New World New Life Chapter 47

47 What Is It Worth?
"I am quite surprised by this emerald, Miss Blackfire. Did you imbue it with magic yourself?"

Vyrena was taken aback, had she? If she did, she had no recollection of doing so.

"No, I don't think I have, at the very least, not knowingly."

"Alias mentioned that you found it in an Antique market?"

"Yes, that's correct."

"This emerald is unique and rarer than you think. For an Emerald to be grown to this size, it takes years and years of making. And this is very well made, definitely not the first attempt. And while I have a hunch that created it, I can't be for certain at the moment,"

Vyrena was quite surprised. She had assumed that she would find her answer here, but it would seem her journey had another destination. But the answer she sought for might not be that far away. Clara explained that she just needed to call for the assistance of a friend. An old mentor of hers who would have the expertise to accurately appraise the value of the emerald.

"What would your best estimate for this item be worth," Vy asked out of curiosity. She had long wondered if it's valued and the price Mrs Rudy had quoted her was already far beyond her expectations.

The information she had received from Dotty also made her realise that the Elves' currency differed a little from the currency used in the human towns like Timbretune. Because of their refined metals, the value of the currency is higher.

For example, an Elves Alliance silver coin was equivalent to 2 regular silver coins. The purity of the metal and minting determined it's valued; apart from the fluctuating market value.

Clara and Alias traded whispers for a while and Alias replied Vyrena, "If it was indeed imbued by magic, depending on the spells and incantations used, it would be worth anywhere between 10 and 20 golden dragons. And we are talking in the Alliance's golden dragons."

Clara and Alias paused for a moment and did a quick calculation.

"That would come up to be between 20 to 45 generic golden dragons. In silvers, that would be 50,000 to 225,000 silvers," Clara replied.

Vy widened her eyes in shock. That was more than any amount of silver she could carry with her. This made her wonder how people carried their money with them. It did not occur to her before, but she would need a bank if she were really going to sell the emerald.

"In that case, I would like the emerald properly appraised. Once a price is set, I would like to sell it at once," Vy decided.

With her intentions known, Clara and Alias made the preparations and went to look for the appraiser. It did not take them too long to bring the person they had been looking for. They brought in a much older Elf, with greying hair, yet he still looked fit and strong. His silver hair cascaded down his shoulder while minimal wrinkles gave them clues on his actual age. He wore a pair of thick lens glasses.

"So, you're Vyrena? The girl who brought in the emerald," the elf spoke in a rugged and deep voice.

Vyrena bowed, "Yes, that's right."

The elf nodded as he scrutinised her clothes and dressing. Then, he introduced himself, "My name is Arkon Leed. You may call me Uncle Leeds."

The elf named Arkon walked over to the counter and took a seat. He took a quick glance at the emerald and waved both of his hands over it, causing the emerald to glow. It slowly lifted off the counter and floated in mid-air, emitting a soft emerald coloured glow.

With another whirl of his hands and whispers of a spell, he removed the emerald from the base of the brooch. The emerald was now on its own.

As it continued to spin in mid-air, Arkon whispered another incantation. Within the blink of an eye, a sphere of light and protection covered the emerald. Vy was mesmerised by the display of magic and colour before. She had not expected it to look this cool!

Arkon waved his hands over the emerald once more and carefully set it down on the counter. Even Clare and Alias stood and watched in silence and awe.

After a few seconds of silence, Arkon informed them that his appraisal was complete.

"Miss Vyrena," Arkon said.

"Yes, Uncle Leeds?"

He put on a pair of white cloth gloves and carefully lifted the emerald. He said, "This emerald was crafted by two Woodland Elves for over 60 years."

"60 years?!" Vy exclaimed.