New World New Life Chapter 51

51 Revealing What Was Once Hidden
Vyrena replied with a huge smile, "Yes, very much so. I don't know how to say this but, I have been wanting to eat these dishes, but I have no idea what they are."

The three elves were taken aback by her statement. They had assumed Vyrena knew what these foods were and they wanted to ask her what they might be. But if she did not know, will the mystery ever be solved?

"You're telling me, you've never eaten or drank any of this before," Arkon asked warily.

"Yes, that's right. At least since I've gotten here," Vy paused.

She unknowingly revealed her secret!

"What do you mean by since you've gotten here? To the Elves Alliance," Clare asked.

Vyrena was stumped. How would she break the news to her new acquaintances about her true identity? Would they accept it? Or were people like her shunned and ostracized? Just as Vyrena continued to find a solution in her mind, there was a commotion near the kitchen.

Chef Elayna stepped out of the kitchen? This has never happened before!

This was unprecedented!

She walked towards Vyrena's table and greeted them with a smile. Everyone stood up from their seats and Elayna shook hands with Arkon. From their exchange, Vyrena realised that they knew each other.

Arkon turned over to Alias, Clare and Vyrena and introduced them individually to Elayna. When it came to Vyrena, she put out her hand for a handshake. But Elayna held her hand in hers with a wide smile.

"It's an honour to meet you, Miss Vyrena Blackfire! You are an otherworlder, right?"

Vyrena was caught off guard! Her secret was out. From everyone's shocked expressions, Elayna sensed that the rest had not known about it.

Hence she apologized, "My sincere apologies, I did not know that you have not told them yet."

Vyrena felt bad! While it did not go as she had hoped, it was not Elayna's fault either.

"No no, no apologies are needed. I should apologize for having kept it a secret. I did not intentionally keep it from everyone. It's just that"

Before Vyrena could continue, Arkon stopped her, "That's quite alright, we understand. These circumstances are tricky. Let us speak further privately. Is there a place we can speak in private?"

Elayna nodded and ordered Bron to help move their food to the private room. While that was being sorted out, Elayna excused herself so that she could expedite the remaining dishes and join them in their conversation. With that, Bron directed the group to the private room where they continued the rest of their meal. Vyrena did not want the meal to be dominated by an awkward silence, so she engaged them in conversation.

The others were kind and understanding as well. By the time the desserts were served, Elayna came in to join them at the table. Vyrena's dessert was a tea flavoured ice cream, paired with 2 slices of souffl pancakes. The combination of sweetness was divine.

"Your food is delicious, Chef Elayna! Every dish is made to perfection! How do you do it?" Vyrena exclaimed with praise.

Elayna blushed, "You flatter me, Miss Vyrena. I am certain where you came from, they made it better."

Vyrena went silent. It was weird, she did not know what the original food tasted like. While the flavours she had eaten at the Memory Lane did bring about familiar feelings, emotions and memories, but there was nothing concrete. The change in expression was clear to everyone.

"My apologies, Miss Vyrena," Elayna apologised.

Vyrena shook her head and smiled, " That's alright. Maybe it was time I told someone anyways. You're right, I am an otherworlder."

Vyrena went on to explain that she did not have many memories of her life before she woke up in this world. She knew she was not from this world, but that was it. Vyrena also showed them the objects she had with her that were related to her past but did not mention Dotty. They might have thought she was mad.

"So you don't remember anything at all? Not even how you died," Clare asked.

Vyrena shook her head, "No, I do have faint memories of someone being by my side as I took my last breath. But other than that, no."

Vyrena turned to Elayna and asked, "I hope you do not mind me asking this, but how did you know what I wanted to eat? I was hoping that this might help me to regain some of my memories."

"When I look into a person's soul, I don't see memories. I don't see the food that you ate. Instead, I feel emotions and smell and taste what you might have eaten. That, and a combination of unique incantations would help me to combine the necessary ingredients and proceed with the various steps," Elayna explained.

She also explained that while she was the head Chef at the restaurant, some of her staff were also trained in this art, so as to help her prepare the food and drinks. Vyrena had wished that Elayna was able to look into her memories and tell her what she had seen.

But alas, things do not always go the way you want them to go.