wanted to give her a hug but he realised that it took a lot more energy to move and began to wince in pain as he tried to move his muscles.

"Don't move, you're injured," Vy said in a concerned tone.

Everyone else was relieved as well. They were glad that Lycster had woken up, for it was a sign that his condition had stabilised.

New arrangements were made in the hospital so that Vy and Lycster were put in the same room. Because of how they had ended up at the gates of the Alterra Sector, they were both questioned separately about how they ended up with their injuries.

Knowing that the Elves Alliance was not under the jurisdiction of the Arkwing Kingdom, Vy felt that there was no need to lie to them about what had happened. It might sound like something that she could have lied about, but she did not care.

Both Vy and Lycster recuperated from their injuries. At first, they were just happy that both of them survived. Despite the injuries they suffered, they still had each other. But thinking about what happened to Elette was too much to bear.

As Vy began to reminisce all the times they shared together, in Timbretune, in the Prism Sector, during their trip to the Capital city. That was when Vy's thoughts went through a downward spiral.


Vy's eyes started to water, her vision went blurry. Everyone was shocked, seeing Vy cry.

"Hey, is everything alright? Is something wrong?" Nayla asked as she placed an arm around Vy's shoulder.

This only led her to cry even more.

For a long time, no words came out of Vy's mouth, only sobs as tears continually rolled down her cheeks. There was a pain in her heart that she had not felt in a long long time. She recalled all the times Elette was having nightmares, and Vy would be there to hug her and hold her in her arms.

Vy would assure the young girl that no matter what happened, Vy would be there to protect her, to hold her. Yet at the very end, it was by her hand, that she breathed her last. Everything happened so quickly, and Vy could not stop blaming herself.