New World New Life Chapter 2

2 3 Gifts
"Did you just reply me?"

\u003cYes, Vyrena.\u003e

"You can talk? You can converse with me?"

\u003cYes, Vyrena.\u003e

Vyrena was amazed. She knew from the memories of the host that this has never happened before. This was new.

-Why are you in my mind?-

\u003cI am System X09, designed to assist you, to help you to adapt.\u003e

-Adapt? Adapt to this new world?-

\u003cYes, that is correct. As you grow, Vyrena, so do I.\u003e

She pondered what that meant, but she had more pressing questions.

-System, do I have any abilities?-

\u003cOpening Vyrena's stats.\u003e

Before Vyrena's eyes, a digital panel opened up and displayed a set of data and information. It included everything from her height, to her current hair colour, to the skills she possessed.

At the bottom right corner of the panel, Vyrena noticed a small gift box icon. She asked System what it was.

\u003cYou have 3 unopened gifts.\u003e

\u003cWould you like to open them?\u003e

She picked her answer and the first gift was revealed.

\u003cGift opened: Muscle Memory\u003e

A soft glow covered her entire body and almost instantly, Vyrena felt stronger. Her arms and legs were still sore but they felt stronger and firmer. A new wave of energy surged through her body. When she looked at her stats again, Vyrena noticed that she had gained a new set of skills.

\u003cSelf Defense Moves: Unlocked\u003e

\u003cFighting Style Close Combat: Unlocked\u003e

\u003cWeaponry Knowledge ???: Unlocked\u003e

There were a few more new skills that were unlocked but she had no time to look through them as the second gift opened.

\u003cGift opened: Artifacts of a forgotten time\u003e

In an instant, three items appeared before her.

\u003cWeapon. Energy Dagger\u003e

\u003cKeepsake: Dragon necklace\u003e

\u003cBook: Spellcaster\u003e

On instinct, Vyrena picked up the dagger first and examined its design. The grip of the dagger was ornamented with a coiling silver dragon. When she held it in her right hand, it fit perfectly. The blade looked ordinary, sharpened and ready to use.

-I wonder what it meant by energy dagger-

\u003cWould you like me to explain, Vyrena?\u003e

-No, no, it's alright, I want to figure that out later.-

She moved on to the necklace. Holding it in her hands stirred the emotions in her heart. It seemed as if the necklace was incomplete, but she could not figure out why. The dragon pendant was not damaged in any way. Regardless, she put it around her neck and hid it beneath her shirt.

Finally the last item, Vyrena picked it up with both hands but as soon as she attempted to open it. The book disappeared.

\u003cBook acquired: Otherworldly Spells\u003e

\u003cUser can now acquire unique spells to use.\u003e

"I don't know what means, but I guess it would be useful later."

\u003cGift Opened: ???\u003e



"Umm System, what's the third gift?"

\u003cThe third gift is ???\u003e

"I mean what does it do? How do I use it?"

\u003cInformation on ??? is unavailable\u003e

-Well if even you don't know, then neither would I.-


Vyrena followed the course of the river, examining everything unique around her. The host had only been to the forest once before so her memories did not have much information.

As the day progressed, Vyrena did not see any other creatures around, apart from the occasional scurrying rabbit. She began to worry about nighttime. This was a forest after all, and nature was often unforgiving.

As the sun began to set, painting the sky a warm shade of orange; Vyrena spotted a structure in the distance. Excited, she ran straight to it and noticed that it was a wooden cabin. There were moss and plant life growing all around it. Vyrena knocked on the door.

"Hello, is there anyone in there?"

There was no reply.

Vyrena pushed opened the door and immediately, it fell flat and crashed onto the ground. She walked over the wooden door and looked into the cabin. There was a simple bed, a fireplace, a stack of wood and a chest. Vyrena went straight for the chest, eager to see if there was anything useful in it.

The wooden chest creaked opened and revealed its contents. Lucky enough, there was a bundle of matches and twigs in the corner of the chest, as well as a blanket. Vyrena went straight for the matches and twigs and attempted to start a fire in the fireplace. She placed down some logs of wood and got a fire going.

As the sky outside turned dark, Vyrena knew this was where she would be spending the night. She lifted the heavy wooden door to cover the entrance to the cabin and looked back at her humble home.

"It's not perfect or anything, but at least it is still a shelter."

Walking back to the chest, she removes the blanket and placed it on the dusty bed. From the corner of her eye, she noticed that the chest still contained some items that had been hidden underneath the blanket. There was a wooden trinket box, a small cloth pouch and a black cloak.

-There was someone staying here. I wonder who he or she might have been.-

Vyrena took the items out of the chest and laid them on the bed next to her. She sat down, cross-legged and placed her own possessions out as well. She might not have much, but she had plenty for someone who was lost and potentially dead a few hours or so.

Looking at the new items she had found, Vyrena picked up the black cloak for closer inspection. It wasn't the cleanest piece of garment, nor made from the best material but it was good enough for her.

Next, she moved on to the small cloth pouch. It was heavy and seemed to be filled with some coins. Vyrena emptied the contents onto the bed and she widened her eyes. There were a couple of coppers, a silver, a folded parchment paper and a simple ring.

The coppers and silver were the currency of the World Vyrena were in, she knew that from the memories of the host. Vyrena unfolded the paper and was surprised by the message written in it.

You will always be in my heart.

From Cassidy

A message of love kept hidden away. But now it was nothing more than words on a piece of paper. She put the paper and examined the ring. It was not anything fancy, nor was it of much value. There was also an engraving within it, the name of the owner.

Vyrena looked up at her surroundings, listening to the crackling fireplace. This was the home of a man who would never return.