New World New Life Chapter 150

150 Arent Tears Salty?
Vy's eyes glistened as it began to water a little. Dygo felt something in his heart. Deep down, something was happening but he did not know what it was. What was that warm feeling in his chest?

A knock on the room door got their attention. Yoon and Yuna returned with good news. Arrangements were made so Vy and Lycster had a room.

"If you're ready, we can bring you there right now," Yuna said.

Vy nodded as both Lycster and her stood up.

"It was really nice to see you again, Dygo. Maybe we can chat further over dinner or something later on." Vy said.

Dygo replied, "That sounds good to me."

As an apology for the mix-up, Vy and Lycster were both upgraded to a more luxurious room. Not only did it have a private living room and bedroom, but it also had two separate hot spring pools.

"The water in these two pools have been tailored to each of you. Miss Nayla from the hospital had informed us about your injuries. Hence we have added herbs into the water to aid each of your healing." Yuna explained.

She pointed to the pool on the right that was the colour of green tea. This pool was for Vy, as tea leaves had been added into the water to aid in the healing of her eye. The pool on the left was for Lycster. They had added milk, eucalyptus and ginger into the bath to aid in the healing of his arm.

"Thank you very much, Yoon, Yuna." Vy bowed as she thanked them for their hard work.

"The pleasure is ours, Miss Blackfire. We apologise for the mix up earlier." Yuna replied.

"Is there anything else you might need?" Yoon asked.

Vy shook her head, "No, I think my brother and I are good for now."

Yuna and Yoon nodded. Before they left, Yuna handed both of them each a bell.

"If you ever need anything or would like lunch or dinner served just ring this bell and we will come as soon as we can," Yoon explained.

Yoon also mentioned that in the wooden box in the corner of the room also had some cold refreshments for them to enjoy after they have had their bath. He recommended them to try the flavoured milk or the iced green tea.

With that, the two hosts bowed to their guests and left the room.

Taking in the beauty of the room, Vy and Lycster felt a wave of calmness wash over them. An aromatic candle had also been lit and placed in the corner of the room, surrounding them with the sweet smell of lavenders.

"Shall we give the baths a try before lunch?" Vy asked excitedly.

"Sounds good to me!" Lycster exclaimed with glee.

Uncertain of how warm the water was, both of them dipped one toe into the water to test the temperature. Once they were used to it, they slowly soaked their entire body in their individual pools.

The warm water and the added herbs not only helped them to relax, but it also restored their energy. Vy folded a towel to use it as a head rest. As she leaned back on it, she let out a breath of air. She allowed her body to be completely relaxed.

The steam from the water made the entire place misty and mysterious. Relaxing in the water melted away all her worries and woes. If she could stay in the water forever, she just might. Lycster was also enjoying his bath. The warm water felt too hot in the beginning but he soon grew accustomed to it.

He had removed the bandages on his right shoulder so that it would not get wet. The wound had closed up but soaking it in the water did give him a tingling feeling. Losing his arm had been a traumatic experience, but he did not want it to control him.

Seeing Vy blaming herself over what happened broke his heart too. He closed his eyes as he leaned on the edge of the pool. Letting out a sigh, he breathed in the aromatic fragrance of his bath.

After soaking in the water for about an hour, Vy was the first to get out of the bath, followed by Lycster. Both of them changed into the yukata they had received. Vy walked over to the wooden box Yoon had mentioned. Within the box was a bed of ice and there were a total of six glass bottles filled with different liquids.

"What would you like to drink?" Vy asked Lycster.

Lycster walked over and took a look at the box. He reached in and picked out the bottle that had a milky brown liquid in it. The label on it read, 'Chocolate Milk'.

"I'll take this one," Lycster said as he twisted open the lid of the glass bottle and took a sip. The ice cold milk slid down his throat.

It was refreshing!

Vy looked at the remaining options and she decided to go with the bottle labeled 'green tea'. A classic choice and a good one. The ice cold tea's earthy taste helped cool the heat that circulated her body.

She laid down on the floor. The flooring of the room was made out of compressed wood planks covered in a layer of fine woven soft rush straw. Lycster also laid down on the floor next to her. Both of them stared up at the ceiling light for a bit as they took sips of their ice cold drink.

When was the last time they did something like this? Ever since Vy had come to this world, she had been travelling from place to place. So many things had happened one after the other. Had she kept herself busy because she was afraid of being relaxed?

Laying here right now did make her feel as if she should be doing something. Such as solving the riddle from the letter she had received from Future Eye. She recalled the riddle in her mind.

Look first with your nose.

Only open eyes on hair

Cry spicy tears of salt

Kasper greets at door

Keep your invite in eye

Eat worms, liquid bird and melted cow

You shall call for dessert when one is done

The first line could be referring to her sense of smell. So she had to trust her nose. The second line confused her. The third line, cry spicy tears Could tears be spicy?