New World New Life Chapter 38

38 Lady Of The Establishmen
The employees of the store did not know how to handle such a situation. Baron Koufer was one of their store's most premier clients, he was someone they could not offend. Mr and Mrs Rudy had made it abundantly clear that he was to be respected and well taken care of at all times.

But they also knew that the girl who had walked in did nothing wrong. As the old saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. Just as the situation was getting awkwardly silent, the door to the back of the store opened and out walked a well-dressed lady.

She wore a buttoned-down jacket and knee-length pencil skirt. Her greying hair was permed and well maintained in a presentable curl. She wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses that perched on top her nose bridge. That was Mrs Rudy, the store's owner.

She took a quick glance at the store, while she was at the back of the store she had heard everything that was going on. Mrs Rudy was taken aback by the girl who had walked into her store. The girl was definitely not from the town itself.

"Baron Koufer, how might I be of assistance," she asked with a smile.

Feeling validated, the Baron beamed with pride as he cleared his throat before making his point, "This girl here seems to be in the wrong store. I think she needs some assistance."

Before Mrs Rudy could even formulate a reply, Vy spoke, "Thank you, Baron Koufer. I was indeed in need of assistance."

Vy walked over to Mrs Rudy and shook her hand, "Apologies for the abrupt arrival, my name is Vyrena, Vyrena Blackfire. I have a piece of jewellery I would like to sell."

Mrs Rudy was taken aback by the girl's actions, few dared to stand up to people like Koufer. Regardless, she focused on what Vyrena has brought her. Mrs Rudy sat her down in front of one of their cases and brought out a loupe to inspect the ring. Baron Koufer was unhappy about how things played out, so he kept an open ear and eye on what was going on.

"This is a refined gold ring, made in the city. Where did you find such an item?"

"You better check those sources, Mrs Rudy, she might be a thief," Baron Koufer remarked.

As soon as the word 'thief' was mentioned, Vy could sense the sudden shift of atmosphere in the store. All the other customers clutched onto their belongings tightly, fearful that Baron Koufer's words were true.

Vy clenched her right fist tightly but kept her cool, keeping the smile on her face. Mrs Rudy remained impartial and continued to look at Vy for an answer.

"I found it in the antique market," she lied.

Mrs Rudy gave her a soft smile as she continued with her examination. Once she was done, she placed the ring back down on the placemat that had been set for her.

"This ring is well made, despite its age, it has been well kept. You've had it repaired, is that correct?"

"Yes, that's right. Actually, it's Monocle that recommended me to you, since I was looking to sell it."

"Monocle? Oh, why didn't you say so in the first place! Any friend of Monocle's is a friend of Rudy Jewellers," Mrs Rudy exclaimed with a smile.

Mrs Rudy's words sent a shockwave throughout the room, and the Baron was enraged.

"Mrs Rudy!"

"Yes Baron Koufer, how may I be of assistance?"

"This woman, this girl, is a thief! Is this the kind of store you are running? One where thieves can come and go as they please?"

Vy stood up immediately with a deadly stare in her eyes, but Mrs Rudy stood up and blocked her.

"I must say, Baron Koufer. I expected much more from you! Is that how a Baron should act? Throwing his weight around, putting labels on others?"

"Mrs Rudy, remember who you are talking to," Old Chon spoke in a serious tone of voice.

"Old Chon you need not remind me, I'm speaking to the Baron Koufer! The Baron who talks more than he's actually worth!"

Vy was in shock! Did she hear it wrong? Did Mrs Rudy really say what she think she said?

Baron Koufer's face turned beet red in anger. In a fit of anger, he threw back the piece of jewellery he was looking at the shop assistant who was assisting him. He stood up and stormed off towards the door, with Old Chon trailing behind him.

Before the Baron exited the store, he turned back and started directly at Vyrena and Mrs Rudy.

"Mark my words, I will remember what happened here today!"

He turned back around and stormed out of the store. Everyone else was still in shock, uncertain of what to do next. Mrs Rudy simply shook her head and clapped her hands twice to gather the attention of the rest of the people in the store.

She took a deep bow, and said, "Apologies on the commotion here, everyone."

Mrs Rudy then sat back down and spoke to Vy about a suitable price to sell the ring at. At the end of their discussion, they settled on a reasonable sum of 20 silvers. A shop assistant brought out the money to Vy while Mrs Rudy did a final inspection on the condition of the ring.

Once all was good they shook hands to seal the deal. But before Vy left, she was curious as to how much the brooch would be worth in the present. She took it out and showed it to Mrs Rudy.

"I found this brooch in the Antique market too, I've had it appraised by Monocle too. If it's not too much trouble, I did like to hear your view about it."

The emerald was oval in shape, the size of a mini compact mirror. Having been restored, it's shine glistened under the natural sunlight that beamed into the store. An array of emerald green reflected onto the walls of the room. It was a beautiful gemstone indeed.

"This is of great quality, even better than the craftsmanship of the dwarves. But I can't be certain either, so it would be difficult for me to put a price on it."

"I understand, but if it were a dwarven carved emerald, how much would it be worth?"

Mrs Rudy used her loupe to check for flaws on the gemstone. It had signs of age, but the restoration had brought back its lustre and shine. Furthermore, something was protecting it from being scratched. Perhaps, even a spell.

"If it was indeed made by the Dwarves, in its current condition I would offer you 6 gold coins."

Some of the customers gasped in shock. For an emerald of that size? 6 Gold coins were equivalent to 300 silvers! One could buy a good size house in a village with land! Vy was surprised too. She knew gemstones were expensive and of great value, but this was more than she had expected.

Now her interest was piqued.