New World New Life Chapter 14

14 Memories
Vy listened to Coco's words intently.

-Bloodshed and death? What was I in my other life? Will I ever be able to recover that memories.-

In Vy's mind, System was booted up as Coco appraised the dagger.

\u003cNew information unlocked.\u003e

\u003cThe Energy Dagger is made out of metals unique to its original world. The hilt was specially carved with an ornate dragon to improve the grip of the handle. The dagger would only respond and can only be used by its chosen owner. A special button will also activate the dagger's energy mode, which turns the blade into a form of pure energy, allowing it to cut through almost all materials.\u003e

"The dagger seems to only respond to you," Coco said, jolting Vy back to her senses.

Coco placed down the dagger on the table and hovered her palm over it. She closed her eyes and a radiant amount of energy surrounded the dagger. When the energy disappeared, Coco opened her eyes once more and looked at Vyrena in the eyes.

"You aren't from around here, are you," Coco asked with an expressionless face.

Vy bit her lip, "Well, I am not from a neighbouring village or town"

Before she could finish her sentence, Coco interjected as she shook her head, "You are not from our world, right?"

Busted. Coco saw through her just like that. It was Vy's mistake to let her appraise her items. But could you blame her? She wanted to know who she was before she came to this place. Up till this, Vy only had a few fragments of memories of her past.

No matter how hard she tried, she was unable to gather any new information or recall anything. Even the memories she had originally seen were fading away slowly.

"My answer to that is yes and no."

"How so?"

"It's complicated."

"I am curious, but I understand if it's something you do not wish to talk about"

To be honest, she had nothing to hide. But would anyone believe her if she said what had happened to her? She had wondered about this for quite some time since she awoke in the forest. The burning question on her mind was whether there were others like her.

"No, it's quite alright. Although I don't think you would believe me much even if I told you. You are right, I am not from this world. I know that I came from somewhere else. But I don't remember much."

Coco listened in silence as Vy recounted most of the things that happened to her, from how she woke up in the forest to make her way to the town of Timbretune.

"Have you ever met someone like me," Vy asked out of curiosity.

Coco pondered for a moment and nodded in reply, "I believe I have. We have records of people like you recorded in our histories. In my memory, I think I have seen the other part of the necklace you have. Although, I cannot be certain."

Vy's eyes widened in shock. Since Coco had mentioned to her that her necklace had a missing piece, a piece it interlocked with, Vy was curious about its origin. Knowing that Coco had seen it, she wondered if the person who owned it might know something about her. The time of day was getting late and Vy needed to get to Carole's shop to help her set up.

"I would love to continue our conversation but I am a little pressed for time. Would it be alright if I come and look for you after the day is over," Vy said as she stood up from her seat.

"Yes, that would be alright. It would also give me some time to find more information and hopefully remember a few more details. I'll be here waiting for you," Coco replied as she sends Vy off.

Vy bowed and thanked Coco for her time and ran off. It felt good to have told someone the truth about where she was from. She knew that the fewer people knew of her origins, the better, but then again, no one knew her anyways. She was safe, for now. As the moon rose into the night sky, the number of travellers entering the town increased.

The market was vibrant and full of life as customers looked through the streets hoping to find what they were looking for. Vy helped Carole serve the customers that came through the door, hoping to help them find the perfect fit for the clothes and shoes they needed.

By closing time, some of the merchandise had already been sold out, and Carole quickly put in new orders from her supplier Mr Thomas.

"Thank goodness you are in town, Mr Thomas. If not I would be missing out on lots of customers when the festival officially begins next week," Carole said with a smile as she brought out the money needed for her new stocks.