New World New Life Chapter 56

56 What Is Better Than Having Good Luck?
"That's only worth 10 coppers at most," a voice spoke through the crowd.

Everyone went silent and made way for the source of the voice. The man was dressed in regal robes, an elf noble perhaps? His long blond hair flew in the wind as he walked, with his subordinates by his side. Vy looked on and marvelled at the man. Every move he made seemed so serene and poised. The elf was none other than Lord Estagard, one of the young lords in the Prism Sector.

He inspected the newly cracked open geode and confirmed his suspicions.

"This is just a common geode, it's worth less than what you've paid for."

After he finished his sentence, Lord Estagard walked away with his subordinates following closely behind. The crowd whispered amongst themselves, sharing information about what they knew about the young elf lord.

"I heard he is an expert in geodes and precious stones! His words should be accurate," one of the people whispered to her friend.

These suspicions were confirmed by another man in the crowd, an elf as well. Mr Roods, a precious stone trader. He was famous in the Prism Sector for his extensive collection of rocks and stones. He was intrigued by the new stall and the commotion it brought with it and had come to take a look.

The dwarf's excitement was short-lived, but he kept his hopes high and asked for all the rocks in the basket he had purchased to be opened. Most of the rocks were duds, nothing more than regular rocks. However, there were three smaller rocks that were found to be geodes.

But they were not any high-quality geodes, just regular ones. The crowd slowly dispersed as each customers' purchases were revealed one by one to be nothing spectacular. There was only one considerably lucky customer who bought one of the larger rocks which revealed to be rare geode.

Mr Roods and a few others offered the customer different prices for it; eventually, it was sold for 25 coppers. As the disappointment grew, the crowd dispersed, only leaving no more than a handful of onlookers. Vy was curious about the rocks and their potential value.

Using her abilities, she had quietly observed the rocks the customers had picked. Dotty had explained to her that if the rocks were indeed holding something of value, Vy's eyes would be able to pick up on them.

\u003cIf the rocks were indeed valuable, it would sparkle to your eyes. There would be something that draws you to it. If you get close enough, you would see it glow different colours and in different brightness. Colour indicates the colour of the stone within, intensity or brightness of the colour indicates its rarity!\u003e

Vy took notes on what Dotty had told her and analysed the rocks she had seen the others bought. The dwarf's first rock glowed soft and in white, it turned out to be a normal white geode. The customer's geode which sold for 25 coppers glowed green, with a slightly brighter glow. As the onlooker had mostly dispersed, Vy was free to scrutinize each and every stone.

The seller was obviously a little disheartened by the dispersed crowd, but he was glad that Vy still seemed interested. He was certain that the young woman did not know much about the rocks, but as long as she was a customer; he did not mind.

Vy screened through every rock the seller had for sale. Five rocks and two baskets stood out to her the most, hence she decided to purchase all of them.

"Since you are making a big purchase with us, I'll give you a discount. 10 silvers for everything. Would you like us to break them open," the seller asked. He was in a good mood for Vy was his highest-paying customer of the day!

"Yes please, and here's the full amount."

Vy handed the seller the money and waited as the assistant cracked open the smaller rocks first. All of her purchases varied in colour and intensity when she looked through them. Dotty, whom Vy could only see at this moment, had flown over and looked over the shoulder of the assistant.

Her eyes glimmered with curiosity and shock.