New World New Life Chapter 35

35 Teaching New Tricks
As per their agreement, Vy and Nestor met at the entrance of the town. She led him into the forest and walked for some time until they came to a clearing. There was sufficient space for them to test out the transformation magic. Vyrena instructs Nestor on the steps to take.

"How do I know you're not bluffing," he joked.

Vy grinned and took a couple of steps back. She closed her eyes and within seconds, she was in her wolf form. Nestor was shocked and fell backwards onto the forest floor as he saw the shadow that loomed over him.

Vy's wolf form was huge, almost the height of the tallest tree in their area. She ducked her head lower and nuzzled Nestor.

"Now do you believe me," she asked.

"If I don't, I'm a fool," Nestor replied, his voice was shaky.

Vy transformed back into a human and gave him more instructions.

"So, like I said. As long as you have experience channelling magic, even small amounts, you'll be fine,"

Nestor nodded and began to do as Vyrena had instructed. He closed his eyes and began to picture a location. As he looked around his surroundings, Nestor found himself in the middle of a warehouse, surrounded by a number of antiques and objects. He knew he had to look for something, an animal that was not supposed to be there.

He noticed a black puma in the distance. He wanted to chase it but as soon as he blinked his eyes, it disappeared. In the distance, Nestor heard hissing. When he followed the source of the sound, he realised he was surrounded by snakes.

Snakes of all colours and sizes hissed and circled him, leaving him with no place to go, no place to run. He stumbled and fell onto the snakes that continued to circle him. Most of them bound his hands and feet, preventing him from escaping.

One of the snakes, a bright green one slithered, cooling around Nestor's torso. It lifted its body, face to face with Nestor. He realised that it was a cobra, with an emerald green coat. The colour was vibrant and mesmerizing. As the cobra unhinged it's jaw and pounced onto Nestor, everything went black.

When he opened his eyes once more, he realised Vyrena was standing in front of him. However, she was shorter than her; or did he become taller? As he looked down at his body, Nestor was taken aback! He was no longer human, he was now a giant cobra.

Nestor slithered around and looked at his body. He was a full snake, tail and all. His senses were heightened. Vy transformed back into her wolf form and led Nestor around the forest. She brought him around different places and helped him get used to his new form.

By the time the sun was up in the middle of the sky, they transformed back into their human forms and headed back into town.

"Thank you, for showing me the ropes," Nestor said with a charming smile.

Vyrena grinned, "You're welcome, newbie. You owe me one!"

She gave him a wink and went back to her stall, leaving him in the middle of the street. The days went by swiftly for Vy as the requests for letters and document grew day by day, After another week of hard work, Vy recalled that she still needed to get her ring back from old pawnshop keeper.

With all the hard work she had put in, Vy had more than enough money to get it back, she decided to handover to Lycster to take over while she went to run some errands.

"Are you sure you can handle this," Vyrena asked.

"Of course Miss Vyrena! I will do my very best," the boy replied.

He pushed her out of the stall to get on with her errands while he continued to take in the orders from the customers. Lycster was a fast learner and intelligent. Without his help, Vy would have been crushed under the pile of works that came in. Plus, with the sales of the portable typewriters, Vy was able to order another two devices for their stall and with the leftover profits.

She made a quick stop at the pawnshop and paid Potto for the ring. He gladly accepted her money and returned her the item. Vy smiled as she re-examined the ring.

-Dotty, are you able to tell me more about the ring now?-

\u003cYes Vy! He he he, looks like the ring was made in the City of Emblazon, which is about a seven-day journey on horse and carriage!\u003e

\u003c It was made by a Master level blacksmith. Woah! That potentially raises the value of the ring!\u003e

-Really? Is there anyone in this town that might be able to appraise the ring? Hmm, wait! Never mind that, what about the brooch I found in the antique market the other day?-

Vy had brought it out with her as she wanted to get the brooch appraised as well. Dotty circled the brooch and analysed it.

\u003cIt seems to be a semi-precious stone! An emerald, and a big one too! Wait, hold on.\u003e

Dotty circled the brooch again.

\u003cOh my! Despite its lacklustre appearance, it had been imbued with magic by its previous owner, or owners.\u003e

-Owners? That means it had been owned by multiple people.-

Vy looked up and approached old Potto, "Potto, do you happen to know if there might be an appraiser that resides in Timbertune? Or maybe a travelling appraiser who is currently visiting?"

Potto thought for a second and replied, "Why yes, there is. I think he might still be in town. He goes by the nickname, Monocle, hard to miss. A little short and a little plump always wearing"

"A monocle?"

Potto nodded and with a grin, he said, "You caught on quick, Missy."