New World New Life Chapter 37

37 What Do You Think?
Marianna was surprised by Vy's question. Few had ever asked for her opinions on such matters.

"Could it be made by the Elves," Marianna spoke up.

Both Monocle and Jack were taken aback, they had not taken that into consideration.

"Could that be possible, Mr Monocle," Vy asked.

"It could be. But I'm afraid this is even beyond my expertise."

"Is there anyone who might be able to help?"

Monocle pondered for a moment and replied, "Yes but it might take a while. There's someone in Mythril City that I could contact. But sending word there alone would take a couple of days."

"I can wait, that is not an issue. But where is this Mythril City?"

Before Jack asked, Mariane brought out a map and laid it on the table. The map showed an extensive view of the surrounding towns, cities and beyond. Dotty and Vy both looked at the map intently.

-Dotty, you got it?-

\u003cYes! I have captured the information on the map! This will be useful for us?\u003e

Monocle pointed out Timbretune on the map and traced a trade route al the way to Mythril City. The map showed the varying sizes of the different cities and towns and compared to Mythril, Timbretune was tiny! Mythril city's emblem was a symbol of a crystalised blue flame. The city was surrounded by an extensive forest cover with winding rivers and tall mountains.

"That looks like quite the distance, how long would you say it would take to get there by horse," Vy asked.

"Even with the fastest horses and sufficient rations, it would take you at least a week by horseback," Monocle replied.


\u003cYou want to know how long it could take for you to get there if you flew?\u003e

Vy was surprised, did Dotty read her mind?

-Yes, how did you know?-

\u003cHe he, I made a wild guess. If you were to master your transformation into a creature of the skies, depending on which and their speed it would take anywhere between the same amount of time, or 2 days with breaks! Unless.\u003e

-Unless what?-

\u003cUnless it's your Mythic creature form!\u003e

-If I master that, at top speed, how long would it take?-

\u003cA day or less.\u003e

Looks like there were lots of incentives for her to start practising more intensively. But for the time being, she thanked Monocle and his staff for their assistance on the emerald before diverting their attention to the ring. Much to her surprise, the ring was accurately appraised, just as Dotty had predicted.

"You seem to have an eye for diamonds in the rough, Miss Vyrena," Marianne praised.

Vy chuckled and remained humble, "I was just lucky I guess."

With the appraisal, Vy asked Monocle where she could sell the ring. He directed her to the jeweller next door to his.

"Mrs Rudy would take great care of you. Remember to let her know that you were recommended to her by me. She doesn't take in unfamiliar customers,"

"Very judgy" Jack nudged Marianne with his elbow, and Marianne stopped mid-sentence.

But Vy took note of it, Mrs Rudy must be a tough nut to handle. Vy thanked all of them for their help before she headed out to the jewellery stores the storefront was very grand and luxurious, with gold fonts on the shop signage.

The display case was filled with exquisitely handcrafted gemstones and jewellery pieces. When she peered into the shop, she noticed that there were only a handful of customers. However, each of them was attended to by a representative who wore white gloves when they handled the jewellery pieces.

Seeing this scene before her somewhat reminded her of the time she walked into Walton's stall in the market. She crossed her fingers, hoping a similar situation would not occur. Vy dusted her clothes a little and rearranged her hair a little before she entered the store.

A small bell chimed as she walked in. Everything in the store was in glass cases, sparkling and glittering. As she continued to look through the pieces, she was unaware of what was going on behind her.

Most of the other customers took quick glances at her but paid her no mind. But there was one or two who felt that she was below them.

"I must say, I did not know that the respectable Rudy Jewellers would ever be graced by the common folk," said the man in a top hat.

The man was none other than Baron Koufer, a visiting noble. He was in the store with his butler, Old Chon. Old Chon was as haughty as his master, he did not even make any eye contact. Vyrena paid them no mind, listening and reacting to such people would only add fuel to the fire.

She continued to look through the items that were on display but it was painfully obvious that the other customers wanted nothing to do with her. Some of the customers who had been looking at one of the pieces in the display case moved away immediately to the other side of the store as soon as she took just one step towards them.

\u003cSuch rude people. We should teach them a lesson, Vy!\u003e

-Since when have you become so confrontational? And making suggestions? Dotty, your upgrade has changed you.-

\u003cHaha, I have become more expressive with my comments. I could tone it down if it is not to your liking!\u003e

-No no, that is quite alright. I just want to do what I came here for and get out. Snobbish people don't deserve our brilliance.-

Dotty let out a laugh only Vy could hear, causing her to smile too.

"Looks like this one is not of sound mind either," Baron Koufer continued to speak, "Mrs Rudy! You have a customer here who isn't quite right."