New World New Life Chapter 19

19 Morning Hun
The start of the new week marked the beginning of the Harvest Festival. Travellers were coming in from different places and taking up all the rooms in the inns. Campsites were set up in the outskirts of the town to accommodate the growing number of travellers.

Vy had just started up her business in the market and spread the message by word of mouth. Within a day or so, she received multiple requests for letters and invitations to be written for various events. The business was lucrative and Vy's friendly personality was a win with the customers.

On short notice, Vy also managed to find a runner who would help her to receive and deliver the work she had from Rodrick. The runner was a young boy named Lycster, a young orphan boy living on the streets. When Gonzo heard that Vy was looking for someone to help her, he knew immediately that Lycster would be up for the job. The young boy, no older than ten, was scrawny but smart.

"I will not disappoint you, miss," Lycster said with great enthusiasm, when Vy decided to hire him.

"I can't pay you much in the beginning, but I can offer you a place to sleep and three meals a day."

When she told him that, his face brightened up with glee. "I will work hard for you Miss! I will not let you down!"

With his ability to move through crowds nearly unseen and being able to squeeze in tight spots, Lycster was the perfect person for the job. When Vy did not have any errands for him to run, he would sit next to her quietly and watch her work. She could tell that Lycster was interested in learning how to read and write, and that was something worth nurturing.

The festivities brightened every street in the market with decorations, lights and street performances. After a day of hard work, Vy would head to the town square to view the parade of performers and view the lit-up floats that paraded around the town. It was a beautiful sight of colours and lights.

When the lights started to dim and the crowds began to disperse, Vy returned to her stall and slept for the night. She bought Lycster another sleeping cot and set it up next to hers. Once everyone was comfortable, Vy opened up the wooden chest and retrieved the book she had bought from Antique store.

There was something about the book that intrigued her. As she flipped through the book, the information was recorded in her mind. Dotty processed the information and gave Vy an explanation on the contents in the book.

\u003cBook recorded\u003e

\u003cBook of transformation has been successfully added into Memory Bank\u003e

\u003cTransformation Skill tree unlocked\u003e

\u003cTransformation: Mythic, Transformation: Animal, both have been unlocked\u003e

-Dotty, am I able to use the abilities mentioned in this book?-

\u003cYes Vy, you are able to do so.\u003e

Vy smiled, now there was something new for her to try out. As she went through the details in the book, she realised that there were multiple steps for her to follow before she would be able to attain a full transformation. In order to master these abilities, she must first find out what sort of transformation she can do.

-Dotty, what do I need to figure out what sort of transformation I am able to do?-

\u003cAccording to the book, every human can transform into one of each type of animal that's on land, sea and sky. But not everyone would be able to transform into a mythical creature.\u003e

\u003cTo start, I recommend beginning with a land animal\u003e

Vy heeded Dotty's advice and followed the instructions in the book. She sat upright, closed her eyes and visualised an open plain. With simple rhythmic breathing techniques and concentration, Vy pictured a vast open field of golden wheat; ready to be harvested.

As her hand touched the stalks of wheat billowing in the wind, feeling the rays of sunlight on her skin. Vy was in the field of wheat. She looked around her in awe of its beauty and heard a howl carried by the wind.

Vy turned to look in the direction of the howl, she noticed a wolf in the distance. The wolf had a coat of yellow grey fur. Its eyes were amber gold. Vy instinctively reached out for the wolf and it came to her immediately. As soon as her hand touched its fur coat, everything disappeared. It was as if she had gotten a new skin, Vy realised she was now one with the wolf.

When she opened her eyes, she realised she was back in her stall, seated cross-legged on her sleeping cot. Vy looked at her hands and saw nothing different. But her senses were enhanced. She could fine-tune them as and when she needed them.

\u003cTransformation unlocked: Wolf Form\u003e

\u003cSenses Enhanced: Hearing, Sense of smell, Eyesight\u003e

-I need to give this a test run.-

Vy decided to turn in for the night and give her abilities a test the next day.

She woke up bright and early and made her way swiftly out of town. She walked further into the forest and made sure there was no one else around before picturing herself as the wolf once more.

\u003cTransformation: Wolf form activated\u003e

When she opened her eyes once more, she realised that she was on all fours. With her heightened senses, she was able to hear the trickling water of the river just a short distance away. Vy ran towards it and looked into the river, she was a wolf.

Without the slightest hesitation, filled with excitement and adrenaline, she ran deeper into the forest without a care in the world. The wind in her fur felt cool as she made her way through the forest paths.

Birds scattered as she moved past them swiftly and Vy did not stop until she came into a clearing and on top a small hill. She looked down upon the green forest, panting as she was short of breath. The scenery was beautiful and breathtaking, but her stomach was growling.

She needed to hunt.

Using her heightened hearing, she could hear countless prey scurrying across the forest floor. Picking one of them at random, she raced down the hill towards it and hunted it down. It was a small deer. The fresh blood and meat was delicious in her mouth. But soon enough, she was full.

-The fur coat of the deer might be useful.-

Vy returned back to her human self and took out her dagger. Carefully, she skinned the deer and took the best parts of the meat and left the remains. Using her heightened senses, she found her way back to the town with ease.

She went straight to the food market to sell the fresh veal to the butchers and sold the fur to the merchant. With a few extra coins, she returned back to her stall to start the day. As she came up the road, she noticed Lycster looking anxious and worried.

Lycster was worried when he could not find Vy when he woke up and was looking for her frantically.

"See! I told you there was nothing to worry about," Carole reassured him when Vy came strolling back.