New World New Life Chapter 52

52 You Are Not The Only One
"I'm sorry that I cannot be of more help, Miss Vyrena. But I hope that you have enjoyed yourself here at my restaurant. We will always welcome you with open arms," Elayna replied.

"I'm curious," Akron spoke up, getting the attention of everyone in the room, "Have you met any other people who were like you?"

Vyrena shook her head, "From my friends back in Timbretune, they mentioned that there was an Elf who might have been an otherworlder. I was hoping to find her on this trip."

"Oh? What is her name," Alias asked.

"I believe it is Tatiana Springheart."

"Tatiana? Tatiana Springheart? I know her," Clare exclaimed in excitement.

As soon as she realised she had gotten overly excited, she cleared her throat and in a calm manner, "She's an old friend of mine, assuming we are talking about the same person. Although, I never knew she was an otherworlder."

"Oh, that's wonderful! Does she live in this sector," Vyrena asked.

Finally! A new lead that could lead her to uncover her own memories. Was Tatina also from her world? Might they have known one another? Could she know the person who shared her necklace?

There were too many questions she wanted answers for. But it would seem none of them could be answered for the moment, as Clare explained that Tatina lived in a different sector. Furthermore, Clare had not heard from her in quite a few years, meaning that she was likely to have moved to somewhere new.

"Do not worry, Miss Blackfire. I will try my very best to contact her. Hopefully, with a bit of luck, she might still be living at the same address," Clare tried to reassure.

Vyrena thanked her for her help and as it was getting late into the night, everyone decided it was time to head home. As they all lived in different places, the group parted ways at the restaurant. They planned to meet again in the afternoon the next day.

Vyrena asked them for a recommendation on where to stay for the night and Akron directed her to a hotel just two streets away from the restaurant.

Much to her surprise, she was able to find it swiftly, for the hotel was hard to miss. It was brightly lit with larger windows that allowed people to peek into the hotel. As Vyrena walked through the door, she was greeted by a bell boy. His name was Marko, as written on his name tag.

"Good evening Miss! Welcome to the Grandeur Hotel! Do you have a reservation," Marko asked politely.

"I'm afraid not. Do you have any rooms available?"

Marko nodded enthusiastically, "Yes, we do! We have rooms for every budget and every type of guest. Please follow me, I will direct you to the receptionist."

Marko guided Vyrena to the reception in the middle of the hall. At the desk were two Receptionists. One of them was an elf, while the other was human. Upon seeing Vyrena, the elf receptionist did not even give Vyrena a second glance.

"Rosie, you handle the guest," the elf spoke in a nonchalant tone.

The human, whose name was Rosie, was meek and polite.

"Yes, Miss Fontaine," Rosie replied and bowed to Vyrena with a smile, "Welcome to the Grandeur Hotel, Miss."

She pointed at her name badge and continued to speak, " My name is Rosie, and I will be assisting you today! How may I help?"

At the side, Fontaine rolled her eyes and continued to look at her nails. Even Dotty was angered by the elf's rude attitude.

\u003cVy! This elf is ridiculous! How can she look down on us like that!\u003e

Vy knew this sort of thing would happen. Her experience with the Baron already spoke leaps and bounds about the entitlement some people have just because they thought they were better.

-Don't worry, Dotty.-

Vyrena smiled as she explained to Rosie that she was in need of a room for the next two nights. Rosie listened with care and explained the different types of rooms the hotel had to offer.

"We have 5 different types of rooms. There's the standard room which would cost 12 coppers a night. The deluxe would be 20 coppers a night, while the suite would be 1 silver"

"Why are you wasting your time, Rosie? This guest would clearly be taking the standard room," Fontaine butted into the conversations before Rosie finished her explanation.