New World New Life Chapter 21

21 Where Is Home?
There was something about her experiences in this world that felt familiar yet foreign. She was quite certain that the world she was from was more advanced compared to this village. Vy was glad that she got used to living here so quickly.


\u003cYes Vy?\u003e

-Are there any clues you could give me? About where I came from?-

\u003cI'm afraid you do not have access to that information.\u003e

-I guessed that much, still worth a try though. I guess it would only be available after you get upgraded?-

Dotty was silent for a moment.

\u003cI cannot deny that.\u003e

-Are we close to you upgrading? How much more particles do we need?-

\u003cCalculating and accessing particle absorption. Assessment complete. Particle absorption at 80%\u003e

-Oh, we're close! But how is that possible? I remembered when we were at the Antique market, you were only at about 30%-

\u003cTracking particle absorption. Tracking complete. Particle absorption was at its peak when we were in the Green Forest.\u003e

Unknown to Vy at that point in time, the Green Forest had been around for a long time and it was imbued with energy. The energy formed the particles that Dotty needed for upgrading. As Vy ran through the forest in her wolf form, Dotty was able to absorb the particles.

-Looks like it would be good to have another hunt in the forest.-

The hunt in her wolf form brought in extra income and also helped Vy to exercise and train her muscles more. Her body was not as strong as she would have liked to be, so the extra exercise helped her to keep fit. Having gained her wolf form, Vy felt as if her overall strength and resilience had increased.

When she lifted up heavy boxes, they felt lighter than they did before she had gotten her wolf form.

The enhancements she gained only made her more excited to learn her different forms. According to the book, the normal animal forms were easier to master, compared to the mythical forms.

Those forms were much harder to control and could lead her mind astray, causing her to be forever stuck in that form. When she was a wolf, she felt as if she could remain that way forever. She would rule over the forest, hunting for food and exploring every nook and cranny in the forest. A carefree life in the forest was tempting, but she would be away from all the people she had come to know.

As the moon hung high in the sky and the tables were laid out, everyone enjoyed their supper together, drinking mead and sharing the meal. Lycster sat next to Vy, wolfing down the third bun he had that night, slurping up the soup from his bowl.

"Woah Lycster! What's the rush," One of the merchants joked.

Everyone laughed as they saw Lycster flustered. He tried to say something with his mouthful and choked on a mouthful of soup. Vy patted him on the back and brought him some water to help.

"Don't worry Lycster, there's plenty to go around. If you want seconds and thirds, there will be more than enough," Vy said with a smile.

Carole shook her head with a smile, "This boy has been on the streets for too long."

"How long?"

Lycster looked down as his bowl of soup and continued to drink it in silence.

"For too long," Carole replied.

No World is perfect, but the people in it can do what they can to make it better. Vy patted Lycster on the head and watched him as he continued to eat. The boy was barely ten years old and it would seem that he had never known the comforts of a permanent home.

"Maybe we should find you a home," Vy said.


Lycster shouted out loud, stunning everyone. Vy was surprised, she did not know how to react. Seeing Vy's expression and everyone else's Lycster panicked. Before anyone could stop him, he ran off into the street and out of the town.

"Lycster! You silly boy, where are you going," Carole called out as she tried to catch up to him but her legs were too weak and slow.

"Vyrena, go after the boy. Go talk to him," Carole asked.

Vy nodded and left her seat. Her reaction was too slow. She should have stopped him as soon as he started to run. But the boy's reaction exceeded her expectations. She ran out of the town and looked around.

It was dark, and the further the road was from the town, the lesser light there was to light up the path.

This was dangerous, even for an adult.