New World New Life Chapter 49

49 Memory Lane
As they made their way to the bank, Clare and Alias closed up their shop and followed along. The bank was a huge building that stood tall and majestic at the end of Market Street. There were lots of people going in and out of the bank.

A huge signboard hung over the entrance of the bank It was written in the common language. It read 'Interbank'.

As soon as they stepped into the carpeted main lobby, a well-dressed elf woman came up to them and greeted all of them.

"Ah, Mr Arkon. Welcome back to Interbank. How can we be of assistance today," the elf woman welcome them.

Vy glanced over the badge on the elf's jacket and found out her name was 'Felicity'. Throughout their time in the bank, Felicity assisted them with their needs. As Vyrena did not have a bank account, they also took some time for her to create one.

Each of them was handed a copy of the contract to read through, while Clare and Alias were there to sign as their witnesses. Once all the details were scrutinised, Vy picked up the ink pen and signed her name on both copies of the contract; while Arkon did the same.

With that, their sale was finalised and complete. They shook hands once more, and Vyrena handed over the emerald to Arkon.

Unlike the modern world, where one would own a bank card and use it to withdraw money from their bank account, the Interbank was different. A spell would be cast on the account owner, allowing all bank locations to verify the owner of the account.

A round coin-like token, with the bank's emblem carved on one side, and Vyrena's initials carved on the other was also given to her.

Some places, like Timbretune, did not have a bank building. But there were stores that allowed bank account holders to withdraw money. All you need to do was to present the token and you would be able to withdraw money.

Since their transaction was complete, the group left the bank. All the process took quite some time to complete and the sun had already begun to set. Vyrena could hear her stomach growling, it was time for her to find some dinner.

"I would like to make good on my offer for a meal. Do you have any place to recommend?" Vy asked.

The elves were a little surprised. They had thought that Vyrena meant it as a joke, Vyrena grinned as she saw their bewildered faces.

"A treat is a treat. Now tell me, what's good around here," Vy asked.

Arkon thought of a place and directed them to a different side of the Prism Sector. It was a dining district with rows and rows of restaurants that served a variety of cuisine. Each restaurant was unique from the other, serving a variety of dishes.

Elves of different races each had their own unique cuisine. Some were more popular than others and Arkon brought them to one of his favourite places.

The restaurant was beautifully decorated with fairy lights that flowed softly. The sun had already begun to set, and the sky was in a warm shade of orange. The Dining District was vibrant as everyone came out to enjoy delicious foods with their friends and family.

Vy took in a deep breath and absorbed the fragrances in the air. Her heightened senses helped her to identify the flavours almost immediately. Akron brought them to a restaurant named 'Memory Lane'. Vy did not know at that time, but this restaurant was frequented by many elite elves.

The chef, Elayna, was a master chef of flavours. She had spent over two centuries perfecting her culinary arts.

It was said that she could read the hearts of her customers and know exactly what they desired to eat. This was a restaurant, where all food dreams came true. Vy admired the decor of the restaurant as they were being seated in the middle section of the restaurant.

Despite the restaurant being at full capacity, the atmosphere was delightful. All the restaurant patrons enjoyed conversations within their own table, with minimal noise.

Vy squinted her eyes a little and realised that there was a thin almost invisible barrier spell that covered each table. Dotty could see that Vy had noticed it.

\u003cYou have a keen eye, Vy. A spell of sound containment is cast around each table, so that the other patrons would not be disturbed by the rowdier tables.\u003e