New World New Life Chapter 138

138 Kingdom Affairs
"Your Majesty, we have the incident reports here. As per your request," the general reported to King Olwin.

"Thank you, just leave them on the table and take your leave. Please let the ministers know to carry on without me, General Bernoak," Olwin replied as he continued to look through the documents on his table.

Seeing his King in this state was unusual, but it was not as if it had not happened before. General Bernoak had been by King Olwin's side for a long time.

"Your Majesty, if I may,"

"May what?" King Olwin said as he looked straight at his general.

General Bernoak hesitated for a moment, but he knew he had to say something. Even if it would cost him his life.

"My King, gossip travels faster and further than you might think. If you would"

King Olwin slammed his documents on the table and stood up as he spoke, "Stop going around the bush, Bern, what do you want to say? I'll tell you the answer to save your breath. You want me back in court, don't you?"

The King took the words right out of his mouth, the general was speechless. But he was not going to back down either. He had Olwin's full attention right this moment. He's not going to give up!

"Yes, that's exactly right! If you already know that, why aren't you doing it?"

General Bernoak could see it in Olwin's eyes, he knew what he was saying was the truth. Bernoak let out a sigh, he had crossed the line. Even though they were friends, their position was different. Olwin is his King, and he was his general.

"I'll take any punishment you want to dish out. But I will say what needs to be said. You need to take a stand about what has happened. Tell them something, anything. If you want to sweep everything under the carpet, I will do as you ask," Bernoak said.

King Olwin walked over to the window and stared out into the courtyard. There was a long moment of silence. Bernoak did not say another word, nor he dared to look back up.

"I miss the days when we were out fighting, Bern," Olwin sighed as he turned back to look at his general.

General Bernoak recalled the memories they forged together, how they fought side by side through what felt like endless wars. When they won, they thought they would finally be free and happy.

But they had work to do, and they've been labouring over it ever since. But those days on the road, some days with nothing to eat; that was not something people would remember fondly of.

"You miss the days we were so exhausted from battle we would fall asleep on the dirt ground, only to wake up hungry?" Bernoak asked.

"I miss the days all we had to do was fight, and not worry about what others would think," King Olwin replied.

The burden a King has on his shoulders, not many will understand. The glory, the fame, the luxury was good but you are also responsible for the lives of your people. The opinions of those people he had to care about. The endless alliances to maintain.

As Olwin looked out to the clear skies, he reminisced the times he was travelling out on the road. With the wind in his hair and all of his possessions on in his pockets. The years of ruling have drained him.

General Bernoak never thought about it from Olwin's point of view before. When the war was over, they had all gathered to decide who would be King. Olwin never asked for it, but he got the most number of votes. Everyone agreed he would make a good Monarch.

The Arkwing Kingdom was doing well and thrived with commerce. Life became mundane, everyone had their own duties to the Kingdom. The throne was a lonely seat, full of restrictions.

When Viviana was born, Olwin saw a spark. Something he had not seen or felt in a long time.

Viviana was his everything. The reports on his desk contained damning evidence of everything that happened that night in the Throne Room. Bernoak read through all of it and he could not believe it.

His men investigated everything, including the inspection of the princess's room. Nothing was found in her room, but the state that the Throne Room was in when they got there was shocking.

King Olwin instructed everyone involved to keep the matter to themselves almost immediately. Bernoak was also aware of the missing guests, and the dead girl. The poor child could only have been no older than seven. Stabbed in the chest.

Who would kill a child?

Olwin snapped out of his thoughts and turned to Bernoak. He knew what Bern said was right. Regardless of what was happening to him personally, he was still a King. A King needed to be the pillar to his people.

He headed straight for the morning court session that now took place in the War room instead, while the Throne Room was being renovated. The ministers were a little surprised to see their king walk through the door but they made sure that it did not show on their faces.

After handling most of the state affairs, Olwin decided to address the pressing matter at hand.

"I'm sure most of you are aware of what happened on the night of the Masked Ball. There has been much gossip about what actually happened. I would like clarification on the matter and make an official announcement to all the citizens."

King Olwin went on to call for the Minister of Voice, who helped craft the announcement to be put up in the entire capital city. All of the attendees of the Ball would also receive the notice by mail or courier.

Dear Citizens of Arkwing Kingdom,

You might have been aware of the recent mishap that took place during the Masked Ball. I would like to address the rumours once and for all. The Crown Princess, Viviana Arkwing, first of her name, died seven years ago. Unknown to everyone, an imposter took her place. That imposter was confronted but has since escaped.

Whereabouts of the imposter is currently unknown.

We hope that you remain vigilant and provide any information you might have with regards to this. Your cooperation is our greatest asset at this time.

Arkwing Kingdom

Minister of Voice

There would be no mention of Vyrena's involvement, Olwin made sure of it. He wondered where she and her brother had gone, praying that they would be alright. It was his fault that they both got injured and he wanted to make up for it.

But he knew now was not the time to send people to look for her.

-She would not want to see me anyways.- he thought.