New World New Life Chapter 144

144 Pink Bed
She took it from him and admired the details. Each bead-shaped gemstone was carefully polished by hand and magic. The protection spells upon it were different from any she had seen before as well.

"Are the protection spells used on this different from regular ones?" Vy asked out of curiosity.

"You've got a keen eye there, miss. It's been blessed by the holy spring water from the Temple of Naduk, our Goddess of Earth. It increases the durability of the gemstones, and also offers higher security for the items you store in it," Yudritch explained.

This human before him was a lot smarter than he had expected. Yudritch was impressed! It was also interesting to see humans in the Alterra Sector. After some more consideration, Vy decided to purchase it.

As for Lycster, they decided to go with the pendant and also get his ears pierced. For that, they also selected a pair of regular onyx ear studs for Lycster to wear.

"Since you're purchasing both items here today; I'll do the ear piercing, no extra charge," the dwarf said with a wide smile.

"Thank you. How much would the total be?" Vy asked as she reached for the coins.

"That would be 30 silver coins."

Vy counted the coins she had and handed them over. Just as she did so, she realised something. Vy did not know how she could transfer her items over from one bracelet to the other. When she asked Yudritch about it, he grinned.

"I can help you with it for an extra silver."

A merchant was a merchant, you could not argue with a good one. Vy paid the extra and Yudritch showed her how to do it.

"It's as simple as that," he said as he finished the process.

Vy thanked him for the help and he proceeded to help pierce Lycster's ears.

"Now, there's nothing to worry about, boy. It's just going to feel like an ant bite on each of your ear lobes."

"I trust you, Mr Yudritch." Lycster replied as he sat still on the stool.

Yudritch took a small towel and moistened it with some alcohol before wiping it on Lycster's earlobes. After that, he took a long needle and flamed it under the fire of a lit lamp he had on his work desk. Once it had turned orange, Yudritch used it to pierce through Lycster's earlobe.

The boy did not even wince. It was at this point, that the dwarf realised that the boy was missing his right arm.

-This boy must have had it rough.- Yudritch thought to himself as he proceeded to pierce Lycster's other ear.

"There, all done. Now, remember to put some pressure to stop the bleeding. In a day or so, you can start to put your earrings, like your sister over there," the dwarf said to him as he placed the needle down.

Vy was impressed by the dwarf's skill. His hand was steady throughout the entire process. As she looked around his shop, she noticed that he also had some larger pieces of furniture for sale. They were made entirely out of geodes.

"Yudritch, do you take custom orders for furniture pieces like those?" Vy asked as she pointed to a mirror he had for sale that was framed in opal.

"Yes we do. The Dwarven Guilds work with one another in the trade. If you're looking for a custom piece, I can put in an order for you." he replied.

"Vy, are you thinking about the rose quartz we have? You've been thinking about turning it into furniture or something like that, right?" Lycster asked.

Lycster was right, Vy had been trying to find someone who would have the skills to turn the large Rose Quartz she had gotten into a healing bed. She recalled reading that rose quartz has healing properties and could help speed up recovery from injuries amongst other benefits.

Yudritch was baffled by what they were saying. For a piece of rose quartz to be turned into a piece of furniture, would mean that it was a huge piece, to begin with! That was certainly difficult to come by.

Was he mistaken? It was not until Vy showed him the rose quartz she had that he finally believed them. Even the other stall keepers were amazed and they crowded around to take a closer look. Furthermore, it was in two halves!

"Will it be possible?" Vy asked.

Yudritch stared at the rose quartz stone in shock for a moment before he cleared his throat and regained his composure. He took a closer look to inspect the stone itself and was surprised to realise how beautiful the colour was. It was a pastel shade of pink that reminded him of the light pink flowers on the fields near his home in Dwanthra, the ancestral home of the Dwarves.

"I will need to talk to my fellow craftsman about this. Would you mind if I take it back to show them? I will send word to you as soon as I have a quote. What are you looking to do with such a large piece of rose quartz?"

Vy explained her idea of a healing bed that could be used for healing physical injuries, relaxation and rest. Yudritch agreed that with such a large piece of stone, that would likely be possible. Once they've ironed out a few more details, Vy realised that it was getting late.

After bidding farewell to Yudritch,both of them headed back to the hospital. As they were approaching, they could see Nayla waiting at the door for them.

"Welcome back!" Nayla greeted them.

Lycster ran up to her and started to tell her all about the things they did at the market.

"Well, it looks like both of you had fun! Oh, by the way, a letter came for you, Vyrena," Nayla said as she took out a familiar black envelope from her pocket.

The black envelope had the symbol of an eye enclosed in a triangle embossed on it.

-This looks really familiar- Vy wondered to herself.

Lycster saw and gasped, "Vy! That's the same symbol on the other letter we got from the Future Eye!"

She looked closely at the envelope, Lycster was right! But why would the Future Eye send her a letter? How did they know where she was? As far as Vy was aware, no one knew they were here.

Regardless, she decided to open the letter anyways and in it was a folded letter written by hand on black paper. All the words looked as if they had been printed onto the paper in shimmering golden ink.

Dear Vyrena Blackfire,

Greetings from the Future Eye. It has come to our attention that you might be in need of our services. Hence, we cordially invite you to for a casual meeting at the nearest Future Eye owned establishment to your current position.

We shall be expecting to see you there in three days time, at six in the evening. Please bring your brother, Lycster Blackfire, along with you as well. We are very excited to meet both of you.

Till we meet.

Future Eye