New World New Life Chapter 30

30 Spilling The Beans
Coco nodded, "There have been several reported cases of travellers being killed while on the road to the town. Their corpses were torn to shreds, often left half-eaten too. Coupled that with the sighting of a large wolf in this case, they are suspecting that it might all be linked."

A web of clues, all of it linked to Vy.

"But I don't understand, why would they suspect me for the murders?"

"It would seem that they have attempted to track your origins, Vyrena. They have informants asking for information about you. But because you do not have any official documentation in this town, which even travellers would usually have; that is why they are suspecting you more," Rodrick explained.

Vy pondered over all the information she had learned and gathered. She needed a solution.

"What should I do, then? If I turn myself in and reveal that I had been lying to them, it would make me look even more guilty. But" Vy was about to continue speaking when she had an idea.

She stood up from her seat and said, "I know what I must do. I need to turn myself in."

"What? Are you crazy," Lycster exclaimed.

"Vyrena, don't do anything stupid. What we need to do is to think of a solution," Rodrick replied.

Coco agreed with him, "That's right. This is not the time for rash decisions!"

Vy smiled and reassured them, "Don't worry, I've got a plan."

"But," Vy continued to speak, "I will need all of your help. Will you help me?"

Lycster, Rodrick and Coco all looked at each other. While they have not known each other for a long time, they had come to be friends with Vyrena. Her kindness to others, her wit and intelligence was more than sufficient to prove her innocence. While she did kill the kidnappers and two hounds, she did not commit the murders she had been accused of.

Something needed to be done.

Vy walked up to the building, with the town's emblem on its gates. She would have preferred not to be back here, but circumstances have changed. Lying was never the way to go, she should have known that from the start. But there were too many variables at that point for her to make the best decision. Regardless, she was here and she needed to set things right.

As she was about to inform the guards of who she was looking for, Vy realised that there were many pairs of eyes on her. She was surrounded by a number of people in uniform. As she turned back her attention to the gate, she noticed Caster walking out of the building and towards her.

"Mr Caster, I have been looking for you," she said in a calm voice with a smile.

"Oh? May I know the reason for that?"

"There are some things I need to discuss with you, in private."

"Sir, I think" Caster cut his subordinate off.

"Miss Vyrena, can I be honest with you?"


"My men are worried that you might be a threat. To this town and to me. They would prefer me to speak to you behind the gates."

"I understand their concerns. I'm not sure what I can do to make them feel safe. If you would like to put some restraints on me, I would be alright with that."

Caster nodded and instructed his men to open the gates. They were hesitant, but they did as instructed. Vy put out her hands, which were promptly handcuffed.

\u003cVy! These cuffs are attempting to restrain your magic. He he, but it's useless~\u003e

-What do you mean, Dotty?-

The guards surrounded Vyrena and guided her through the gates and into the building.

\u003cThese are magic restraining cuffs! Not the best quality either but they effectively restraint most people from using magic. But you're different. You are an Otherworlder! Your magic is different from this world~ haha! Those fools know nothing!\u003e

It was a relief to know that her abilities were not affected by the cuffs. If things take a turn for the worst, her escape plan would still be possible. Vyrena was led to the room she had been interrogated for the first time. She was seated at the desk, and Caster at the other end.

"Feels like only recently we were in here, having a conversation," Caster said with a straight unchanging face.

"It was fairly recent."

Caster asked the guards to wait outside, but his close subordinate, a man with blond hair and an angular jaw refused.

"Sir! She is potentially a dangerous subject, allow me to stay and protect you!"