New World New Life Chapter 55

55 A Game Of Luck
The creature grinned, "Yes of course! Who else could it be."

The creature folded her arms and pouted. How could Vy forget who she was so easily? They had known each other for months now. A simple change would not have led to amnesia, right? Dotty did not realise that her appearance had changed drastically.

While she started out without a form, then the shape of a sphere and now a fully functioning body; the differences were night and day! Furthermore, Dotty can now be heard, not just by Vy but everyone around them as well.

Vy let out a laugh and replied, "I'm sorry! I was not expecting this much of a change! You look amazing Dotty."

Dotty grinned and flicked her hair in the wind, "Of Course I am! I am the great and powerful Dotty!"

Both of them shared a good laugh as they continued to look through the things in the stall. Dotty sat on Vy's shoulder, from time to time, she would fly out a little further away to collect the particles before returning to Vy.

Dotty might have been upgraded twice now but it was not the end! Vy was glad that despite the upgrades, she was still able to communicate via telepathy with Dotty. There were conversations that were best kept between the two of them.

-Dotty, with your current upgrades, would you be able to read Elvish?-

Dotty's face lit up and she nodded in reply. One of the many upgrades she had received included an ability known as Master of Languages. With this ability, both Dotty and Vy would be able to understand any language in the world and will be able to speak it fluently.

In Vy's mind, everything would be translated into the language she is most familiar with. When she speaks, the person would also be able to understand every word she says.

The unique ability could also be managed, so as long as Vy wills it, she could choose what language she wished to speak. Dotty explained the ins and outs of how the ability work as they moved over to the book section.

Vy could instantly tell the difference as she picked up the book that previously intrigued her. Looking at the wordings on the book, Vy could identify it to be written in Elvish; but the words were no longer just writing on the cover. She could actually read it.

The book was titled 'Incantations Of The Mind'. She flipped it open to read its contents and to her surprise, she understood every word of it. For the next two hours, Vy stood there and read the contents of the book and a few others.

The new knowledge intrigued her. Another book she had picked up was on the topic of Transformation magic, giving her more insight into the potential abilities she could achieve if she continued to practice her skills.

As she continued her walk around the antique stalls, Vy noticed that with her upgraded vision, she could identify which of the items were of greater value than others. She wondered if she could put this skill to the ultimate test. From the corner of her eye, Vy noticed a stall that was surrounded by a large group of travellers. She walked over and joined in the crowd while being careful of her own belongings.

Large groups like these often attract the prying eyes of pickpockets and thieves, it was always good to keep an eye out for signs of trouble. She made her way to the centre of the crowd and listened to the seller hauling his wares. The elf merchant was plump and had a full chestnut brown beard. He was all smiles as he showed off his wares.

"Come closer and have a look! These are freshly mined from the Newark Mines in the North! Try your hand and you might find geode! Or who knows? Maybe a gemstone," the seller enticed the crowd.

An onlooker yelled out from behind, "How much for the rocks?"

"Well, my good sir! We are new to the market so we are running a special," the seller went on to list the prices for the rocks.

The smaller rocks that were placed in baskets went for 10 coppers for a basket. The medium-sized rocks, about the size of a tennis ball, were 5 coppers each. The large rocks, about the size of a watermelon, were 15 coppers each. The largest ones, almost the size of a toddler, were going for 3 silvers. The stall also provided services to cut or break open the rocks, at the customer's request.

If they wanted, they could also haul it away and bring it somewhere else to be opened or evaluated. The prices must have been tempting for as soon as the seller finished listing the prices; while his assistance brought out a board with the prices, there were takers immediately. Most of them bought the baskets, while only one or two people purchased the larger ones.

All of them asked for the rocks to be broken open on the spot. The first buyer was a dwarven merchant. He had picked out a basket and a large rock. The seller's assistant brought out some tools and broke open the rocks in the basket. The very first stone was a geode and everyone was hooked and in awe!

"This must be my lucky day," the dwarf exclaimed.

The surrounding crowd was going wild, could this really be a method to strike rich?