New World New Life Chapter 139

139 Papers And Ink
But he also knew that Vyrena would likely return in the future, to retrieve the corpse of the little girl who had since been identified as Elette. When the maid named Hazel came to identify the body, she burst into tears.

He had personally spoken to both maids to understand more about Vy and her siblings. There were nothing but words of praise for the happy siblings.

"The poor child at the very least deserves a proper burial." King Olwin muttered to himself.

He turned to General Bernoak and instructed him, "Bern, see to it that the girl's body is preserved well until the Blackfires come forward to retrieve it."

"Sire, actually about that. A woman, endorsed by Baron Koufer, came forward to claim the body. She claimed to be the girl's birth mother."

"Birth mother?"

Olwin had assumed that all the Blackfire siblings were blood related. General Bernoak explained that according to the Baron; the girl was cursed. Hence, her mother abandoned her and Vyrena took her in.

But who would have thought the child would end up dead?

"She was also led to believe that Miss Blackfire was the one who caused the death of the child," Bernoak continued.

Hearing this brought Olwin back to the scene of what had happened on that fateful night. He had been knocked out at the time the incident happened. When he finally came to, all he could see was bloodshed and the carnage that Viviana had left.

Even he did not know for certain how the child died, but how could it possibly be Vyrena?

Bernoak could see the disbelief on his King's face so he continued with the evidence provided by the coroner who had been put in charge of the case. According to the given report, the girl suffered a fatal wound in the form of a dagger through her heart.

"Miss Blackfire has been confirmed to carry such a weapon with her, and hence is likely the one who commited the murder," Bernoak concluded.

Could he be right? Everything that occured that night was a mess and all the witnesses have either vanished or died.

"Well, if the woman is truly the birth mother, then let her take the body of the girl," King Olwin resigned.

Bernoak bowed and replied, "As you wish, your Majesty."

Just then, a commotion could be heard right outside the doors of the study room.

A female voice pierced through the door, "Your Majesty, please! Please let me in! I have proof Adoption papers!"

Another softer female voice filled with anxiety spoke out, "Hazel! Have you gone mad? We'll get into trouble!"

"Bernoak, let them in," King Olwin ordered.

"Yes, your Majesty."

Bernoak walked over and opened the doors, only for the guards and the two maids to tumble into the study room. Hazel did not care about the formalities, the desperation in her eyes was for clear as day. She walked over the fallen guards, ran up to the King and immediately got onto her knees.

Her eyes were swollen from fatigue and tears, her uniform was covered in dust and her hair was in a mess.

"Your Majesty, I have here," her voice was shaking as she spoke. She lifted the papers in her hands and bowed her head low, "adoption papers. Vyren. I mean Miss Blackfire had told us before, that she legally adopted Elette! These are the papers to prove it!"

Adoption papers? King Olwin was surprised. Had Vyrena truly prepared for such a day to arrive?

Bernoak was angered by the maid's insolence. How could she be so disrespectful in front of the King! The other maid was much more respectful. She too was kneeling and had not looked up as per tradition. He could see her tugging on Hazel's uniform.

"Hazel! Are you mad?!" she muttered, her voice was also shaking in fear and terror.

Before Bernoak could say anything, King Olwin ordered him to bring him the adoption papers so that he could take a closer look. As he examined the papers, there was silence in the room; apart from the maids' uneven breathing.

None of them had ever done something like this, for it could mean immediate severance of their duties; or worse. Yet here they were, risking their lives for someone they had only met for a short period of time.

-This Blackfire Family sure is something.- Bernoak thought to himself.

He had briefly glanced at the papers. This was shoddy handiwork! How could this possibly be an Arkwing certified adoption certificate? Surely Olwin could see that it was a black market recreation, a terribly one too.

Olwin examined the paper closely. He turned to look at the lit candle on his desk. Without a second thought, he brought the paper over the flame and watched as it caught fire. Hazel was speechless.

"What are you doing?!" Hazel cried out as she tried to snatch the paper back but was held down by Elise.

She too was in tears. She knew their frivolous plan would not work, but she could not let Hazel cause more trouble.

"Hazel! Hold yourself together!"

Olwin calmly transferred the burning paper into a porcelain container, closing the lid as the paper turned into ashes. He then reached into the drawer on his right and brought out an intricate seal.

On a blank royal decree parchment, he began writing a letter. General Bernoak looked on in shock. Hazel and Elise were still in tears, trying to plead.

"My King"

When the letter was complete, King Olwin dabbed the seal onto a golden ink pad before he stamped it onto the document. He then passed it over to General Bernoak.

"General, this document is authentic. Which means that Elette Blackfire is a member of the Blackfire family. Her body will be sent back to Timbretune and cannot be released to her biological mother."

Tears streamed down Hazel's face. She could not believe her ears!

When she had heard that Elette's body was going to be taken away, she knew she could not just sit around and watch it happen! She searched all over the place for a way to keep Elett's body.

In desperation, she scraped together the little money she had to purchase the adoption certificate from the black market. When no one took her seriously, she came to the King for help, knowing it could mean her death.

-You wouldn't know until you've tried.- she had told herself.

"Are you insane, Hazel?!" Elise had chided her. She knew her friend was trying to make her see the obvious end result.

But Hazel knew if she did not take the leap, everything would have been set in stone.

"Your Majesty" Hazel said through her tears. She could not even express her gratitude.

King Olwin looked down at the two maids, what was he going to do with them?

"You are Hazel, and Elise, right? The maids that were assigned to care for the Blackfire Family," King Olwin asked.

"Yes your Majesty," Elise replied.

"Hazel, you attempted to forge an official document, that is a crime that I cannot overlook," King Olwin said in a serious tone.

"I will gladly take any punishment you deem fit," Hazel said as she kept her eyes down on the ground.

King Olwin nodded, "Your final duty is to bring Elette Blackfire back to Timbretune so that she may receive a proper burial. After that, your employment in Arkwing Castle will be terminated."

"Your Majesty please," before Elise could plead for Hazel, Hazel held her back.

"Thank you for your leniency, your Majesty," Hazel replied with a smile on her face.

"General Bernoak, please send the maids out and tend to this matter on my behalf. If anyone has any issue with the verdict, they can come straight to me. You're all dismissed."

Everyone bowed to King Olwin, before they exited the room. As the doors closed behind them, Olwin let out a sigh as he slumped back down into his seat. He turned to look out of the window and let out a sigh.

-This is as much as I can do for you know, Vyrena.-