New World New Life Chapter 16

16 Upgrade
Vy bit her lip. She gripped the dragon pendant tightly but tears did not fall from her eyes. The information did not bring back any memories, but it seemed to give her peace of mind. It was her decision to end her own life, that felt like something she would do.

-System, is there a way for me to recover my memories from my life in the other world?-

\u003cYes, there is. You can recover fragments to form the memories that were lost if you wish to do so.\u003e

Vy sat up.

-What must I do to recover the fragments?-

System went silent.

-System, what do I need to do to recover the fragments to form my memories?-

\u003cYou do not have clearance to that information.\u003e

This angered Vy, "Why can't you tell me! Do I not have the right to know?"

But what was the point of being angry? There wasn't, but it just felt good to vent out her emotions.

"Is there a way for me to get the clearance?"

\u003cYes, there is. You will need to upgrade me.\u003e

-Upgrade you?-

\u003cYes, that is correct.\u003e

Vy laid back down on the bed and laughed to herself. There were still so many things she did not know about. She had this system she talked to since she came here and she did not know that it could be upgraded.

-System, do you have a name?-

\u003cNo, I do not.\u003e

-Can I give you a name?-

\u003cYes, you can.\u003e

Vy thought for a while and ran through a couple of names in her mind.

-System, I name you Dotty.-

\u003cName registered. Dotty.\u003e

-Now, Dotty, how do I upgrade you?-

Dotty went on to explain that it could only be upgraded by absorbing special energy particles that were found in antiques and items imbued with magic. When an item has a history, they would contain more of such particles.

-Does it affect the item in any way after you have absorbed the particles?-

\u003cNo, the item would remain as is. No one can see or feel these particles, apart from other systems.\u003e

Vy guessed that much. If there were others like her roaming around in this world, it was likely that they would have their own version of Dotty.

-Well, in that case, if you notice any such items in the future, let me know. That way you can absorb the particles. Is there like a certain amount you need before you upgrade?-

\u003cYes, there is. I will inform you when I am ready to upgrade.\u003e


During the weekend, Vy went to inform the foreman in charge of the market her decision to rent the store. She paid a month's rent upfront and went to look at her storage space. The previous merchant had left some of the items they no longer needed in the stall, free for Vy to use.

There were a table and two chairs, a sleeping cot, two lamps and a wooden chest with a lock. Happy with the space she had, she went back to the inn to collect her things and paid up for her stay there.

When she came back to her stall, Carole was there with a bundle of items waiting for her.

"What's all this," Vy asked as she put away her things in the chest.

"Just some things I thought you might need. I have a spare blanket here for you, oh and the papers and pen you wanted me to get," Carole said as she showed Vyrena all the items, "Oh yes, and one more thing, Miss Coco came by just now but you weren't around."

"Oh, she was looking for me," Vy was surprised.

"Yes, she said she had something important that required her attention so she left the town. But she wanted me to hand this letter to you," Carole handed her a letter with a wax seal on it.

The envelope felt a little heavier and thicker than the usual letters. Vy opened it up immediately and in it was a letter from Coco. The letter was several pages long and included an illustration of a phoenix pendant.

Vy read the letter.

Dear Vyrena,

After you left yesterday, I looked through some of the older parchments and journals I had kept over the years and found some notes that might be of interest to you. I have compiled the information into this letter here for your reference.

It would seem that I had met the person whose necklace would seem to fit with yours perfectly. Although I cannot recall how he or she looked like, or their name, I was able to remember how the pendant looked like so I have drawn it out and included an image of it in this letter.

In my notes, I noted down that the person did have an ability that could be activated using the necklace. It gave them an alternate form they could take which gave them additional abilities, much like a shapeshifter and magic that we have in this world.

I met the person while I was travelling far beyond these lands, probably many cities over. I apologise that my information is not more detailed than what I can say here

The letter continued with more information about the other person that Coco had met who was likely to have come from a different world, just like Vy. Coco had looked through multiple books she had kept, and with some additional information from Rodrick which made her realise that the person was still alive.