New World New Life Chapter 148

148 How Could She Forget?
In the foyer of Yama Hall, there were a number of seats and low tables set up for guests to rest and relax. A quick scan of the guests instantly made Vy realised not everyone was like them. Some of the guests were not human nor were they elves.

Lycster gulped at the sight of some of the guests. He held on tightly to Vy's sleeve as they followed their guides through the hall.

Yoon and Yuna brought them to a reception area, where they could choose their preferred colour for their yukata and slippers. The yukata was worn by both guests and staff members in Yama Yoma.

It was a loose one-piece garment worn that resembled a robe. It would be held in place by a sash. The sash would go around the waist a couple of rounds before it is tightened. Sometimes, it would be tied into the shape of a bow at the back.

Yoon and Yuna showed them the shelves of garments for them to choose. There was every colour imaginable for them to pick. With one look, Vy already knew which she preferred. She chose the yukata that had a black coloured base with purple outlines of butterflies printed on the fabric.

To match her outfit, Vy picked a matching pair of black wooden slippers. Lycster looked at the options available to him and decided to go with the yukata that had a dark blue base and simple white lines. He also chose a pair of black wooden slippers to go with his outfit.

Once they had their clothing picked out, Yoon and Yuna guided them towards their room. As they walked along the hallway, they passed more guests. Lycster held onto Vy's arm tightly as they walked.

He tried not to make eye contact with any of the guests they walked by.

Vy could hear his heartbeat loud and clear and knew he was afraid.

"Don't worry, Lycster, they will not harm us," Vy whispered to him.

He simply nodded and followed along. As they continued down the hallway, they noticed a lady who seemed to have taken an interest in Lycster. The lady had long silver hair, pale white skin and ruby red eyes. She wore a white yukata with red floral designs near the hem.

Vy was entranced by the floral designs. They looked as if they had been painted onto the fabric by hand for each flower was unique and lifelike. Vy gave the lady a smile but she could feel the unease in the air.

The lady was looking at Lycster and as they closed in, she walked up to the siblings. The sound of her wooden slippers echoed on the wooden floor as she came towards them. The silver hair lady knelt down before Lycster and smile at him.

As she smiled, the skin on the side of her lips split open to reveal rows of sharpened teeth. Her cheek was split into two, giving her a wider sinister smile. Lycster was shaking in fear. He inched away from the lady and moved to hide behind Vy as much as he could.

"What a cute little boy," the lady said in a sweet voice as she extended her hand to pat him on the head.

Her pale skin and slender bonelike arm reached over to Lycster. Her nails were dark red. The lady gently pats Lycster on the head, continuing to smile at him.

The silver hair lady reached into her sleeve pocket and took out a piece of candy. She offered it to Lycster. The candy was brightly coloured in pink and blue.It was wrapped in a transparent plastic wrapper, twisted on both ends to seal it.

Not wanting to let his fears take control of him, Lycster took a deep breath. He reached out his shaky hand to pick the candy from her open palm.

"Thank you, miss," Lycster whispered, his voice shaking.

The silver hair lady nodded as she straightened herself. She looked up at Vy. The lady reached forward and held Vy's right hand in hers. To say that she had no fear at this moment, would be a lie. Vy remained on high alert. Uncertain of what to expect next.

"You look like you've been through a lot, miss. Hopefully, the hot spring here could melt away some of your worries and woes," the lady said to Vy.

The silver-haired lady released Vy's hand and bowed to both of them. The siblings reciprocated before the lady walked away. The sounds of her wooden slippers echoed down the hall as she walked. Despite her appearance, she meant them no harm.

Vy and Lycster caught up with Yoon and Yuna as they continued to bring them towards their room. Looking from side to side, the siblings admired the scenery beyond the glass windows.

Yama Yoma's architecture was linked by long walkways that led to smaller courtyards surrounded by rooms on three sides. After a short walk, they arrived at their designated room. Yoon opened the door for them while Yuna guided them in.

"Welcome to the Autumn Room. All that you need have been prepared for you," Yuna explained as she showed them the amenities in their room.

Yuna showed them where they would be sleeping for the night before walking further in. At the end of the room was a sliding door. Yuna slid open the door to reveal the private hot spring that was attached to the room.

As she turned back around and was about to speak, she realised that the guests were staring at something behind her.

Yoon too was staring directly behind her, although she could not tell because of the mask. But the shock on Vy and Lycster's face was as clear as day. Yuna turned to look into the private hot spring. She too was in shock.

In the midst of the steam evaporating from the surface of the water, was the shape of a person. That person was seated half-submerged in the water, leaning back against the rocks on the side of the hot spring pool.

Vy realised instantly, she knew who it was.

How could she possibly forget him?