New World New Life Chapter 58

58 Rocks Geodes And More
Vy paid the comments no mind as she made her exchange with Mr Roods. She was getting her hopes high as this was just the first of her purchases, there were still more to come! With this success, Vy was particularly excited about her two largest purchases.

The seller and his assistant went onto crack open all the small rocks. Some of them contained rare crystals and gemstones, but none were as good as the Dusk Moon Amethyst. This was within Vy's expectations.

After all, not every single item could turn out to be a priceless gemstone. But with her skills, she was fairly confident about her largest purchases. The crowd that had gathered around them grew in numbers swiftly. The anticipation to see the largest rocks cracked opened was what made them stay.

There were three in total to be opened and when the first one was revealed, everyone looked on in awe. The glittering crystals within the geode were in a light shade of pink, they were rose quartz crystals. It was extremely rare to find such a large deposit of rose quartz crystals; despite them being commonly found.

As such, the rose quartz geode was still highly valued.

Vy turned to Mr Roods, who was deep in thought and asked if he would like to purchase it. There were already other buyers in the crowd waiting to bid for it. Mr Roods was intrigued by the Rose Quartz geode for the crystal was known for its healing properties. Such a large geode could easily be cut to make different pieces of furniture and would for certain fetch a high price.

"That's alright, Miss, you can sell it to someone else," he declined after much consideration.

Something told him that there were better things to come, and he was not wrong. The bidding for the large rose quartz geode went wild, it was sold for 5 gold coins. Vy then asked the seller to go on and crack open the next rock.

As they cracked it open, the rock cracked in half and reviewed a mixture of colour. It was entirely different from the rest of the geodes they had found. This rock did not have any crystals in it, nor it was empty. The rock had been cut smoothly through, revealing a smooth intersection. The vibrant red and white ring pattern had everyone's attention.

Vy was clueless just like the crowd around her. But she could tell from Mr Rood's expression that he might have the answer.

"Mr Roods, do you happen to know what we are looking at," she asked politely.

Mr Rood took a closer look, he confirmed his suspicions. For a moment, he wondered if his eyes were tricking him. While he had seen any even larger deposits of geodes and rocks, he had never seen one up close in its raw form.

He turned to Vy and explained, "I must say, I am quite impressed. This isn't a geode or a crystal. It is a Lava Agate."

He went on to explain how the colours were vibrant and even, this meant that the Lava Agate was of a high grade. Mr Rood had never seen a Lava Agate of this size, the largest he had seen was no larger than a football. At that size, the Lava Agate was eventually auctioned off for 6 gold dragons.

The crowd went wild. 6 Gold Dragons was more money than the average person could ever hope to earn in their lives!

"Would you be keen on buying it, Mr Roods," Vy asked.

As much as the temptation consumed him, Mr Roods shook his head, "I am content with my first purchase for today. Plus, you do not lack the buyers"

The crowd had already begun to frenzy into a bidding war. People yelled out prices, one higher than the next. But amongst the hyped-up emotions, no one noticed that Lord Estagard and his guards had returned.

A Lava Agate of that size was rare indeed and he wanted to see it for himself. When his assistant had first told him about it mere moments ago; Lord Eatagard could hardly believe it. But upon seeing it for himself he was stunned. Furthermore, the patterns on the Lava Agate were clear and wild define, it was truly a valuable find.

The bidding prices had skyrocketed far above Vy's expectations.

"Linx, what's the highest bid right now," Lord Estagard asked his assistant.

"It's 60 Gold Dragons, my Lord," Linx replied.

The lord rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath, "These imbeciles know nothing. Linx, bid for it."

"How much would you like to bid, my Lord?"

Lord Estagard's expression turned cool, eyebrows furrowed. Upon sensing the shift in his lord's emotions, Linx knew immediately where he had gone wrong.

"My apologies, I will start bidding," Linx apologized with a bow and wade his way through the crowd.